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“ This is my new puppy willow! She’s a rescue from California. I think she has German shepherd, terrier, and a little lab. So many puppy kisses and lots of snuggling. I can’t wait to take her on more hikes and get her to experience the world with me!” writes @michael.foushee


“Black Beauty ♡ She steals all of the space on the couch, but most of all she steals peoples hearts.” writes @paulie_and_nixon


“I'm dirty but don't blame me please 🙄🎨” writes @petit.loup.francais


“Callie is all smiles when she does her training on Charlotte’s lightrail trail” writes @keendog.katrina


ADOPTABLE DOG: This sweet 9-month old is looking for a forever home. Learn more about Raven and other adoptable dogs from around the country via @dogsofshelters!


“Cold air and mountain fog. The perfect combo,” writes @indythegoldendoodle.



“Kenai is always a little goober” writes @kenai_the_little_husky


“In our opinion, she's a perfect ELEVEN, and she loves binge watching Stranger Things 2 with us!” writes @princessleiarose


NYC! @petconofficial is THIS weekend (Nov 18/19). We’ll be there and hope you will too. There’s only a handful of tickets left so make sure to snag yours today! You can use our code DOGSOFIG to get 20% off your ticket. We can’t wait to meet you and your pups. We’ll be snapping photos and videos all through the weekend!

New York, New York

“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter - in the eye - Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre” writes @ourwynterland


SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs want you to meet lovable Libby! She is estimated to be around 10 years old and up for adoption with @maedayrescue in the Los Angeles area. Last weekend, there was a huge senior-dogs-only adoption event in LA and Libby was one of the adorable, adoptable seniors in attendance. Sadly, she didn't have any adoption interest all day and if it weren't for @maedayrescue literally coming to her rescue, this cutie-patootie would have had to go back to her concrete kennel. Libby has been a little down-and-out and it's believed she is mourning the loss of her former person. Dogs very much feel emotion and little Libby is trying her best to adjust to her change of life. She remains as sweet and loving as ever and just needs a good home.

Libby hopes someone special will see the beauty in adopting an older dame like her. She will undoubtedly bond with her future adopter...if only someone will give her that chance! Libby has received lots of vet care, including dental work, and will be in tip-top shape for her future adopter. She is potty trained, cat friendly, dog friendly and super easy all around! She just loves to lounge in bed and receive lots of cuddles and love. For a smaller size dog like Libby, she has just entered her golden years and looks forward to living up her retirement in style!
Libby can be adopted in the Los Angeles area. Please submit your adoption application to @maedayrescue or if you have any questions please email to inquire.


STORY TAKEOVER! Meet @mochiandthecity , a dog model who ❤️s fashion, wine and NYC. Checkout our Story to see a day in the life of this 3 year old maltipoo!



“Please consider this the cutest shakedown ever. #GimmeTheTreats” writes


“I️ would give up on adding to my bandana collection but I’m not a quitter” writes @sheepish_addie


“We found love the moment Leroy came into our lives. So many pups just like him need our help finding their own forever.” Use code ‘found Love’ at (@foundmyanimal) to take 20% off a Prismatic Leash and 100% if profits until 11/10will be donated to @truefaithfulpetrescuemission to help pups like Leroy find their forever 🏠s. #foundmyanimal #foundlove #dogsofinstagram


“Jude is named after Jude Fawley from Thomas Hardy’s “Jude the Obscure.” A literary puppy to be sure!” writes @dhaaruni


“Spunky little pooch, Dion, is a guide dog puppy in training for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Does he not look like a cartoon!?” writes @gdb_official


“Well, it finally happened... I got leafed 😑” writes @wanderousshepherds


“Play wif me please” writes @indythegoldendoodle


“Be the reason someone smiles today! Oreo, my happy dog :)” writes @victoria.vonthal


ADOPTABLE DOG: This sweet 5-year old Pitbull mix is looking for a forever home. Learn more about Raven and other adoptable dogs from around the country via @dogsofshelters!


“Her smile never gets old...” writes @a_girl_named_charlie


“Birthday cake goals” writes @thatgoldendoodle


It’s raining cats and dogs | 📸


How was YOUR Halloween? 🎥 @chompersthecorgi


😍 🍂 Checkout these stunning photos of Chester doing fall right in his Puffer Vest | This beautiful lookbook was shot by photographer @hopefeathers


Happy howloween!!!" writes @dailydanger.



“We recently moved to London, so of course Kiki is Harry Potter for Halloween” writes


HAPPPY HALLOWEEN! “If you got it, haunt it!” writes @pawsthatwander | Be sure to checkout our Story for other scary cute Halloween hounds! #dogsofinstagram


#ad: “It’s that time of the year when spooky things start happening at Harlow’s House! Luckily, @LinkAKC Smart Collars are keeping our little pup-kins safe! With Link’s GPS and location tracking feature, you can track down a lost (or hiding) dog and receive a notification if your dog leaves the safe zone that you have designated. The collar even has a built-in light that can be turned on by your phone if it is dark outside." writes @harlowandsage

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