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Photo by Stephen Alvarez @salvarezphoto | Valley of the Gods, Utah: I don’t think I have ever seen a night sky as clear as the one I had here last week. The starlight was so bright that I could walk around without a flashlight. It was truly a fabulous evening. Valley of the God was inside the original boundaries of the Bears Ears National Monument, but after the 85 percent reduction in 2017 this landscape now lies outside the monument. #bearsears


Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is an inseparable pair of French bulldogs, Theo and Cato (@theobonaparte). Whether they’re napping, playing or just hanging out on a cold winter day, chances are that they’re doing it together, bundled up in the same blanket.
Photo by @theobonaparte


@jordancohen1 presents this new listing in Westlake Village, Ca. Over 9000 square foot Mediterranean on 2.8 acres in guard gated North Ranch. For more info contact top luxury agent @jordancohen1. Follow @jordancohen1 for the finest in Southern California real estate


Notre-Dame de Paris 🐦


Recovering Lenga Forest | Photograph by Stephanie Hohmann // #sponsored by @bloombergdotorg // "The Lenga Forest in the French Valley of Torres del Paine National Park was hit by forest fire," writes Your Shot photographer Stephanie Hohmann. "A group run mainly by volunteers works tirelessly to grow lenga saplings to replant forests such as this one. During a trip to Patagonia, I spent the morning at Reserva Cerro Paine Tree Nursery helping to water and transfer lenga saplings into larger pots. One day, I hope to return and see mature trees planted in this very spot." This image was submitted to the Climate Action in Your Community assignment, curated by National Geographic photographer Katie Orlinsky (@katieorlinsky) // Check out @paristopittsburgh to learn more about how communities across America are coming together to act on climate change. #ParistoPittsburgh


“May you stay as fierce as the wind 💨👌🏻” writes @brussels.sprout


#FotoDelDía | Un patinador de velocidad olímpico entrena en Lake Placid, Nueva York. En 1980, en esta pista, el estadounidense Eric Heiden ganó cinco medallas de oro.


Photo by @taylorglenn // A busy street in the pedestrian area of Tokyo’s Shinjuku. There is something incredible about the energy of this city. The sights, the sounds, the smells - sensory overload in the best way. What a wonderful place to stroll, especially at night. Follow @taylorglenn for more images around the globe #Tokyo #japan #shinjuku #travel


#followmeto Gunung Kawi with @natalyosmann . Bali is a magic world of people, spirits, gods and demons. Spiritualism and Magic play a very important role in Balinese life. These Barong masks are believed to hold spiritual energy.
#Следуйзамной в величественный храм Гунунг Кави. Бали - это волшебный мир людей, духов, богов и демонов. Спиритизм и магия играют очень важную роль в балийской жизни. Считается, что эти маски Баронга содержат духовную энергию.
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