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↟What is peace for you?↟
It´s the nature for me
What´s yours?
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We are all having problems during the day, week, month and sometimes it is hard to think things clearly because we all are surrounded by problems. That´s why it´s quite important to have something or somebody in our life to help us clear our mind and help us to forget all our problems. If you don´t have. Find one! It makes you life easier.
Thank you @desomnis for inspiring me!


How do I look like in black&white?🤔
↟If you need a translate for the following text, please, feel free to DM me. ↡
hiszek benned is de inkább magamban,
hiszem Istenek vagyunk mind, csak különbözö alakban
hiszem hogy van szeretet ott is ahol harag van
nem hiszek már a szavaknak
de még hiszek a szavakban
hiszek az ártatlan gyermeki arcban
hiszek kollektív tudatban
de nem hiszek a harcban
hiszem hol könny fakad, ott mosolyt rejt egy emlék
hiszem ha újrakezdhetném akkor is ugyan ez lennék


Happy birthday Mom!

That´s my sister, @melania_polly and me. Two idiots, who always care for each other. What most important thing is, on this day, april 17, my mom was born. We are so grateful to have her. She´s is always there for us and we don´t have to feel ourself lost in life. She is a woman like no other. She gave us life, taught how to tie shoes, how to walk, and how to be an adult with big heart!
Thank you so much, Mom, for everything you gave us and taught us. We would be nothing without you!


Make me smile at the comment section!ツ
Single smile can change not just your life, but others too!
it always warms your heart up and makes your day if you get a smile randomly, doesn't it? then what the heck holds you back from smiling at others?
Smile! make others day better! it worths!
Smile from: @dorina.mj


#Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to #create meaning. Meaning has not to be #discovered: it has to be created.↟


↠ It´s all about perspective.
being stucked in the past or enjoy living in the present moment ? Your call.
"Előre tekints, soha ne vissza a múltba, együttes erővel induljunk az útra" Punnany Massif


↟ There is no lack of inspiration. You are just not focusing enough. ↟ .
How and where do you get new ideas if you are out of inspiration?? #portraitphotographer


Tell me✎. What is your every day routine?
Here is my #story
After I got operated I couldn´t do that much but walking. So it became literally my every day routine. Day after day I spent hours with working, learning and practicing. It means I was actually sitting hours in front of my computer. Really soon I realized, thats not good. Not at all. I do not pay enough attention to the body, that keeps me fit, keeps me moving and whats more... Alive! Never ever forget about your body.
Wake up early. Do your Job. Don´t forget about Sport. Sleep. Repeat
Change your future.


Do you have a lovely sister/brother as well?

She is my sister, I do care much for.
Never came into my mind to be an only child, because I can´t thank enough for her support, laughing my ass off with her (or just the opposite, making me totally mad. Thats good too tho, because I´m alone then), helping me out with the cooking, etc. but before anything else, the most important of all: being there for me through thick and thin.

Thank you so much, Melania!
I´ll be always there for you, sis.


↟Enjoy the silence ?! ☽
The calmess of this place amazed me from the moment we arrived.
#wandering is the best way to switch off from the world and just enjoy it! .
#campingtrip #excapethecity


Go out. ↠ Power off. Music on. Enjoy. ☼ "What the human race is suffering from is mass hypnosis. We are being hypnotized by people like this: newsreaders, politicians, teachers, lecturers. We are in a country and in a world that is being run by unbelievably sick people. The chasm between what we're told is going on, and what is really going on, is absolutely enormous."


Everyone has a story. I have a story. You have a story. We have a #story. What is your story?

I think we live our life the way of seeing things in stories. Everything we do, everything we have done before, must have a story behind it.
I see stories as the viewer would see it. See as they see and feel what they feel.
I’m looking forward to our future collaboration


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