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Morning Market | Photograph by Huynh Dung
On the shores of Quang Nam, Vietnam, a seafood market opens every morning before sunrise. Hundreds of people are there to buy, sell, and trade freshly caught seafood. "The atmosphere is busy," says #YourShotPhotographer Huynh Dung. "The laughter in the market is impressive."

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Photo by @renan_ozturk // Matt Redd isn’t your average cowboy and the 350,000 acres of Indian Creek and the surrounding #bearsearsnationalmonument aren’t your average ranching grounds. It was such a privilege taking him up The North Six Shooter tower with @jamesqmartin after he had already worked for 8 hours rounding up and branding cattle that morning. I’m not sure if there are many other humans alive who have a deeper mental map and respect for this land than Matt. Besides running the Dugout Ranch he works with The Nature Conservancy managing many ongoing scientific studies ranging from sustainable grazing, native grass research and advanced technology for surveying wilderness areas. If you get him going he’ll talk passionately about his knowledge of the deep geologic and cultural layers of this space. On the summit I shot a few photos as he placed a cow skull up there with his bloody swollen hands. [Desert tower summits often have historic relics as ‘registers’ and this was his cowboy contribution]. Meanwhile @shotsfromabove did one more pass with our cine-trike and we began our nighttime descent through the ripping wind. I wanted to ask him and his family more about the best way to help Bears Ears, to tell the story from all sides. We didn’t have enough time that day. The journey back to the ranch was a euphoric dehydrated stumble filled with banter just like a lot of good climbs end. And there is a certain hope in experiencing the universality if that. The common ground of the experiences here in Bears Ears that will drive these conversations forward.

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Video by @CristinaMittermeier and @PaulNicklen // When it’s gone, it’s gone forever. The biodiversity in this pristine ecosystem is unlike any other in the world and it is worth protecting. Yet, the Provincial and Federal Governments of Canada continue to put it at risk by allowing open-net Atlantic fish farms to operate across critical marine habitat. Diseases from these open-net containment pens spread to the local wild salmon, and their populations are declining. Salmon are a bio-rich nutrient delivery mechanism that feeds the entire ecosystem – from orcas and seals – to eagles and spirit bears. After these predators feast, the leftover fish carcasses, packed with nitrogen, act as a fertilizer for the rainforest, allowing trees to grow to impressive sizes. Without wild Pacific salmon, this entire ecosystem will suffer. Follow @CristinaMittermeier, @PaulNicklen and @Sea_Legacy to learn more about the efforts to #GetFishFarmsOut of the Broughton Archipelago in British Columbia, Canada.


Kawasan Falls - Philippines ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨✨@timothysykes✨✨ go follow this self-made millionaire who travels the world while teaching others how to become millionaires too!


Lo vintage no quita lo cool. Si no, mira a #Sandro 🤘 ¡Comparte las imágenes con más onda de tus padres o tus abuelos en esa época con el hashtag #RockeandoLos70! 📸
Prepárate para el estreno de #SandroEnPrimerPersona. En junio.


Photo by @yesfira
Becoming a hairdresser was a natural evolution for 21-year-old Yesfira Sidorenko (@yesfira). “In ninth grade, I got interested in doing hair from watching online tutorials, and started practicing on my little sisters,” says Yesfira, who was born in Latvia and lives in Alaska. “After high school, I decided to go to cosmetology school, got a job as a hairdresser, and this is where I am today.” Braids were one of Yesfira’s earliest styles she worked to perfect, and she’s stuck with them through the years, adding in more complex twists, waves and updos for weddings and special occasions. “If I were going to #prom today, I would wear my hair in a loose mermaid wave, with my hair tucked to one side with a clip.”


fly by⁣ ✈️
digging how Mount Rainer sticks out from the clouds 🗻⁣ ⁣
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“Let’s get this Summer started!” writes @indythegoldendoodle


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