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my mom made this for me couple birthdays back. see it everyday that I’m home and think not only of my dad but all veterans. God bless them #VeteransDay 🇺🇸


Lead singers.... have you thanked your band and crew this year?! Starting on mine. Got to get the pen out, the paper (checkbook?) and let them know what they mean to you!


lost 7-1, but when your son comes over to your bench after his game ends...does not get any better 😎#nhl #PossumHockeyClub


so grateful to have a song in this movie @onlythebravemovie. in theaters TODAY. even if you don’t know the story, it’s just a great film. It sheds light on the brotherhood of the #granitemountainhotshots and of all the wilderness firefighters out there today. their families and communities and how they live and serve. I’ve seen it 6 times now and will be in a theater this weekend to see it again. Been a powerful couple of weeks meeting first responders and families and getting to be around the release process. Everyone involved with this film is very proud of the bigger story of awareness it has and will spread for our #firstresponders everywhere.


tap to hear #holdthelight my new song from @onlythebravemovie, in theaters friday. tickets (link in bio)


craaazy...you never know you’ll literally almost run over in NYC. @elleking @pushlovedoula #differentforgirls #outlaw. can’t wait for y’all to hear her new music 🤘


thanks dana! so fun being on your show @dailybriefingfnc @danaperino. @onlythebravemovie #granitemountainhotshots #firstresponders see you at the premiere tonight!


early morning block party from austin on @goodmorningamerica


block party tmrw on @goodmorningamerica



headed back from @onlythebravemovie phx premiere last night. last three days have been profoundly moving. met some great folks, made some new friends and learned a lot more about the bond that exists in the firefighter and first responder community. it was a honor to spend some time with all the people that come down from prescott az last night for the premiere and later at @dierkswhiskeyrow


honored to be part of @onlythebravemovie - join me in supporting the story in theaters oct 20. (link in bio) #onlythebrave #holdthelight


few more from #Vegas tonight. everyday heroes among us.


thank you @umcsn for letting me stop by and hang with y’all for a little bit. thank you for sharing your stories and your time. i needed that. #vegas #vegasstrong #firstresponders


stopping by #vegas to say hi to some folks


who doesn’t belong in this pic?! w/ cast of @OnlyTheBrave. so honored to have a song in this story of the 19 #granitemountain hotshots. thank you #josephkosinski @JoeComposer @scareypics for the opportunity to contribute to #HoldTheLight. to watch this movie last night sitting next to @donut_928, @ericmarshfoundationwildland, along with families of the hotshots, first responders, and the cast of the film including @joshbrolin @jeffbridges #jenniferconnelly #taylorkitsch @jimmybobbydale #milesteller was powerful stuff. so grateful to be associated with a movie that honors these men, their families, their sacrifices and pays tribute to some of the bravest men and women in America...our first responders.


me mom and first responders and firefighters on red carpet @onlythebravemovie. #granitemountain #granitemountainhotshots


First smile in two days thanks to being around other donors and great people @americanredcross #redcross @fiddlindan.
I haven’t really been able to function at all since the shooting. such deep sorrow. sadness. heavy and dark. My relationship with country music fans, as well as my band and my crew’s relationship with them, is something we all cherish so deeply. some of those friendships have been forged for well over a decade. my heart breaks over and over again for all those fans in Las Vegas and their families.



on the bright side, we doubled our attendance from last week... #PossumHockeyClub #nhl


hit the streets + stages with @sherylcrow. watch @carpoolkaraoke tonight at 6pm pst on @applemusic #nashville


hold my beer and wash this. might start doing this after summer concerts... #mud #sweat #spartanrace


new song: listen to #holdthelight for the movie #onlythebrave (link in bio)


HOT DAMN! by @TheShadowboxers
produced by @JustinTimberlake & @nitzankaikov
#hotdamn happy for these guys.. played the ncaa college football championship game with them. great band.


#tbt last thurs #drunkonaplane in @u2 hands. and the shoutout. was a beautiful day.


Love it...Keeps ya humble! #Dierk #Dericks


best way to catch w/ an old friend... #WIMHOF! @iceman_hof time with @vaughanjohnson