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Some clips from today 🎥 @yaherdmeh


I tried this like almost 5 years ago and went back a couple times and couldn’t get the kickflip. I’ll probably never go back for it so here’s a try from it.


Cruising yesterday 🎥 @beagleoneism


Had fun cruising in Huntington the other day with @beagleoneism @murdythedawg and @dobstapher


Grind I did in Nashville for my new @suprafootwear chino color way. Out now!!! 🎥 by @kylecamarillo Link in bio


Had so much fun in Tijuana with @etn the edit is up on the app and you can also get a free month if you sign up (that’s what I did) so GTWYC and thanks to everyone that made it so sick @beagleoneism @cyril_killla @thisguysthelimit @tjgaskill @paulflores86 #GETLOST


Good morning


@saschadaley new color way from the @supraskateboarding #pleasurepack is sick too!!! He killed it in his video Go check it link in profile!!!


Super hyped on these new @suprafootwear color ways #pleasurepack we filmed this whole thing in Nashville thanks for making it happen @cameronstrand @kylecamarillo inspired by good ol smooth whisky. go ahead and click the link in bio if you want to check out all of them!!! @supraskateboarding #wearesupra #nashville 🥃


I’m very lucky to have such an amazing women in my life, corrina you’re beautiful, strong, smart, funny and just everything a lover could ever want. Thank you for being there to help me through so much bullshit (like three surgeries) and whatever else life has thrown at us I love you more than anything snuggs happy Valentine’s Day!!! @corrinaperry


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