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Autism Awareness for my brother
Tickets for HQ in bio!


Happy birthday to my homie who can only make me feel short @mjenvy . Never thought in my life me being 6’4 6’5 I would feel so short next to your 6’9 ass haha. Enjoy vegas my dude and hopefully ur being nice to the girls out there (prob not lol). Enjoy morillo Sunday at hq2 beach club! #viphost #host #hospitality #marketing #beardlife #beard


News flash: this will be our last diggin in the crates ever. This is not a stunt or anything, we want this party to end on a high note. That being said diggin in the crates (classics) party with Richie Santana on from open to close on Saturday July 28th at HQ2 Beach club! Last time we did it at hq beach club, it was the most people they did besides when they did Armin van buuren. This will be special not only cause it’s the last one but we have a lot of surprises this day, just stay tuned 😊. This party has been a tri State stample and the longest running party. Contact me to reserve your cabana or daybed and let’s have some fun! #viphost #vip #host #hospitality #marketing #classics #vocals #doac #hq2ac #atlanticcity #digginginthecrates #ditctheend


So fucking annoying. Like do you have to announce you are on vacation?


Happy birthday to my homie miss Jennifer. Enjoy your birthday 🙌🏻🙌🏻. #viphost #vip #host #beardife #beard #techno


One of the biggest producers/djs gets ready to take over HQ2 beach club this Saturday with music by Marc Kinchen aka MK. MK plays a lot of his own music and mixes with tons of vocals (a lot of you will recognize them). Did you know he produced the song “back in time” by pitbull in the movie men in Black 3? I definitely enjoy a MK set by tons of vocals with uplifting drops. Hit me up for tables and ticket link in my bio! #viphost #vip #host #doac #atlanticity #newjersey #edm #housemusic #deephouse


Another boat party, another sold out event. This Friday we are doing “we love Colombia” boat party for Colombia Independence with music by cristian arango and friends. Our boat is at pier 83 in nyc and leaves dock 8pm sharp! Get your tickets now at ticketweb. @adrian_hoda @binoyrealmgmt @michaeldiscenza @frank_catalano #viphost #host #vip #hospitality #marketing #techno #colombia


Lmaooo truth 😂😂😂


Happy born day to my cuz peter. One of the founding father’s of Aces New York (please bring this back ASAP lol), great father, and a great friend. Sucks the only way I can see you is if I go to Profundo pool or to miami now 😂😂. Love you pal and enjoy your birthday. Always appreciate what you do for me and my brother. #family #beardlife #beard #viphost #host #acesnewyork


We are ending July with a bang at HQ2 beachclub in Atlantic City at ocean resort! July 21st MK, July 22nd Erick Morillo then July 28th our last ever diggin in the crates with Richie Santana and July 29th Chus and ceballos with Alex sensation. Big names every weekend! Come be part of it. Contact me for tables and hit me up for tables! #viphost #vip #host #doac #atlanticcity #bottleservice #hq2ac #hospitality #marketing #newjersey #techno #deephouse #edm


Had to visit my Long Island family. #Spiraling


My brother closing his eyes in disgust and probably thinking of a way to kill me since I took his bowling bag and told him let’s go 😂😂. #autismspeaks #autismawareness #autismspeaks #brothers #family #beardlife #beard #kotd #jordans


Swipe left! My brother has been judged by the public since the day he was born for being autistic, but even more so for being overweight. About a month and a week ago, I made a vow to myself to change that and bring my brother to the gym. Although it’s extremely hard for people with autism to diet, my parents did their best. First day of the gym, the kid measured in at 6’6 and 342 pounds. This is a proud moment of mine because you could tell he is upset he is overweight. The kid has over 30 medals in special Olympics sports but this is his best moment yet. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for him to lose weight. It’s extremely hard on me because people stare and judge my brother and especially how he always wants to hug me after treadmill and do sign language for good job lol. It’s hard to teach someone with autism how to lift and to know the difference between almost killing him vs taking it too soft. I made a bet with my parents that he would be 325 pounds today, which means he would have to lose 17 pounds in 4 and a half weeks. Well, I am happy to say he weighs 320 pounds, kid lost 22 pounds in fucking 4.5 weeks. Holy shit. I am extremely proud of him for the hard work he is putting in. Unfortunately no gym for a month since he will be going back and forth to here and my parents shore house in brigantine, NJ. As soon as he is fully back, gym time. #autismawareness #autism #autismspeaks #beardlife #beard #brothers #family