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happy weekend from #TBT me + 🌻
↠ photo : @tintinfire86


I have #letterboardquotes duty this week, so I had to go with my main man Michael Scott (not to be confused with Michael, who is holding the sign.) (You’re still cool, Mike.)


It’s been a throwback kind of day: embracing the eery coolness from this “Shining” shot. ↠ photo: @coleisraelphoto


Back to somewhat-but-not-entirely-but-totally black. 💁🏻‍♀️ 🖤
↠ hair : @emileyfaith | photo : @darcyadelaide


“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
↠ photo : @darcyadelaide


🌿 We were actually dying in this heat, but ended with some cute lavender and were feeling ‘bouquet’ at the end. (somebudy? anybudy? no? daaaamn.)
↠ photo : @darcyadelaide


Sherlock Holmes and Watson, back at it again. 👯‍♀️ But who can guess who’s who? 😜


It’s been an unreal experience that I’m thrilled to have had a small part in. To @chefshawnkelly and Chad and Roddy over @greenbrierfarms, thank you all for letting me play with pictures and words in the #forkandplough kitchen. I’m stoked to see this place grow, there are no limits for y’all! Congratulations! 🎉


When you have no chill, just add a pair of 🕶️ and an iced @baristaalley drink, uknowwatimeanjellybean?
↠ photo : @darcyadelaide


Saying bye to the grey for a while. But my ‘smizes’ are forever. 😏
↠ photo : @thephtographer


You’ll be glad you chose to love and were fearless in doing so, because you will be able to look back and see how it helped you grow.
↠ photo : @ladygroove


A big thank you to this one for a multitude of reasons that I probably can’t get to in one post without it being incredibly long.
Sweet, sweet Adah, thank you for coming into my life at such a curious time. I’m so fortunate to have found such a kindred spirit who is so giving, understanding and just the brightest light. And also, you’re a 2 so it was probably meant to be.
Thanks for letting me cry, rant, over-explain, and just be an extremely real and imperfect human in your space. You are a wonderful human and don’t let anyone ever make you feel less than. 💙

Okay, I’m done now.