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Landscape photos of the Western United States, mainly Pacific Northwest and Southwest. 🌲🌵Nikon D3300 ~ Sigma 10-20 mm

Home sweet home, be it ever so humble! That little speck in the middle is where we are staying during our one-month volunteer stint at Chaco Canyon. The raw harsh landscape takes on a more appealing appearance with the help of clouds and evening light. Such is the magic of the high desert.
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We caught the edge of tropical storm “Bud” and the skies were much more interesting, plus there was rain! It cooled things off and made daytime hikes possible. Pictured here is Fajada Butte at Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The edit is too tight in the bottom, unfortunately, but I didn’t want the road in there.
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Spending a month in one area (Chaco Culture National Historical Park) lets you get a feel for it. I’ve gotten to see Fajada Butte from many angles! The evening light can be quite lovely, and a few clouds can make all the difference. This landform is well known for its former role as a calendar marking Solstices, until the stones that had facilitated the shaft of light to shine on a spiral petroglyph slipped out of place. Nothing is certain in this life except change and uncertainty, apparently!
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Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico at sunset. I was anxious to get some sort of a foreground, so I sacrificed getting the entire kiva in the shot despite using a wide angle lens. The landscape glows with a honeyed look in the moments just before the sun sinks below the horizon. The light is very strong even this late in the day. It’s was a challenge to get done and get out of the loop drive before the gates are locked at sunset. Finding a composition that works is a challenge for me at this park as well.
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iPhone pic of sunset tonight; that’s Fajada Butte in the right, Chacra Mesa on the left, and Chaco Wash in the foreground. Crickets are chirping, Venus is in the western sky, and life is good!
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Another image from a recent visit to Canyon de Chelly. Can you find the tiny cliff dwellings?
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Stormy skies were a welcome sight at Chaco the other day, and added moodiness to the landscape. As campground host, I have not had much time at all for photography. Hopefully I will get it all figured out before the month is over! I’m on overload with all the things to do and see and all the wonderful people to meet!
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Good morning from Chaco, land of light and shadow! It’s a fine hot day here, time to seek shade.


A series of doorways at Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico. I’m loving my time in this state, learning more about the complex cultures that exist here. This monument has a fantastic visitor’s center full of information and artifacts, and a wonderful staff too.
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Last light on Spider Rock at Canyon de Chelly a couple of weeks ago. This was a tough shot without a tripod and it was super windy, plus I’m bad with heights and drop offs but I wanted to get a photographic sense of how far down the canyon floor was. The whole time I was also thinking about the fantastic tour I had just taken, and the glimpse I had of the place through my guide’s eyes since he was someone who grew up here.
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Santa Fe - where every square inch has photographic potential. In four hours, I visited three art museums, all within two blocks of one another.


Any narrow gauge railroad fans out there? My very favorite one is the Durango Silverton. I get as excited as a little kid over this line. #coloradoliving
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