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Special shout out to @traeabn and @djmrrogers for being a blessing in the community! Truly humbling to see what you have done for the children!!! Words cannot express how grateful we are!!! Blessings on blessings to you all! And shot out to Jen again without you it wouldn’t of happened!! #HoustonStrong #HoustonBlessed #TraeThaTruth #DjMrRogers #SavedChristmas #ReliefGang #AMilllionTHanks 💋🤘🏼


❄️Bundled Up!❄️


ALL TEXAS MUSIC, ALL NIGHT in Dallas This Sunday @ RBC in Deep Ellum. Bringing some homies with me you might be familiar with..... Powered by: @allblankeverything x @_mixgod


Its sad outchea this year. Please drop SOLID options below...... 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
(Exclusions: Gucci Gang, Gummo, No Smoke, and Bodak Yellow) And don’t plug yourself if you’re a rapper....


Idk when or where, but I do know I was happy 😬📷: @ludatheshooter

Houston, Texas

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Today I Can Say We Are Truly Blessed To Be Able To Help Others... We Teamed Up With Mattress Mack Again And We Are Blessing The 98yr Old Senior Woman Mrs..Naomi Williams And Anotha Adopted Family Ms. Tia Joseph And Her 3 Kids With $20,000 Worth Of Furniture From @galleryfurniture And $6,000 Worth Of Accessories Today!!We Gotta Take Care Of Our Own... We Are One🙏🏿🙏🏿.. We Really HoUSton Strong!!🤘🏿🤘🏿#KingTruth #ReliefGang @reliefGang @djmrrogers


Doing it for Pimp, Pat, and Hov right now on @937thebeat. #TheNeighborhoodMix 12.04


Making Purpose Popular


Thank you @real.ivory from @fox26houston for bringing more awareness to our efforts. Just trying to play our part! @reliefgang


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Our Newest Adoption Home From The Hurricane.. We Back At It .. Me & Lil Bro @djmrrogers With Mrs.Naomi Williams The 98yr Old Senior Thats Been On The @fox26houston News That No One Has Assisted... No Worries.. Now She Got New Family... @reliefgang #ReliefGang ...


The power of social media led us to the home of 98 yr old Mrs. Williams (as seen on @fox26houston). With no assistance from FEMA or her own family, she’s been forced to live in a house full of mold. You know @reliefgang had to pull up and adopt her home! #HoustonStrong #WeAreOne

Northeast Houston, Houston, Texas

Spotify presents @rapcaviar in Houston at Revention Music Center on 12.14 featuring Gucci Mane, Tory Lanez, Trill Sammy x Maxo Kream w/ sounds by me. $5 tickets go on sale Tuesday 12.12
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Def wanted to throw this cold turkey at @tjfalkahn after having us stand there for 5 min to take this pic 😂😂. Incredible feeling being able to provide 200 turkeys and meals to families in need though! -@reliefgang


#NoDaysOff • Currently gutting out a home @reliefgang adopted on the Southside. A lot done but even more to do. #LetsGetIt #ReliefGang

Southeast Houston, Houston, Texas

Me: I thought you didn’t believe in Santa
Pooter: I don’t but he put a lot of work into his costume so take the pic pleaseeeee... #texasdirectautosucks #toldmemytruckwasready #notreadyforanotherhour #dontbuyfromhere


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from @ReliefGang


Thanksgiving Parade • @traeabn x Barack O’Rogers • 📷: @ezaccess

Houston City Hall

Toy Drive up next! @reliefgang


Giving back to the city that has given us so much.... Headed back to @heb in Pearland to buy whatever they have left to take care of those we left out! @reliefgang #beygood @4iamivy @traeabn
@hartcustomhomes 📷: @tjfalkahn


Giving Blessing Boxes and turkeys out to families in need for Thanksgiving courtesy of @thereliefgang. Big S/O to the Atascocita HS JV B-ball team for coming out to help! Contact @reliefgang if you know of a family in need.


The power of social media linked us with a single mother who’s home was destroyed by Harvey. Her high spirit and positive outlook at such a bleak time was truly inspirational. Once we heard her story and examined her home, we naturally felt obligated to help out. This house needs more than a lot of work to properly rebuild it from the flood damage it received so we are in dire need of legit contractors to help make this happen. We are not looking for free labor, just a reasonably priced professional who can get the job done. We are providing the supplies and materials. Please contact @ReliefGang via DM if you’re able to help us rebuild @lovely.tia3’s home! #ReliefGang HoUSton🤘🏿


Our affiliates @thehivesociety are providing the community of 5th Ward with food, clothing, shoes, daily essentials, and water right now @ the 5th Ward Multi-Service Center today from 12-2pm. Spread the word! #HoustonStrong

Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center

Gathering items for the last 100 Blessing Boxes. Looks like it’s gonna be around 4 more trips to #costco and #HEB to meet our goal. If you know of a family in need for Thanksgiving, shoot a DM to @reliefgang with the info. Our goal is to bless 200 families this upcoming Monday-Wednesday.


