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Deepika Padukone for Cannes Filmfestival 2018 | Day 1


Sonam Kapoor Ahuja for Ralph & Russo | Fall 2017 Couture




They don’t know her
A person with a past
She has it perfectly hidden
Looks like everything is fine
But inside she’s done
People ask her why she is so quiet
How should she tell them this?
If only they could see through her eyes
Everything she has witnessed
They wouldn’t think of asking again
She knows she hasn’t been like this
The person she is today
her whole life
Struggling to know herself
And be comfortable outside her comfort zone
So many emotions linked to her past
Escaping from something she can’t
Pretending to be outgoing
While her hands are shaking
And heart is racing...🥀






The atmosphere they’ve left behind is empty,
Yet so loud.
The silence slowly killing us.
So many questions.
Yet nobody bothers to give the right answer.
The eyes tired,
But the mind awake.
We’re drowning in our thoughts,
Don’t know when the wait will be over.
Staying patient in this storm,
Don’t know for how long....




Sometimes there are things or people we desire so much, we can’t resist them. Yet it’s mentally breaking us, that we tend to forget ourselves. The things or people we want the most aren’t necessarily always good for us. We’re therefore better without them. If it kills you; then leave it. Some things just aren’t worth dying for. You matter.


If there’s one thing I dislike from the bottom of my heart; is people being manipulative towards others. People who think they have some kind of authority over you. Enough to control your feelings and thoughts. They can easily accuse you for things that aren’t even your fault. They have this ability to make you look like the bad person. Deep inside, they know the truth. They decide to fool themselves into believing in their own made up lies. Just so they can escape, get away from it all. So they can’t be blamed for whatever they’ve done to you. It won’t last forever though. One day, the truth will be revealed before their eyes.


Suffering in silence
Letting the demons enter me
Seeking God for guidance
The heart doesn’t feel free
So used to be in my solitude
Friends creating new feuds
Another reason to mind my own business
None but God is my witness
Attitudes changing quickly
Day ones getting busy
You only need me when times gets hard
This heart is forever scarred
Life is so strange
Another drastic change.


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