Welcome to America's diner.

French toast was invented in 1891 by Jim French when he tried to kiss bread twice at the same time.


Heats out, feets out! So, slip in to these comfortable, fashionable, delicious flip-flapjacks.


Hey sheeple, check out the new Ray-Bun®️ Sesame Seeds Collection. Perfect for shading your eyes from the sun and literally everything else.


Sorry lil buddy, only big boy burgers can cruise this flavor-coaster.


No, no, Grandma…we said CAMera…please, put the meat down, get the real thing, and WE’LL ham it up!


You can have everything in this photo for only $5.99*
* DOES NOT INCLUDE 38,000 sq ft mansion with 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms, black sports car with 22″ custom wheels and red brakes, chrome blue sports car with a 5.0L 520HP V10 engine and 3-piece wheels including a satin black finish and blue chrome lip.


Don’t waste your hard-earned dough on one of these items! Try our new Super Slam and get pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns for just $5.99! We’re not biased but that sounds like the better deal.


#HappyFathersDay... we got you some new loafers.


Daaaaaang that dude is flapjacked!!! #summer #workout #fitness


In the early 1990s a group of deranged scientists began breeding canine-food hybrids in the event of a near apocalyptic event so that survivors would have the companionship of man’s best friend and also some snacks. The program was shut down almost immediately when a court ruled that it was “like, totally messed up and wrong, what were you idiots thinking?” They have finished only one hybridization, Carl the Corndog, and were forced to let him run free. Some say Carl the Corndog still roams the plains of America to this day, some say he is only a myth, an urban legend, a tall tail…