Dina Litovsky@dina_litovsky

Photographer based in NYC.


One more image from Beautycon, a beauty and makeup festival in NYC, for @tmagazine @nytimes #beautycon #beautyconnyc


More scenes from Beautycon, a two day makeup and beauty festival taking place last weekend in NYC. For @tmagazine @nytimes #beautycon #beautyconnyc


2 month old Chelsea all decked out at Beautycon, a makeup and beauty festival in NYC. For @tmagazine #beautycon #beautyconnyc


Gabriela, 8 years old, applies makeup at Beautycon, a makeup and beauty festival appealing to teenage girls. #beautycon #beautycon2018 For @tmagazine


James Comey photographed for @lemondefr #jamescomey #comey


Another scene from Pinecraft, with two women passing by a mural depicting the ideal of Amish life back home. Photo essay, Where the Amish go on Vacation, for @newyorkermag #sarasota #pinecraft #amish


Pinecraft, a small community in Sarasota, Florida, is a place where hundreds of Amish and Mennonite families flock for the winter and is sometimes dubbed, ‘Amish Las Vegas’. The usual rules are slightly relaxed, allowing the use of cellphones, bicycles and other small luxuries. A portfolio of a sunny weekend in Pinecraft photographed for @newyorkermag #amish #pinecraft


Eating ice-cream is a nightly ritual in Pinecraft - a sunny Florida community where hundreds of Amish and Mennonite families flock to for their annual winter vacation. For @newyorkermag #pinecraft #amish #sarasota


An image from Pinecraft, Florida, a small winter community of vacationing Amish and Mennonite families. Here, young women wait for a bus heading to Ohio and Indiana to take them on a 24 hour journey back home. Portfolio shot for @newyorkermag, link in bio. #amish #pinecraft #sarasota


This February I flew to Pinecraft, a sunny community in Sarasota, Florida, where hundreds of Amish and Mennonites go on vacation each winter. Photographed for @newyorkermag. Portfolio in bio link. #pinecraft #sarasota #amish


More scenes from Dolce & Gabbana couture NYC extravaganza.
Portfolio in this week’s @nymag #dolcegabbana #altamoda


Guests descending NY Public Library staircase after Dolce & Gabbana three-day couture spectacle in NYC. For @nymag @thecut #dolcegabbana #altamoda


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