Death Valley National Park@deathvalleynps

Death Valley: the lowest & driest place in North America, & hottest place on Earth... & much more! Tag @deathvalleynps to be featured! #nodronezone

Death Valley’s sand dunes are a must see for park visitors. The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, near Stovepipe Wells, are accessible by paved roads and can be viewed from the parking area in the summer. A great place for sunrise and sunset, the dunes are a favorite place for photographers. Share your sand dune photos with us by tagging @deathvalleynps for your chance to be featured! (πŸ”₯ pic thanks to @andyhvu) #landscapephotography #sanddunes #deathvalley {image description: a field of golden, smooth, sand dunes leads to distant desert mountains} Remember if you are visiting in the summer to practice #heatsafety!


🎨 The funeral mountains from the sky! 😍 Parks are great places to gain a new perspective. #birdseyeview @stasbart captured this shot when he flew over in a small plane. #ParkArt {image description: an aerial view of pastel-colored stripes of highly eroded, badlands hills} #nodronezone


Some may look upon the desert and see only rock. What comes with time spent in this place is the transformation of that observation-you begin to see water everywhere you look. Water shapes this landscape and can be witnessed in every perspective of the park. Do you see the water? #hydrology #desertlife #findyourpark #deathvalley #bwphotography (Pic thanks to @cecphotos) {image description: rounded polygon-shaped salt depression landforms stretch across the flat landscape, as a clouded sky reaches towards the viewer, in black and white}


There has been a lot of smoke and haze in the park recently from the #CAfires. When visiting the park, as always in the summer, limit your time outdoors to have a #safevisit. #bestvisit #findyourpark #sunmerheat #wildfires #deathvalley (NPS photos/Hoerner) {image description: one image- a sun ball hangs in the orange sky above haze covered, layered desert mountains: two- layered desert mountains covered in smoke haze}


#MoreThanJustHot, Death Valley is also an international #DarkSky park! August 11th is the next new moon AND the perseid meteor shower peaks on August 12th - visit the link in our bio to find trip planning info and star viewing tips! (Thanks to @skyglowproject for this pic!) #nightsky #findyourpark #afterdark #deathvalley {image description: the Death Valley National Park entrance sign, set against the backdrop of a dark, but star-filled sky centered around the dusting streak of the Milky Way}


Hottest place on earth second year running! πŸ”₯🀣πŸ€ͺ July 2018 in Death Valley was the hottest month on record with an average temperature of 108.1 degrees F. That includes overnight lows! There were four days in a row with a high temperature of 127 degrees. Talk about extreme! #hottest #Death Valley #summer #july2018 (Photo thanks to @sophieelianaphoto πŸ‘Œ) {image description: a fiery cloud fills the sunset sky above highly eroded badland hills, void of obvious vegetation}


Calm. Quiet. Tranquil. All words that visitors use to describe Death Valley. How would you describe the park in one word? (Thanks to @jamesliuu for this peaceful pic) #relax #gooutside #findyourpark {image description: the contrast of shadow and light on either side of a ridge along a single sand dune, set under a blue sky with one small puffy cloud}


Sunrise at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere is πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ#morethanjusthot #deathvalley #sunrise (πŸ“Έ thanks to @travelingwithalex) Planning a visit? Check out the link in our bio before you arrive for a summer trip planning guide- have fun and visit safely! #heatsafety {image description: a vast salt flat stretches towards the horizon below a pink morning sky}


Almost makes you feel cool. Almost. πŸ”₯ ATTENTION: Excessive heat warning for Death Valley through Thursday. Use caution when visiting the park. Heat is the #1 cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S. #hottest #heatsafety #beprepared #weloveAC (πŸ“Έ:@dereksturmanphotography) {image description: sand blows along dark, layered sand dunes, with wind caused sand ripples}


Mars?? Sand dunes captivate visitors with their otherworldly appearance and provide a brief view of what it might look like on another planet. Death Valley has similarities in landscape features and often gets compared to Mars. You can see why in the πŸ”₯πŸ“Έ from @mhitchner1! Want to visit another planet? Check out the link in our bio for info on how to plan a SAFE visit to the extreme environment of Death Valley. #hottest #lowest #driest #nationalpark #deathvalley {image description: a hiker walks across a field of stacking sand dunes, rippled by the wind, in the warm evening light}


The independence that comes with a visit to Death Valley also comes with the need to be self reliant. At 4.3 million acres of some of the most extreme habitat on this planet, visitors really need to plan ahead and be prepared before they visit. Planning a trip? Check out the link in our bio to find info so you can visit safely! #ideclare #heatsafety #deathvalley #findyourpark #independence (Thank you to @jamesliuu for another beautiful photo!) {image description: a single sand dune viewed along a contrasting ridge, below soft pink clouds in a blue sky}


About 100 degree F, moonlit tire change anyone? @gavinsmithphoto visited in late May and had that experience on the Racetrack Road. Temperatures are even hotter now and backcountry travel can be very dangerous. Even with proper prep and equipment, without cell phone service and miles from civilization, one flat tire could be fatal. We recommend staying on the paved roads in the summer and staying with your vehicle if you do break down. #besafe #heatsafety #deathvalley {image description: an SVU, with a tire sitting next to it, under a moonlit sky} (thanks for sharing this great pic @gavinsmithphoto)