Just when I️ thought today couldn’t get any better I️ walked into the station and got blessed with another package! Dope art and words of inspiration from the talented @obiaris! Thank you bro! #HoustonStrong #ClutchCity #GoStros


Day started off a little rough, but it always finds a way to get better! Just using my craft to play my part.... S/O to @future, the good ppl @epicrecords, and the #1 station in the city @937thebeat. #numbersNEVERlie #TheInstrumentalFactor


So a couple local radio personalities on diff stations here in my bldg decided to use their platform to attack the homie @duanebrown76 for his views/decisions this season on/off the field. Duane and his wife @devibrown filled up a 24ft uhaul with about 20k of food and supplies and drove it from Austin to Houston within the first week of the storm. Your favorite Token Texan hasn't done that. My question is what did your token Texan do? Besides raising $40mil that has yet to touch the hands or homes of anyone affected by Harvey, what has your poster boy done? We definitely don't hear you blasting him on your radio shows..... What's crazy is I don't even have to tag him or mention his name because if you look at my last post, the people are pointing out the obvious for me. I was going to refrain from making this post until I saw how many ppl want to know the same answers from the same person. Yea my radio job could be on the line for this post but fk it. I'll be a martyr for truth. None of that money is going to anyone who is active in recover efforts in the streets of Houston or Southeast TX. Our organization has yet to receive any offers or funding from any of these major relief funds, telethons, or grants. All of our contributions have come directly from actual people who care just like we do. We're gonna continue pushing and working with what we have, but we can only do so much. We're overwhelmed everyday with the amount of work that needs to be done to help our neighbors get their lives and homes back to normal. WHERE TF IS THE MONEY??? #WeWantAnswers


What @traeabn said!
I Been Tryin To Keep Quiet & Cool.... But It is what it is... Im Startin To Get Irritated Wit All This “We Trying To Help Houston” Stuff.. Fact Is Me & @djmrrogers Are Only 2 People... Its Only So Much We Can Do.. Hell We Always Feel Like We Need To Fo More...We See What Goes On In Parts Of Houston, Port Arthur, Beaumont, Dickinson, Galveston and The Rest... All These Millions Sent for Harvey Relief And Aint Gettin To Any People... And We Out Spending Time , Money, Damn Near Risking Health, Neglecting Our Own Families And More... Now Im Startin To Get Hot.. We Purposely Post Videos So People Can See Its A Need For Help And See Where Our & Your Money Is Going.. But Lets Be Honest.. It Seems Like People Hopin Things Fade Away And Be Forgotten About... It Woulda Been More Powerful To Team Up And Help The Masses Instead Of Us Only Being Able To Help A Few Hundred Families Alone... We Took Care Of People From Houston To Puerto Rico To Virgin Islands... Im Not Mad At All ,But I Aint Finna Fake Knowing Aint Shit Being Done... Answer Me This.. If Its Really Help Out Here, Why Is It Kids Still Sleepin On Cardboard Boxes, Tents In Front Yards, Trailors In Back Yards, Special Needs Kids Sleepin On Molded Floors? We Deal With This Daily..We Deal Wit The Good And Bad EVERYDAY , So Ill Be Damn If People Choose To Help A Certain Class Of People, OVERLOOKIN THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED IT , Aint Real At All To Me... And Be Clear ,!! Its Alot Of People Helpin and That Have Helped.. Im Not Referring To Them At All, Im Referring To People Who DONT KNOW THE PEOPLE OR HOW TO GET TO THE PEOPLE OR EVEN UNDERSTAND THE PEOPLE, BUT decide What PEOPLE DESERVE HELP!! @reliefgang #ReliefGang #KingTruth I Hope The Right People See This Too!! I Put The 🤘🏿 On Mine.. And Wit All That Being Said.. Those Who Really Need Help Dm @reliefgang We Will Continue To Do What We Can!! And If Any One Wants To Match Our Effort We Have No Problem Doing The Dirty Work Hands On.. But Help Is Needed!!


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@tydollasign spent the day with #reliefgang... Meet Mr. Fred, a retired Marine, 77 years old and his neighbor. Both were seen making repairs to their own homes when @reliefgang was adopting another home in their neighborhood. #tydollasign #traethatruth #djmrrogers #shot #edited by #tjfalkahn #homedepot #uhaul #lowes #astros #houstonstrong


Stairway To Heaven 📷: @k.ndrick


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Finding Genuine People That Can Care For Things That Don’t Directly Affect Them Is The Definition Of REAL... The Fact That @nickcannon Donated To Keep The #Reliefgang Efforts Going So We Can Continue To Adopt And Rebuild Homes , Hope, & Families Means A lot.. Thank You & The City Thank You.. You Did What People Who From Here Could Do But They Choose Not To... You Family My G🙏🏿🙏🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿 @reliefgang #WildNOut HTown We Are One! #HoustonStrong