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Photo by @andrea_frazzetta | Petra, the “Rose City” is a honeycomb of hand-hewn caves, temples, and tombs carved from blushing pink sandstone in the high desert of Jordan some 2,000 years ago. Hidden by time and shifting sand, Petra tells of a lost civilization. Little is known about the Nabateans—a nomadic desert people whose kingdom rose up from these cliffs and peaks, and whose incredible wealth grew from the lucrative incense trade. Petra was only rediscovered in 1812, and it continues to spill its secrets. Even now, archaeologists have explored less than half of the sprawling site, and in 2016, with the help of satellite imagery, a monumental structure was found still buried in the sand. It’s no wonder that Petra remains Jordan’s top tourist attraction and one of the most revered of the World Heritage sites. To see more photos from my travels, follow me @andrea_frazzetta #jordan #petra #natgeotravel


Photo by Ismail Ferdous @ismailferdous | Fellow travelers on the way to New York from Washington, D.C.


Innsbruck - Austria ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@ournextflight✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


The Art of Making Pasta | Photograph by Joel Blue Pellicano (@31_joel)
Food connects us to our ancestors and the places we come from. In this image of his grandmother, #YourShotPhotographer Joel Blue Pellicano describes the art of making pasta as “the tradition of my land: Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy.”

Inspired by the new @natgeochannel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted—premiering Sunday, July 21, at 10/9c—@natgeoyourshot is inviting you to take us on a culinary expedition by sharing your best photos and stories at www.natgeoyourshot.com. As National Geographic’s global photo community, together we will illustrate @gordongram’s belief that food is the gateway to culture around the world


#HelloFrom the Van Lake Express train with a view of Tatvan, Turkey. According to photographer Hüseyin Taşkın (@huseyintaskin), it’s the best way to travel east from the capital city of Ankara. 🚞
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Photo by @huseyintaskin


“Hakuna Matata 🦁 👑 #itmeansnoworries” writes @eggnogthebulldog


Paris Under the Rain ❤️🎥


Llega @gordongram a National Geographic para explorar nuevas culturas en busca de inspiración culinaria 🍝🌎 Acompáñalo en el primer episodio junto a @virgiliocentral en una travesía por #SaboresExtremos de #Perú. En agosto, sólo por National Geographic.


Sailing into the weekend like 🙌🏻⁣

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