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‪can’t wait for this day to be over so I can hit up that candy sale aisle tomorrow ..... ohkaaayy 👀


thank you 2.14 for the reminder- Snickers,Twix, & Hershey’s to be exact 😘


Stay tune for tonight’s @lipsyncbattle 🗣️ #FACEOFF #5honlsb 😈😈 it’s MAUI TIME !!!! Thank you @caseypattersontv for taking such great care of me xx thank you to the people #bts costume designers, production managers, the dancers, hair, & makeup !! We had to be sure we got #MAUI right! Trust me when I say, backstage is just as FUN as it is on television. Why be anyone else when I could be this overweening Polynesian guy with luscious curly hair & tats all over his shmexy bod 😼 >> @therock I hope I did you proud #YoureWelcome 🤙🏽 #fortheculture


Try cycling while doing an interview..haaa! thanks @flauntmagazine for a sweaty-challenging cardio session! I enjoyed sharing my thoughts, experiences, and of course of what’s yet to come 🙈. Take a sneak peek in my bio-


CAN YOU SMEEELLLL WHAT MAUIIIII IS COOKIN’ @lipsyncbattle (sorry, @therock I’ve gotta borrow your slogan for ya boy 😜) hahaha STAY TUNED for this THURSDAY!!! Cheeeehoooo 🤪🤙🏽


I’m starting’ to feel like .... these hoes can’t fck with me


from stranger to strangest


tell da paparazzi get da lens riight -


Tryin to figure out where the other pair of my glove🧤could be? ❄️ ⛄️

Park City, Utah

@vanityfair X @instagram had to pull up to the drive-in tonight 😜 great food & great company!


Let me dripp on ya, twenty eighteen


There’s about 30min left til it hits 12am here in Southern California 🎉🤪 thank you guys for a memorable 2017!!!! Nothing comes easy, so 2018 let’s see what you have in store for ya girl 😈 love you all LOTS xx