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‘Motivation of the invisible’ - a project aimed at humanising those who are homelessness through interviews and images. Extremely thought provoking ❤️ thank you @edkirwan for sharing your work with us. Let’s all think a little bit more today #dosomethingfornothing


A very powerful message from @homelessmagazine , “your circumstances should never define who you are”. Help someone in need #dosomethingfornothing


James Bowen and his majestic ginger cat 🐱 Bob.
“Living on the streets of London strips away your dignity, your identity − your everything, really. Worst of all, it strips away people’s opinion of you. They see you are living on the streets and treat you as a non-person. They don’t want anything to do with you. Soon you haven’t got a real friend in the world.” - A quote from James Bowen’s bestselling book, A Street Cat Named Bob
An inspiring story of a beautiful friendship ❤️ #dosomethingfornothing


The great words from the inspirational American writer, singer and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou. Don’t ignore the vulnerable or turn your back on those that need guidance ❤️ Help and show love today to make a better tomorrow #dosomethingfornothing


Let’s do more to help more ❤️#dosomethingfornothing 📷 taken by @abludworth


A repost from @stmungos . Find out more about Neil’s inspiring story at https://www.mungos.org/my-home/ . Help those who need it most #dosomethingfornothing


This thought provoking sculpture, really makes you think #project84 . An idea made possible by American street artist Mark Jenkins and the Campaign against Living Miserably, or CALM, a charity focused on preventing suicide, which it says is the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. The sculptures represent the 84 men who commit suicide, on average, each week in the UK. CALM says three in four suicide victims are men...stop and think today!


What if your morning coffee could change lives? ☕️ - Since 2010, homelessness has doubled in the UK. Now, over 4,000 people sleep rough every night. This is unacceptable. Change Please believes that the nation’s love of coffee is so strong - it could be just what we need to end homelessness once and for all. We're a social enterprise staffed by the homeless, to help the homeless, because really good coffee doesn't just taste good - it does good too.


Let’s care for each other this weekend ❤️ wonderful work from @streetthugbarbers in Vancouver ✂️ coolest gang around #dosomethingfornothing


Be the change and make a difference. Volunteer today @care4calais 👫👭👫 #dosomethingfornothing


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