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Permanent residence of Dame Diamond Dolly, Siah, Marshmallow, Rolo, Gizmo and Snowey. Retired persian breeder based in the UK.

Im ready for some hair raising shenanigans 😨 Happy Friday the 13th 😈


Now ive finally got my ridiculous jumper on all i have to do is figure out where i left my snow boots so i can get my floofy-less butt out to supervise meowmy shovelling ❄️❄️❄️ #madcatproblems #someonecallthefashionpolice #doesthisjumpermakemybuttlookbig #mypetloves


Time has flown by and meowmy just realised its been a whole month since my baby brofur Honey and sisfur Malibu aka Sweety have been staying with us. Its been so fun having them here with us all but its nearly time to bid farewell to them 😿 Their fantastic meowmy is on her way to collect them so im trying to sneak in a couple of last minute pow wows before she arrives 😹 Hopefully we will meet up again soon but for now meowmy wanted to share how much they have grown over the last year. They definately have their beautiful mother Rolos amber eyes. #itrunsinthegenes #ambereyescats #ambereyesmesmorise #ambereyes #donttheygrowupsofast #fabulousfurbabies #persianbreeders #iloveallmykitties


Starry eyed diamond dolly


Guess wat furriends the hoomans just told me a secret! My little step brofur Honey and sisfur Malibu are going to be staying over for Christmas😮 Yipeeee #christmaspawty #catnipallaround #mypetloves


Who is your winner?
Please comment pic 1 or pic 2
Pic one is the one and only diamond dolly who will be entering in the 2018 cat show. Pic 2 is of the adorable siah mashee who will also be entering. Choose your winner and comment below... may the best Meooow win 😻😸


Friday Night Box Pawty has officially started jus grabbing the skittles must send the hoomans for the rest of my supplies 🤗 #boxpawty #skittlestastetherainbow #skittlescat #mypetloves


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