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Amazing vide by @duncan_brake


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By @seethroughcanoecompany That's a lot of tummy!
My favorite Manatee floating upside down and looking through the clear canoe. .
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Video via @sharkaddicts #rondatheduskyshark coming in hot. Filmed by @treyz_productions


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Via @shark_explorers Group of seals got hit right next to our boat this am!!! Seal Island is on fire right now!!! 📸 Niv Salti


@lizparkinson1 free dives with the Tiger sharks at Tiger Beach, Bahamas. Video by @fraziernivensoceanimaging #shark#shasks#bahamas#tigershark


Video by @kim_tastagh , Caption via @tristanguttridge - if this was a still shot and there weren’t rolling British countryside fields of glory in the background I might have mistaken this rather large fin for a great white! Wonderful fin flop of the second biggest shark on planet earth cruising in the plankton rich waters off the coast of the Isle of Man - basking sharks are just magnificent! But if only we had white sharks...might be the only positive of climate change!
Love this video and yes what a view...


Via @sharkgirlmadison We take comfort in what we are sold without questioning it. I'm going to take that comfort away.
two years of research to expose what is really for sale on the streets of Australia.
#flakefiles #mercury #sharksarenotfood #flake #protest #brisbane
📷 @piachichile
Watch with sound


Via @whalescapecod Some National Geographic moments with a #greatwhiteshark feeding on the carcass of a minke #whale on yesterday's #CapeCod #whalewatch


Words by @daniel_botelho_photography Face to face with a Nile Crocodile! Yes the guy in front of the croc is me and I am forever thankful to my brother Brad Bestelink for capturing this unique moment of my life while we were shooting for @bbc 🙌🐊🙌🐊


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