I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you... We are in charge of our attitudes.

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September is typically my favorite month of the year but this has been just plan awful surf wise. Haven't surfed for three weeks, but fingers crossed October starts to heat things up again. #surfing #dredgesoonplease #barrels #sopitted @xtrsurfboards

Carlsbad State Beach

Started off the day getting 20 plus bass all within 25 minutes of loading bait... Got 4 yellowfin on one stop and won my first jackpot on a sport boat. I consider this a successful 3/4 day of fishing. @hmlanding #fishing #sportboatfishing #poke #ahi #pokebowls #ithrewsomeback


This is one of those... I should have taken the second wave of the set moments. Woke up to 88 degree weather and offshore winds in September. Could only handle the incredibly talented crowd for about an hour and half but man was it #goodtoepic @surfline @xtrsurfboards #surfing #loveseptember #summerneedstobeover #fakeswell


That moment you talk your dad into going fishing for the first time with @fishja . Had a blast at Catalina doing some rock fishing and fishing the kelp. Got over 50 calico bass and a small yellow. My dad on his first cast got a 6 lb calico. Such an epic day. Thanks @kdalysc for the trip. #fishing #catalina #socalfishing #dalydouble


While everyone was fishing the beaches with 100 other boats we decided to sneak away and get limits of good grade dodo and some yellows mixed in. Such a rad trip! @salty_crew @pacificcoastbaitandtackle #fishing #dodo #mahimahi #saltwaterfishing #sportfishing #sobit #riskingit

Ensenada, Baja California

Pretty stoked to try out these @hookupbaits . I have heard great things about them and will be doing a ton of offshore fishing the next couple of weeks. Let's see how these things work! #fishing #hookingup #offshore #fishingsocal


I really want to get another one of these slugs soon. More importantly how sick is that throwback NSSA sweatty #yoketail #pbyellow #fishing #firsttimeouthere


I may be one of the luckiest guys in the world. This wine was amazing. @cassiedaly


Happy 25th birthday to my amazing and gorgeous wife @cassiedaly . I am truly blessed to have you and your family in my life.


I give it a 9.5 for the vertical form. @jaxxthemutt


When you are fishing for bass and you get nailed on the 42 gram at the local kelp paddy machine secreting yellows. What an epic 3 hours of fishing @fishja @salty_crew @pacificcoastbaitandtackle #summertime #fishing #yellowtail #fishlocal #staysaltymyfriends