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Son of a Gary


#tbt to being 16 and taking gravity bong hits in my garage. All my scientific knowledge went into getting high. #HugsNotDrugs


Happy Fathers Day Dad! #DeadDadClub


Just a boy on some edibles watching his favorite band in Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ.
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Tonight at 9pm is the Season 3 Finale of @sho_billions. Easily the coolest job I've ever had. The cast, crew, writers, and everyone involved with the show are all incredible people that I was really honored and lucky to work with. Big thanks to @briankoppelman and @davidlevien. And thanks for watching..... season 4 coming in 2019!


#tbt The time I made @iamcolinquinn laugh at/with me on an old episode of @ykwdudepodcast . Definitely at.
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Dudley Mafee and Ben Kim want YOU to watch an all new Billions this Sunday at 9pm EST. (This is the most confidence either one has shown in that boardroom.)


#TBT to... shut up! The water was cold!


Oh, like you would be cool and collected if Wendy touched your knee!? #VanillaDan


I asked the writers if Mafee could sit like AC Slater at the trading desk. Never got an answer just a head shake and a walk away. So.... maybe? New episode of @sho_billions tomorrow at 9pm EST. 🚨NEW TIME ALERT 🚨


Grant: "It's just the two raptors right? You sure the third one's contained?" Sattler: "Yes, unless they figure out how to open doors." The raptors of Axe Capital are back in a
new episode of @sho_billions in 90 minutes! πŸ“·: @kellyaucoin77


Hell of a breakfast with this group. Always have to bring people to @ciscosaustin whenever I'm in Austin. (And always grateful for @mmckinnon for telling me about its existence.)


"Don't be a dick, watch the new episode of @sho_billions tonight at 10pm" - Wags and Mafee.
Photo cred - Ben Kim @danielkisaac