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for the culture. 👊🏿


five years. we started a trilogy. they said we were too ambitious. they said we wouldn’t be able to do it. we did. all indie. VR visuals, 360 experiences, mixed reality, choreographed art, building our own sets and tours. thank you to all of you who knew we were more. Even when i was imperfect, amazing people shared their art with me to make it possible and i’m forever grateful for that.The trilogy is proof that indie can thrive in any space. All the indie artists stay encouraged and keep pushing your art.


music saved me. it’s still saving me. lemme save you too.


ready to kill shit again. 🤘🏿


the break of dawn


let me give you life.


tank girl.


just DAWN.


one of my biggest inspirations. you helped me through my teenage years. i heard your voice and knew it was ok to have a different sound. your wails were spiritual. your approach was mesmerizing. your lyrics about Ireland painted truth and rawness. RIP Queen. i will be singing your music til the end of time.


As we celebrate another year of Dr. King and Mrs. King’s excellence I wanted to also share this incredible art by Haitian Painter Watson Mere. Being of Haitian decent I am apart of a proud beautiful people. We are Kings and Queens and apart of his (Dr. King’s ) Dream. We stand together as brown and black educated people demanding respect and equality. We are talented, powerful, and a force that WILL be heard. Happy MLK Year. 🇭🇹 #haitian


a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands. 😏🤘🏿#stretchmarksandall