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Ptl for veganaise, so I can make bomb aioli for crispy artichoke/potato/arugula bowls and all can participate



Dis chill jill. She’s smart, funny, fiercely principled, a Mixer, and sometimes we send each other the same memes at the same time which is how you know. Happy birthday, psycho ✨



really special gift from Kimmy (my bff on Netflix’ upcoming #insatiable but also my irl bff on this journey) ✨ thankful that thoughtful friends make me wanna be more thoughtful



It takes tru strength to stay tender



I haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping but I spend my one full day off a week just cooking for friends and reading scripts and stomping thru snow



Pimples are basically beauty marks and tired eyes are just proof you care about something



do you believe in ghosts? spirits? have you ever encountered something paranormal you couldn’t explain? basically what’s your folklore of choice?



he protec
he attac
but most importantly the scrip is his snac




This is a cast chair in a room where we’re shooting this week (in a church). They put us in the nursery and we played with primary colored toys between scenes. (If this photo made you angry or confused or defensive for any reason, please look deep inside your self and find the strength to leave folks alone. You’ll be okay)



I’ve spent the last ten years in public, learning and growing, misstepping, being a teenager and becoming a yung lady; I’ve made dumb mistakes. People who didn’t care began to care when I messed up.
People who cared stopped caring when they got what they wanted and moved up.
I’ve been deeply betrayed in ways that scarred everything.
I’ve kept so many people’s secrets, long after they hurt me.
People have been keeping mine. I’ve been keeping mine.
I’ve been using mine, repurposing my lessons and desperate heartaches to bring this girl to life. Shooting from 4:48am on Monday to 3am Saturday, 12-16 hour days, 5 days a week on a 6 month stretch, from the shadows in the corners of me.

We all experience pain in a way nobody will know. I just think if we already have pain, we shouldn’t waste it.



they say it’s harder to make time to work out once you have a kid, but bb j makes sure I don’t drop my planks



🙏🏼 not a birthday party/thanksgiving break without salsa and a 1000 piecer (hbd Andrew we left you the best bit)

Hell Is Real Sign