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Spiritually 6 ft Intellectually 6'5. Comedic timing and wit avg 6'9. Physically I'm a doughy & upsetting 5'8 🍆🤳 @mucusandcheese

Chanelle has worked long and hard putting together a pre workout that is safe, clean, gut friendly and effective!
We took some pics with our squad promoting the magic 💪
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He's the personification (dogification) of all of life's highest attributes: loyalty, humble, loving, lazy, curious, cuddler, great listener, dense, independent, consistent, polite, early to bed, early to rise, non-judgemental, always down to eat his wait in garbage, up for an adventure, anxious, snores, suspicious of sounds and children.
Atreyu's fulfilling the measure of his creation and is a great example of true, unconditional love and unwavering friendship. 💕
Never mind his RBF. 💯
📷📸 @Stevenwoodphotography
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My knee has been in need of some TLC and I needed to catch up on Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Last Man on Earth and Raising Hope.
A successful day all around. Shout out to Chanelle for her service and Atreyu for his snoring.


The triumph and trial of creating a wee person was the tiniest roller coaster I've ever been on.
One second I'm wondering what social media will look like for our future teenager and how I'll spy to stay one step ahead and the next, we're sharing tears for our little look-alike stunt double that was probably only half the size of a pea (We nicknamed it Peanelope).
We officially found out Chanelle was preggers and 72 hrs later, she wasn't.
Atreyu was already jealous, I was a nervous/excited wreck and Chanelle was on cloud 9.
We were in love with the unknown adventure that awaited.
We're jazzed for the future and the opportunity to bring a life into this nutty world, especially after this love and joy filled, albeit momentary, glimpse of parenthood. 😢 but 👌🏻. 🎢


This weekend at Fitcon was a blast. A little rough on the self esteem being surrounded by the fittest the state has to offer, but meeting and greeting people at our Love Your Gut booth and discussing bowels was a riot.
The Utah Women's Professional Soccer ROYALS had an inspiring Q&A panel there and it was cool to be a part of the debut of what is the best women's soccer league on the planet. ⚽️
#saltLake #slcroyals #Fitcon #soccer #futball #loveyourgut #Avisae #lyg #makeway #utahroyalsfc


Happy Birthday 🎈
A shout out to my 🐦 who has been a staple in my life for almost a decade. We've traveled a lot of places and we've laughed and rejoiced every step of the way. 👙🌴 🌞
We recently introduced crying into our repertoire as we explore broader Netflix programming and I've unwittingly exposed my tear ducts- she wasn't repulsed. 💻😢
We uncovered our love for eating out, movies, early morning gymnasium, meal prepping, PDA, dogs, Gut Health and oddly, podcasts and tv about murderers. 🔪🐩
She is so smart, soooo hot, too driven, overly tempted to work constantly, sensitive, super sexy, kind and determined to heal the world thru nutrition, advice and social media debates. 💪🍑📱
I love Chanelle a little more each day and am grateful for the sacrifices she makes so effortlessly to make the planet a better place and me, a better man and lover ❤️. XOXO CCD


As many of you know and will attest, I'm an unpaid Instagram model. I manage, produce and publish myself. It's not rewarding or useful- but what you may not know, is that I run an unsuccessful shirt company as well. I sell a few sexy shirts that promote my meme page.
I also sell Gut Health products. I only mention this because I'm bored.
If you're bored and debonair like me, FOLLOW my accounts MUCUSANDCHEESE & BROBIOTICS.MD. It's in these savory digital realms that you'll be nourished with comedy and gastrointestinal insights (which many times overlap if you think flatulence is funny). And if you have any self respect, you'll snag one of my T's.


Three's Company.
Find the white, wet nosed, loving ball of fur, the beauty and the butt. 🐾💘 💙 💓 💜💕 💛 💓
@stevenwoodphotography 📷📸👌🏿


A night on the town with my 🐦. 🇫🇷 Notre Dame de Paris.
I was expecting a French remake of their musical and got something entirely different. The talent was 🔥 and the mint chocolate was more tempting than Esmeralda. 🗼
#Paris #notredame #misericorde #hunchback #theatre #play #incroyable #nourriture #datenight


The soft sounds of Sunday are actually snoring and food being chewed until This Is Us comes on.


When you think of Nam, you probably think of Forest Gump, gossiping pedicure specialists, pho 🍜, martial arts and questionable meat.
Now I'll think of my niece, saying hello to people in Vietnamese with a teethy grin, dodging Vietcong and sitting cross legged over a warm bowl of spicy rice and feline haunch broth. 🇻🇳
Serving as a missionary is hard, unforgettable, fun, dicey and richly rewarding.
The conversations, the people, the experiences, the stories! Godspeed @Laurenvosti
Ko ni chee wah🙏🏼🤝📿
⛪️ 👒
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Capturing the capturing. If my memory serves me right, this is somewhere in the Dakota's, near Mount Rushia with the mountain carved into the likenesses of Jordan, Bird, Ronaldo and Guy Fieri.
Anywho, I'll never forget these magical moments that take place hither and yon with my guurrllll, my helpmeet, my favorite. ❤️
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