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Day One 🔥


@russ is the only guy I know that will put these guys in his lyrics. It was crazy how young his fan base is. The industry keeps sleeping on him but after seeing him put 7k people into a show in my home town last night, there is no beating this guy. There were people that drove 4-10 hours to see him perform. .
Best part? No openers. No other artist. Just Russ and straight 🔥. .
It’s cool to see a guy shaping the youth with his lyrics. Keep doing you my man! I appreciate the show!


Beautiful day to explore along the Indy Canal !


Coming to a @gq cover soon. #nofilter


My 30th was nothing short of awesome.
Phone stayed off the entire day.
Mani and pedi was very relaxing.
Spent several hours in meditation and gratitude.
Met with some great new friends.
And then shared a delicious dinner with my immediate family.
Thank you to all of you for the messages, writing on my wall, the calls and text and snaps.
I read each and everyone of them.
Thank you to all of you for allowing me to live out my dreams and give to the world all that I can.
Love you guys!
Here’s to putting a decade of devotion and hard works to rest. And welcoming the decade, where all the fruits of my labor will come to season. 👌🏼


My body made me pay for my lack of discipline over the past couple of weeks. The craziest thing is - I played sports my entire life and I always hated the start of the season bc that meant conditioning. But as I’ve gotten older (my 30th bday is tomorrow) I’ve realized that the real goal is to always be in condition. Always be ready. Always be focused. Always be prepared. You do that by being disciplined. This is one of the hardest lessons to master in life. I’ve been struggling with it for years. I don’t have a secret answer for you in this post. I just want you to know if discipline is something you struggle with - you aren’t in the fight alone. I’m right there with you!
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You don’t have to love where you are to get where you want to be. It’s actually an advantage to be uncomfortable.
When I was starting my first business I had to sleep on my buddies couch for a couple of weeks. .
I’ve lost almost a million dollars in assets due to deal going the wrong way. .
I’ve been counted out, knocked down, stollen from, lied to and cheated on. .
But I never let any of that change the love I have in my heart. .
The love for people. The love for my dreams. The love for changing the world. .
You see when you come out the other side of hell. It really doesn’t make and sense to give up. No matter where you are in life right now. Keep pushing. Keep shoving. Keep fighting. Your dreams are worth it! #DreamMore -coach


Oh June 5th.
The 8 day count down to my 30th Birthday.
I told myself a year ago - "When 30 hits it needs to be all cylinders firing"
For my 20th birthday I bought a jetski
For my 24th I bought a Harley.
For my 26th I bought a Boat.
Today ...... I bought another company!
Excited to welcome PUR Cleaning Services, LLC to the family of EasyPro companies.
This marks my 7th business acquisition.
And my 13th company.
Which is super fitting because my birthday is on the 13th.
Just doing my best to be a real life batman. ;) *I can't help but think of the many people that said to me my senior year of high school.... "so what... you're just going to mow grass for a living?!?" LOL


Watch the numbers. They will never lie to you. By knowing my numbers in 2016 I decided I would sell the largest revenue producing division of my company. Why would I sell a division doing 6 figures a month? Because the margins were terrible. Business is about profit. The sooner you learn that the further ahead you will be.




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Just watched an amazing fireworks show by the @louisvillebats from my sofa. 👌🏼


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