We are a peaceful team. We make good beauty products like The Ordinary and NIOD. 💚

Sub-Episode 2 of 3—On a floor safely positioned a few floors atop a few Jobless Apples on New York’s affordable Fifth Avenue, we utilized analogue technologies made from trees to present a few minor matters that mattered to our family. In sum-Mary, @deciem is on a rocket that @elonmusk selflessly designed above the radar. On this peacefully-Rapide, electricity-guzzling rocket, we are living a seemingly-uneventful journey to a definitive destination known as the journey itself— because the journey of our baby @deciem will live with us and within us for good and for good reason. ——Imminently after this minor—yet majorly celebratory—financial sanity check, an infinitely more major thing happened to every one of our three shareholders: we remembered that every one of us is a minority shareholder—that “we are all one” as many happy people Proudly noted a few weeks ago in New York City. We remembered that none of us is minor or major. We remembered what Canada has taught our world—that in any sustainably-peaceful homeland, everyone and every one proudly, yet mindfully, represents a form of minority. ——Our @deciem family is strong because our trust forms the foundation of our respect for one another—and our respect then forms the foundation of our love for each other and for our broader families. @esteelaudercompanies: you have offered to our world a rare example of an ideal family to welcome any brand, any brandon or anyone who would respect your depthless love. My brother, Leonard—thank you for being my taller brother—the gift of brotherhood is the gift of family. I love you. -Brandon 🌳 [[[ Coles Notes®️ edition: “It’s all good.” ]]]


Sub-Episode 1 of 3—This coincidentally-meaningful artwork at @esteelaudercompanies’ headquarters said “Alo” to our @deciem team yesterday afternoon—a few suspenseful milliseconds before our family at Estèe Lauder Companions Ink (💚) reminded us of the peaceful and unmistakably-respectful welcome that would warm any heart more meaningfully than any sun or our Sun ever would. —I love you @esteelaudercompanies. Thank you for recognizing that good members of any good family must respect their disagreements much more so than their agreements—because it’s much easier to respect an agreement. 🌳


The last few steps to the beginning of an infinite number of steps. (Avestan | Beak Street | London).


“You” told @maireaddgraham that I don’t come visit 😉😜💚🌳. I love “you”. -Brandon


Monday. [Next Monday 🌳.]


Monday/HA Blur/$€£10.00. 💛🌕


🌕🌏 . Humankind . Land . Kanata [“Village”] . Kind Humans . Canada . Home . Homeland . Land . 🌏🌕— [[ 🇨🇦: you’re our kind homeland for humankind ❤️. ]] — 💚🌳🌏🌕.


Priorities prioritized: the wall at our upcoming cozy corner flag-shop in Chicago is ready—on time. 😉💛🌕


NIOD is our brand whose approach is often misunderstood to be at odds with The Ordinary’s. NIOD’s formulations are highly complex—to accommodate arrays of next generations of technologies from around the world. The Ordinary, NIOD’s younger brother, focuses instead on well-researched, effective technologies that have been around with us for several years or even decades. Since NIOD’s approach is more costly, its products cost more than those of The Ordinary, prompting some to assume that, “if money was no object”, NIOD would be the skincare brand of choice at DECIEM. This viewpoint is misguided—if you take the time to understand both your skin and what each of our products offers, you’d recognize that a higher price never communicates better quality or better suitability for your specific needs. Many of you know that my love for NIOD is uniquely special because NIOD was intended at the start to be my own personal project within DECIEM, without much expectation that it would grow so much, so quickly. My skincare routine varies almost weekly because my work involves testing so much future development, but NIOD’s Copper Amino Isolate Serum, Flavanone Mud and Sanskrit Saponins had consistently been a key part of my daily routine—until 3 months ago, when I decided to set a selfless example to delete every NIOD product from my routine and choose instead products only from The Ordinary—a choice that communicates more coherently that our prices are not functions of quality or suitability—they are functions of our costs. You can build an effective routine suited for you by choosing products from any of our skincare brands. [This long preamble was necessary to write a few more significant and exciting things: a) My own testing of NIOD’s CAIL was stopped as a result of the above “manic”, “psychotic” and “paranoid” choice that I made 😜. Its testing will resume this week. b) I wrote last year on here that we would end our retail partnerships for our brand, Hylamide, with major pharmacy groups because of their unreasonable total margin expectations. We’ll now (soon) reduce Hylamide’s product pricing by almost 40% as a result. c) I had missed Mastic Must so much.] 💛🌕 -Brandon


@houseoffraser 💛🌕


Many (“too many” in corporate linguistics 😜) more LoOpha products that smell peaceful and happy are finding their baby ways through our crowded lab and factory to you (you’re geographically very far—yet emotionally so very close that we feel undeservingly that you’re beside all of us 🧡).— LEGAL NOTICE: Post Scriptum information (a.k.a. P.S. information which could be mistaken for B.S. information 😉) whose reading is definitively known to waste time follows within sets of square brackets 😜: [P.S.—I missed you so much, LoOpha; “they” don’t allow babies to travel with me these days (i.e., smaller bottles will be coming some day soon 🍼) ——Oh... that wasn’t the P.S. information 😥; if we had hired several strategic and professional social media managers to manage our very social media, I wouldn’t have mistakenly included this non-P.S. in this P.S. section 😜.] [[Now the actual B.S. 😂—all these far too many fragrances will also be offered in concentrated oil format so you could make some of your favourite unscented non-LoOpha lifestyle products smell like LoOpha, particularly aroma-neutral body oils which would have near-certain fragrance compatibility—or, you could “wear” a drop (or half a drop 😉) to smell like LoOpha; it very obviously “goes” (“comes” would fit better here) without saying or writing that many other product types that we can all “guess”—or know with certainty because it’s all so very obvious—are also on their way to you 😜.]] Oh... and P.S.—I love you 💛🌕 -Brandon


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