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ATTENTION CHICAGO! If you enjoy being active and are looking for a loyal, playful, and affectionate doggy sidekick, Juno may be the girl for you! Her perky ears, gorgeous caramel coat, and big doe eyes combined with her vibrant personality makes her an absolute star! She would love to find a best buddy who enjoys being out and about and going for a nice morning jog or mile long walk. Juno is very smart 1-year-old Retriever mix who loves showing off all the tricks she’s learning in training class.
She would do best as the only pet in an adult only home so she can be the center of everyone’s affection. A home in a low traffic environment would be best so she can walk comfortably by her best human friend’s side. Juno has so much love to give and she is extremely people oriented. She’s not a fan of vacuums or thunder, but loves tennis balls and comfy blankets! Juno has been with PAWS Chicago since November of 2017 and dreams of the day her new family will bring her home and love her until the end of time! She will surely fill her forever home with tons of laughter, tail wags, and wet doggy kisses! Meet her at @PAWSChicago.


ATTENTION FLORIDA! “Carley is the runt of a litter of five. We worried about her for awhile because mama and puppies arrived with hookworms, fleas, & upper respiratory infections. But, she is a fighter and recovering well! This mighty little girl is shy and quiet, she loves attention and snuggles. She’s getting more and more playful and coming out of her shell as she gets older and stronger. Her mom is a Australian cattle dog/border collie mix and weighs approximately 35 pounds, we have no idea what kind of dog her dad is. We expect her to be medium size. She is available for adoption through @heidis_legacy. They can be reached by email at or applications can be found on their website at You may also contact us ( @ilckenzoo ) on Instagram for other questions! They’ve been in our foster care since the rescue saved them from a euthanasia at a high kill shelter.” #dogsofshelters


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Sadie is a three-year-old lab mix who is looking for a caring, responsible, all-adult home. Although she is shy at first impression, with patience she will show you her sweet and loving side. Bring your whole family and come and meet her at @animalleague’s adoption center! Photo Credit: #EllenDunn #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION OHIO! Meet Shadow, @vanwerthumane’s second longest resident at the Van Wert County Humane Society in Van Wert, Ohio. Shadow is about 5 years old and has been in the hands of Van Wert County Humane Society since August of 2016. She is full of spunk! She loves going on walks and playing outside. (Shadow will keep you safe from all of the pesky squirrels, too!) She also loves hanging out in the shade and is all about belly rubs when she feels comfortable with you. She is very shy with new people and prefers women more than men. She needs someone who understands that and will take the time to let her feel safe and be dedicated to helping her feel loved. The @vanwerthumane team loves Shadow, but they would love even more for her to find a great home this summer! You can apply to adopt Shadow at


ATTENTION PENNSYLVANIA! Zoe believes in fate and luck. Zoe was saved by a Good Samaritan who saw her running on a busy highway in Philly and followed her to an alley where she was found emaciated and neglected. Fate and luck were on Zoe’s side that day as she was rescued by @lamancha_rescue. Zoe is a beautiful lady and it’s quite obvious she loves the one-on-one attention from the volunteers because her little body wiggles with excitement. It’s so hard to believe, but it is noted that she is 10 years young. The young part seems accurate because of her spunky, peppy personality but the age part is questionable. With strays you never know their exact age. Zoe wants to prove her age to be inaccurate by showing you her lively personality. Zoe wants you to know that love doesn’t keep track of the years...Zoe will prove that to you. She is done with “life-on-the streets” and she wants to know the true meaning of the word l-o-v-e. Zoe’s dream of l-o-v-e is: a family that will love her unconditionally just as she will in return. One that thinks of her as a “family member” and not “just-a-dog”. She wishes for a warm, comfy bed to sleep near you, and to never have to worry about where her next meal will come from. She’s definitely ready for l-o-v-e. Zoe’s been dreaming for this every single night. Each day that passes you can see it in her face; she’s wondering if her dreams really will come true. The volunteers give this girl so much love and reassurance, so she’s doing her best to stay positive as she waits for her forever home! Zoe is available at @lamancha_rescue. If you’re interested in learning more or adopting Zoe, please reach out to them today!


