Irish independent object brand founded by award winning artist Ruth Power. Inspired by enchantment and wanderlust! For enquiries [email protected]


That matte turquoise is how the teal looks before it's fired to 1200 degrees Celsius 🔥 🔥 🔥 However..... I think I need to formulate a matte turquoise glaze 😍 😍 😍


These fern dishes can be used for jewellery, desserts or as a wall hang 😍 Made from porcelain and 22k gold ✨ Small batch, rustic luxury handmade in Ireland ☘️✨ Would you hang it on the wall or use it as a dish?? 😍 35e each, please DM or message if you'd like to order one 😍 x


Super simple medium grey and white bowl with 22k gold lustre accents ✨ Available in @arnottsdublin and @house_ofireland


Our bowls are now available in the gorgeous @saltandsandhomewares, Australia 🇦🇺 By the South Pacific 😍 🌴 The weather has been great here in Ireland but I defo wouldn't mind being where those teal bowls are right now... 🍹


Suzhou, China 🇨🇳 Water City 💦 Someday I'll get all these travel pics organised 😂 Going on another adventure in August... I was there 8 years ago, before Instagram ever existed and it's amazing the impact the app has had on this place.... some of you may know where I am talking about...
🙈 Pic by @eoincarley


A flock of white bowls with 22k gold feathers ✨ I have a meeting next week about a dream project, I cant wait to share it with you xxx


Super simple. Tiny teal and 22k gold porcelain bowl 😍 ✨ 16e each. Please message or DM if you'd like to preorder one and I'll make one especially for you 😊 photo by @peterrowenphotographer


This is a tile I picked up from my recent trip to Sintra, near Lisbon in Portugal 🇵🇹 It was from this gorgeous tiny antiques shop and is from the 18th Century. The blue is made with cobalt, just like the blue used in my pieces 💙💙💙 Portugal is the ceramics capital of Europe and I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking of moving there 😂 Have you been?! I have these three bowls on sale for 11e each and not 16e due to very very slight crazing on part of the glaze. Shipping cost to be added, ships worldwide 😊 Message or DM if interested 😊


A big selection of ferns, halos, moons and some surprises just delivered to @jam_art_factory 😍 Brass chains, 25e each! They go fast 💣 I made a new colour in the studio... it's very seasonal 😎... I can't wait to share 🤗 Club Tropicana 🍹🎶


Got some seconds here!! A large black clay ring dish with a teeny hairline crack on rim was 35e and is now 24e, and two small teal ring dishes, were 26e now only 15e. 22k gold accents and ferns. Both have hooks to be wall mounted. Large is 15cm diameter, smalls are 10cm diameter. Shipping cost not included. Ships worldwide 😊 please comment or DM if you'd like any!!! X


Ring dishes and lots of other golden things restocked in @momusejewellery in the gorgeous @powerscourtcentre in Dublin's Fair City


Throwback to Beijing last October on a rainy, smoggy night - perfect for photography 👌 Plenty more Bladerunner-esque photos to come! 🇨🇳
Feeling bittersweet this weekend. The weather has been stunning for the past few days, prob since about 8 months! And when it's sunny in Dublin, it's the best place. I would love some cans of Smithwicks by the canal! 🍻 I saw photos last night of hundreds, maybe even a thousand people by the canal enjoying the weather! I hope you all get to get some of it. I'm slightly terrified this might be our whole summer and then back to winter on Monday 😂 The pros and cons of self employment...this has been our busiest month since starting (apart from Xmas time) 🎉 🎉 Which means working everyday from when I wake up until I go to 😴. No days off, even if it's sunny and you want Smithwicks 😂 😂 😂 But, I have lots of travel planned for this year (and hopefully every year forever 🙈) so it's all about delayed gratitude 😂 Sometimes you have to take care of bizniz, and sometimes you have absolute freedom


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