One year, three months, and seven days ago. I made one of the biggest decisions in my life to ask the most amazing, loving woman I’ve ever met for her hand in marriage... and she said yes with the biggest smile on her face. Making me the luckiest man alive. In 7 days we will embark on this journey of happily ever after. One week away. If you aren’t ready get ready. It’s a celebration. #MeetTheWilsons #WilsonWedding 🎥 - @mytouchfilms


Sometimes things happen and you really have no legit explanation for it other than Gods grace. I have officially closed on my first home, with the best in the Industry. My amazing personal Realtor/Wife to be working with me soo patiently and earnestly the entire way, we applied for our marriage license and we are now 10 days away from our Wedding day!!! #WinningSeason


PROUD MOMENT!!!! I would like to congratulate my beautiful wife to be on being awarded the Millennial Mogul award for the “Detroit Neighborhood” award. You continue being great everyday inspiring millennials in the city to invest in home ownership, credit, and financial literacy. You’re taking over the city and looking so good doing it. 😍😍😍


Seems like everyday with you gets better and better. Its been a great birthday!🍾


It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this life thing 25 years now. #25 🍾🎉


Happy New Year! 🎊 🎉 #2018


We’ve been preparing all 2017 for the wins 2018 is going to bring. Wishing much prosperity to everyone in this New Year!


Today is our anniversary. Over the last few years we’ve done so much together. We’ve made a lot of great memories, made a lot of transitions, and we have supported each other the entire way. This project won’t be any different. This Christmas we decided to make our gifts more of an investment income stream that will be the beginning of many together. I’m excited about this transformation. Let’s take this house and make it a home for our future tenants.


Holiday vibes with my gorgeous fiancé. #fiancéfriday #fbf #holidayparty #christmasparty #corporateevents #flashbackfriday


I’ve spent the last 9 months developing over 30 projects in the suburbs of Chicago,Illinois helping homeowners restore their properties for little and often nothing through the insurance claims process. I’ve helped make some major transformations and I’ve helped new homeowners revamp the exterior of their property through our services. I look forward to making the transition to the up and coming Detroit and Metro Detroit Michigan market in 2018.


Make the game. Don’t change it!


I knew you were the one since the first day we met. #finefiancefriday #girlyoufine #flashbackfriday #luckiestmanintheworld #weekend #Engaged 😘


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