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Aaaaaand this is what happens when you train with one of your best friends of 15 years at his top end gym @thegymatprospect 🤪🤩💪. Dan here is straight meathead for LIFE and I’ve learned more from him about the hobby of bodybuilding than anyone.
This week’s lesson: sarcoplasmic VS contractile tissue weight training and how to train with joint sustainable techniques to keep me active in the gym for decades to come! Dan always says “I wanna train till I’m NINETY yo!!” so that means we have to #trainsmart while we #trainhard . And is his daughter precious or what!? Idk why but I love seeing meatheads being sweet with their #daddyslittlegirl girl 👨👧💕. #gym #weights #frontdoublebicep #dowork #aintnuttinbutapeanut #gymbro #doyouevenlift #thatbeardright!?


The common #snappingturtle looks totally prehistoric and is the largest #reptile native to #Colorado 😲🐢!
I found this big boy in #FortCollins and he must’ve weighed over 20 lbs 💪. Snapping turtles are carnivores and ambush predators at that. They lie and wait for prey items to cross their path and SNAP! That crazy, fast bite of theirs grabs whatever it is they want to eat.
I love getting back to Colorado. It will always hold a special place in my heart too. I lived here for 10 years and went to undergrad at @cuboulder and vet school at @coloradostateuniversity . Some people refer to me as a #Ramalo (Ram + Buffalo). #iloveturtles #wildlife #conservation #osnap 🎥: @ktaitt8 👟: @ktaitt8


The #Kinkajou is an adorable little arboreal, tropical, omnivorous, nocturnal mammal that may look like a primate but actually is more related to raccoons. They’re native to Southern North America and Central and South America and are AKA the “Honey Bear” because they’re known to raid bee hives! Kinkajous have prehensile tails (meaning they can grip objects like branches with it) and their back feet can turn around to allow climbing in multiple directions.
FYI Kinkajous DO NOT make good pets but hopefully you learned something today 😉. #rainforest #mammal #jungle #wildlife #thillykinkajouthinkswecantseehim


Man’s best friends are often also best friends with each other!
Humankind has done an embarrassingly significant amount of destruction to our planet’s wildlife but we absolutely have to give the human race credit for the domestication of dogs!
This species has literally been bred to serve us and be our most loyal companions. You know I love wildlife and exotic animals but I’ll never take domesticated pets for granted. I grew up with dogs and cats and they’ll ALWAYS be a major part of my personal and professional life. In fact Willy, my cat, is purring on my lap as I type 😸😽. Tag your fav pet or pet parent!
#dog #cat #pets #love


#Surgery Day
Fellow colleagues, feel free to chime in, but it is in my opinion that some of the absolute most stressful days in my career have been in the operating room while performing surgery. Vet students certainly get surgical experience in veterinary school as I did at @coloradostateuniversity (and probably more than most other vet schools 🤓😜) but you certainly don’t graduate as an experienced surgeon. Performing a surgery for the first time can be daunting and I’m very fortunate that I pursued a short term mentorship program at @conejovet where I had experienced vets help me when needed. Even since then, I have colleagues I can ask for help from if I’m seeing something new or complicated for the first time. No two procedures are exactly the same, and this that keeps our profession exciting 😉!
Something for young vets and vet students to think about:
If pursuing clinical practice after vet school (like me when I’m not working on wildlife) try to find a job that has multiple vets-consulting with experienced colleagues is priceless when you’re green. Be humble and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. EVERYONE starts from the bottom and no one graduates vet school as a good vet; experience, experience, experience!!! If you graduated vet school and obviously have no experience being a vet and you think you’re already an awesome vet...you’re probably not and more likely you’re a narcissist and should consider consulting with a professional about that. If you graduate vet school and think “omg, wtf, am I really about to go save animals on my own!?” then you’re on the right track, trust me. Your first 1-2 years out you’ll obviously need to spend a significant amount of time reading, re-reading, learning and growing your clinical skills and that’s totally normal. Again, EXPERIENCE!
FYI, this is coming from a vet that’s been practicing vet med & surgery for 5 years; I can comfortably and humbly say I still have a LOT to learn. And that’s another reason we love this profession, right? Always something new 😌. BEST OF LUCK to all you recent vet grads and green vets and anyone that graduated any kind of program and is just now diving in 🙌👊.


