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Could never miss a year of @iheartjingleball @iheartradio 🙈 I heart you xx !!


Post’in up in the @iheartjingleball hallways 😜


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Let love surround us tonight🌙 as we get older, we start to realize the true meaning of Christmas, that only by giving are you able to receive more... [link in bio] #dinahleonachristmas


How this Christmas medley came about 🙈 hehe thank you @billboard ! Truly honored to have done this with the beautiful & talented @leonalewis ! I’m like reliving the whole creation process just by reading this. Literally butterflies in my stomach. Originally it was supposed to be one classic Xmas song, but we couldn’t help but be Xtra this Christmas haha #DinahLeonaChristmas ❤️ [link in bio]


Getting half of you just ain’t enough


.... anddddd here it is! I’m still in absolute shock that this cover happened with the gorgeous @leonalewis 🙈🙈 click the link in my bio for the full version ! #DinahXLeonaChristmas


Coming tomorrow🙈 with the beautiful @leonalewis ! Ya don’t want to miss this


Stopped by @spotify #SpotifySingles to whip up some acoustic tunes for y’all 🙈 #Feels @calvinharris @pharrell @katyperry cover arranged by yours truly @tcvocs ! My favorite we’ve ever done !! Enjoooyy 🙈xx


#Poptopia how could I forget about this awesome night with @997now !! The best vibes & best line up 💋thank you for having us!! Let’s keep the show goin’ 😜


you’re not what I’m used to


@leonalewis better in time⏱️🙊


#porfavor @pitbull MV out now!!!! 😼 - part 1


Tis' the season babes ❤️


This song is titled "Koe Fasi Oe Tu'i Oe Otu Tonga"...this means "Song of the King of the Tonga Islands." Written by Prince Uelingatoni Nguyen Tupoumalohi, it is the Tongan national anthem of prayer 🙏🏽 to the all mighty God asking for Love and Protection of Tonga and his majesty King Tupou. It was an absolute honor to sing the National Anthem, this was a moment in my life I️ will never forget! It was like unlike anything I️ have ever experienced .. And I️ am so thankful that I️ was apart of this historical moment! Thank you to MMT team for having me.. The Tonga Rugby League Committee,
Semisi Sika President of Tongan NRL,
Thank my fav coach and uncle John Hopoate, and last but not least I️ want to thank the people of Tonga and every supporter and fans of Rugby throughout the world! Once again, congratulations #MMT for coming this far in the Rugby League World Cup and for bringing Tongans across the globe together in harmony! Ofa lahi atu xx 🙏🏽❤️

Auckland, New Zealand

A Kie kie (key-e-key-e) is a Tongan accessory , an ornamental girdle around the waist worn as a sign of love & respect in an informal gathering. Thank you @kanumez for gifting me this beautiful Kie kie! Thank you to my Aunty Haavale for designing my beautiful Pule Taha as well ! I felt absolutely honored to be dressed in my Tongan attire. ❤️🙏🏽ofa lahi atu xx #MateMaaTonga #MMT #disTonga


One time with the one n only Mate MA'A Tonga 2017 🇹🇴 Proud Apele Koula 🍎


I was en route to my hotel .. and we were approaching a red light, I looked over and noticed these cute school girls in their cute school uniforms 🙈 While I was starring at them I realized that they had recognized who I was & so I jumped out of my car and raced over to take a group photo and then jumped back into m car! I was just as happy to see them❤️ love these beautiful girls

Auckland, New Zealand

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill, Auckland, NZ

Lo que quieras si me dices, por favor


Performed our record with Mr. Worldwide @pitbull last night on @dancingabc 🙈🙈 bailandooo #PorFavor 🔥


I'm so excited to announce that I’ll be in attendance at the Rugby Semi-Finals in New Zealand this weekend.. I’m deeply honored that I️ was asked to sing the Tongan National Anthem for this historic event.. For the last couple of weeks I’ve seen many videos online of Tongans around the world celebrating in unison of their excitement for each time MMT advanced in the World Cup tournament .. I️ remember watching and feeling at that moment how beautiful it was to see our people so HAPPY! And then hearing that some of the players took a pay cut to play for our little island only meant one thing .. they aren’t playing for money .. they aren’t playing for any other reason but purely for PRIDE! And just like the players .. in honor of them and of Tonga I’ll be singing with PRIDE! Let’s go Mate Ma’a Tonga 🇹🇴 #MateMaaTonga


It's getting icy with these @jimmychoo 's ❄️ captured by yours truly, @laurenjauregui


Bring it on Winter ❄️


Introducing OUR very own, 2018 Golden Globe Ambassador @simonegjohnson !! Congratulations to you my not so little sister🖤 #Globes75 very well deserved 👏🏽


Be serious, Dinah. ok. I tried 🤷🏼‍♀️


Sharing some BTS from #BOOMBOOM because we got 74M views RN ayee! If you haven't already, go take a look!


tell me, can you see the star @thestarmovie


Not enough words 🙏🏽 #mtvema