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Thought i Shop at this Euramerican shop @ebay_uk @aliexpress.official @gamiss_official thought I get a matching outfit with @princessvdiamondx 💪 😆 ❤️ lil Miss #gymnast


Tb with my Brown eyes really but Contacts 👀😂😬 fresh hair looking healthy using #biotinvitamins @hollandandbarrett 🙆🙅 🎶 @nickiminaj @arianagrande @dualipa 🎶


😆looking bk at the picture like 👐🎨 from front 2 back side 2 side with @princessvdiamondx what a tb💫👅It's sweet when ur family from Birmingham comes & visit or u go & c them, not 4getting my London family 😊 ❤️.


🔰Sunday blessings: Happy Mothers day yummy mommy's (friends, aunties & cousins) 😊 also 2 Me, my Great Grandmother, my Nan & my Mom may u have a wonderful day 🍃🌺 not 4gettin the mothers in heaven u r truly missed💔

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Hair back o↔️r hair down about 2 get a dessert 🍰🍧@fridgecaffe with @princessvdiamondx I think she was upset cuz there was no gymnastics session 2day 😙😊


📝The most amazing thing @princessvdiamondx is knownin ur own worth 6❤️9 the joys of been a parent😏 What's ur colour ⚫️⚪️


Hay hun, Matte or Gloss, Yellow or Black my daughter @princessvdiamondx been saving up her pocket money 4 her 2nd pair of @hunterboots she couldn't wait 2 try them on 😆

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Swipe al🔛g - Tb When my girl cousins cums 2 London 2 visit me & a UNI friend 4 the day & we only have a few hours 2 hang out b4 they go bk 2 Birmingham 😒😊 should of been the whole wkend 😆 2nd time round half term 4 my 🎉🎂 lil sister birthday a girly @princessvdiamondx day out @tate food at @NandosUK & a lil treat @thebodyshop 🎁 #tate #360view 10 #topfloor 🎴🎨


Omg got court slippin 😂 tb Westfield shopping 🙈with my daughter 😙@princessvdiamondx & Elle @annsummers tights from 🍎Ann Summers ☀️🌞 party 4 yrs ago 🎁🎀 #valentinesspecial 🌺🍃 😊 #apricotclothing #newlook #backtoback