ATTENTION INDIANAPOLIS! Two itty bitty senior brother & sister Chihuahua pups are available at @indyhumane! They are a two- fer as they are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Sweet Star weighs 6 lbs and brother Kip is even tinier at 4lbs. Both are 12 years old and could really use a quiet, loving home to spend their twilight years. While their history is unclear, we know that life hasn’t been extremely kind to them. The shelter is a big scary place for these two littles. Once they are out of their kennel they are affectionate, enjoying close cuddles and will even take soft treats from you. These two will tug at your hearts big time. They are in need of a generous soul who will give them nothing but unconditional love and shelter for the rest of their little lives. ❤️ Star & Kip are available now @indyhumane 📷 and bio by @dogshotzphotography


ATTENTION ONTARIO! Listik is a 3-year-old mixed breed available at @dogtalesrescue. He is full of beans! Listik is super silly and energetic. He loves to stay active and say hello to every single person that he meets. He would do well with children, but is still learning his manners around other dogs. If you’re interested in learning more or adopting Listik, reach out to @dogtalesrescue today!


ATTENTION FLORIDA! Cody is 5 weeks old and the largest of five from an Australian Cattle Dog mix litter (the Mama was shared previously, named Collins) Cody is expected to be medium sized since his mama weighs 37 pounds. He is the sweetest, coziest, snuggle boy and loves to play! Anyone interested can contact @heidis_legacy at 📷 and bio by @ilckenzoo


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Nothing can stop Eli from smiling! This happy two-year old pup knows how to make the best out of any situation. Eli enjoys going out to the park, talking long walks, and especially playing with his toys. He is a curious boy, always eager to learn new things and take on any adventures headed his way with a smile on his face. If you are interested in meeting him, send an email to Rachael at Photo Credit: #EllenDunn #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION CHICAGO! Looking for a running buddy? A super adorable, friendly, affectionate, furry companion? Meet Mattie! This one-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier came to PAWS from the city pound and has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite! Working alongside the PAWS training staff and experienced volunteers, Mattie has excelled at obedience training, and would love a home where someone would continue to work with her. Mattie is seeking a home where her adopter can give her lots of belly rubs and can have lots of Jolly Balls to chase around the house! PAWS is committed to finding the perfect home for every animal in their adoption program. If you adopt Mattie, not only will you get a lifetime of love, you will also receive a year of free @MerrickPetCare dog food and a free training consultation with a PAWS Chicago trainer. For more information, reach out to @PAWSChicago. Photos by Mark Lukas


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Meet Miguel, an 8-year-old Pomeranian available at @animalleague. Miguel is shy and would do best in a home with older children. He would love a family that lives in a suburban area with a fenced yard. He is so excited to meet you and your furry friend! If you’re interested in adopting Miguel, send an email to Rachael at 📷 by: #EllenDunn #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION CHICAGO! Sierra is a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who is full of spunk and has a tail that is always wagging. Her ears are ridiculously adorable and can practically touch the sky! This feisty lady has boundless energy and is looking for someone who can match her exuberance for life. Sierra hopes she can find a family who will take her on tons of adventures so she can explore the world around her! For fun, Sierra loves a game of fetch with a tennis ball and is hoping to master a few basic commands in a training class in the future.
Sierra is looking for a moderately active home with an experienced owner and without young children. Sierra loves her people and her food so much that she would prefer to be the only pet in the home so she can be at the center of everyone’s affection. She would love a home with a yard so she can run around and play whenever she pleases, but a quiet neighborhood without much traffic would also do the trick. Sierra would love to have a place to call her own that is full of squeaky toys, comfy beds, and a never-ending supply of kibble! She is available for adoption at @pawschicago


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