Last night my Mom came into my room and looked at my terrariums looking for my Crested Geckos. When I saw my Mom I automatically thought of this and I had to make it a thing. 🦎❀️🀣


Smaug, Yoshi and Reptar all got a good deep cleaning today, and got fresh new decorations as well. I love spoiling my animal babies, and I’m very proud of how their homes turned out. 🦎❀️


πŸΆπŸ–€ Nessie Girl πŸ–€πŸΆ


Enjoying my Sunday night with some Bengal Chai Black Tea from @american_house_coffee_tea with my new tea infuser/ cup that my Little Sister bought me. πŸ€“β˜•οΈ


Congratulations to Fabiola and Abraham for bringing these two beautiful angels into the world. Aleena and Scarlett are going to make your lives so much more precious and enjoyable. You two will make wonderful parents. Congratulations to the entire Morelos Family for the two new additions to the family. Aleena and Scarlett will definitely be loved a lot. These two angels have a wonderful family on their side. The Morelos Family has been in my life for 10 years now and to see the entire family grow and go through these life changes has been a true blessing. I pray that God keeps blessing the Morelos Family. I love you all. πŸ‘ΌπŸ»β€οΈπŸ‘ΌπŸ»


Went to an All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurant for an early birthday with my Parents. Had some Miso Soup, Gyoza and 6 sushi rolls. I tried to beat my record of 6 sushi rolls but sadly 6 sushi rolls is my limit. 😍🍣❀️


🏈 Super Bowl Time 🏈




Spent my weekend on a couch with a Great Dane in San Diego while eating nothing but pizza. πŸΆβ€οΈπŸ•


The Great Dane From California 🐢❀️


Spent this week in San Diego with my beautiful niece, Nessie. Took her to work with me, which was a new experience for her. She got a bath and smells all fresh. I had a great bonding time with her and I’m happy my Sister and Brother-In-Law trusted me to watch over her. Nessie is probably annoyed with me and can’t wait for me to leave, but I know she loves me somewhere in her big Great Dane heart. I love you a whole of ton, Nessie 🐢❀️


Congratulations Mother πŸŽ“πŸŽŠ Today my mother graduated from CBU with a Masters Degree in Counseling of Education. My mom dedicated her time and life to school and she pushed herself all the way through. I am very proud of my mother. She works hard when she puts her mind to something. I love you tons, mom.❀️


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