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Mylo Hebron


Portrait of Mylo Hebron


Portrait of a Loyal Sigmite
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To him, life isn't fair! Or is it?
The side of life's coin he has shown to him by fate is as gloomy as an unhappy moon.
Someone like him deserves to be in a place where his dreams and aspirations can be harnessed into reality. Yet, it seems the only loyal neighbors he can boast of are the hordes of depression, uncertainty, unhappiness and pain that besiege his young soul.

If you're like him, risking your lives to live a clean life rather than turn to the dark, then you deserve the salutes of heaven.

Hope may be a difficult taskmaster, however, it never fails to come into fruition.
Bright Summers are coming!

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Portrait of @tizzlenation


Portrait of 3 big heads


Portrait of a great and supportive friend @tizzlenation