I can’t believe it was THREE years ago, today, we found this little #demonfloofnugget in the attic allllll by himself! #Blue is a satanic angel if you know what I mean, going from aggressively sinister to adorably cuddly in a split second. And then shortly thereafter being a monster again. I can’t help but love him for it though. He’s fit in beautifully with the fur family and Willy is his absolute best bud.
#FelineFriday #psychokitty #hisfurisbluebuthisbloodisRED


And the cute puppy award for the day goes to @rexthebull 🐶🙌. Thanks to his dad, @calumvonmoger , for bringing him in but no thanks to him giving me body issues this afternoon..jk 😆. I love hangin w bodybuilders, it’s good motivation and hearing those Aussie accents brings me back to my days living down undah about 12 years ago (maybe you saw my Mohawk 😜). Also great to meet another talented Australian, @iamthmpsn ✌️. Today’s #vet lesson: VACCINATE your pups! We can avoid some seriously scary infectious disease that way. And don’t worry, there’s absolutely zero scientific evidence supporting vaccine-induced autism in puppies 😁. Happy Monday all 😄. #puppy #bullterrier #bodybuildersandpuppies
#donthateonwhyivaccinate #theartofdistraction #puppiesLOVEbabyfoodbtw


Did you know snug calming vests are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety in dogs? They do so by lowering heart rates (but still within a healthy range, of course) and also curtail anxious behaviors such as excessive yawning (which can be a sign of anxiety/distress in dogs) and excessive lip-licking (also a sign of anxiety and sometimes pain). For many dogs calming vests can be as or more effective than medications or environmental modification in reducing stress during thunderstorms and fireworks and Henry and I are chillin' in our Calming Vests from @comfortzonepets (available on @amazon and @chewy , link in bio). Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal science professor @coloradostateuniversity (theee very best vet school FYI 😜) has shown us that mild pressure can reduce tension & anxiety in autistic children and suggests the same can be said for our anxious pets. Calming vests are more effective for things like thunderstorms and fireworks over general separation anxiety, btw.
#vestupandcalmdown #anxiety #sayyestothevest #vesttochill #ad


I 💚 my reptile patients and California Desert Tortoises are no exception! That species most def make one of the best tortoise pets btw.
Did you know we can draw blood straight from their jugular vein just like we do for cats & dogs? Maybe you didn’t even know that’s the most common vein that we in the small animal (aka dogs/cats) veterinary field draw blood from! Well it is 💉😁. The jugular vein is easily accessible and believe it or not our pets tolerate a needle stick quite well from it.
Reptiles also have other “phlebotomizable” options such as the ‘tail vein’ that we don’t utilize in dogs & cats but do draw from in larger animals such as cattle.
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Shortly after yesterday’s post my hairstyle evolved to this. I can cross “Mohawk” off my bucket list ✅. Btw, I was studying abroad in Australia @unsw during this time and lived there for a total of 6 months.
I highly, highly recommend studying abroad if that’s an option for you-it can open your eyes to so much, showing you all kinds of new perspectives and give you confidence to take care of yourself in a foreign country and of course it gets you permanently infected with the travel bug (I’ve been to well over 30 countries in 6/7 continents since this glorious semester in 2006). However, I do not recommend having a Mohawk. People avoid you and look like they fear you’ll eat their face or something. I’m not so much of a face eater and I actually like people so that wasn’t a good fit for me.
But the best/worst part was seeing children’s responses to me in public. Children don’t filter their reactions or expressions and seeing their little faces basically saying “dude...tf?...what are you?...I need an adult” was hysterical. But I like kids too and I’d much rather be their buddy instead of freak them out lol!


#Guess how old I am here 🤔😅
Hint: I’m very enthusiastic about my Casio Exilim FOUR MEGAPIXEL digital camera here 🤣. Oh and this was taken in one of my fav’s, #Australia ❤️
#throwback #happysunday


What species makes this call?
This is one of my FAVORITE sounds from the jungle and sadly I’m not sure who makes it- some cicada species, right!? FYI I recorded this ominous, menacing, beautifully creepy symphony in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand in 2011. I’ll never forget it and I’ve never heard anything quite like it anywhere else in the world (including everywhere I’ve been in SE Asia). I need answers, people! Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me identify this species 👍🤓!
#thailand #jungle #naturesounds #helpme