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These wolf pups put on a show on this beaver dam. Though I don’t think the beaver appreciated it. Check my stories for a clip of the beaver making his repairs. So great full to be working with @alaskanps and @nationalparkservice on this project. This is series is perhaps some of the best/ most unique behavior I’ve ever captured in video. Thank you to everyone involved with this. Most definitely a team effort. 🙌🐺 #wild #alaska #wolves #commonground #publicland


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So rad that @schwarzenegger chose this image to support his amazing program @afterschoolallstars providing free after school programs for youth. 100% of the proceeds from sales are are going to support the program. Check my stories to see more. So greatfull to be a part of it. 🙌 Thank you to @natgeofineart and @schwarzenegger for putting all the pieces together with @natgeoimagecollection#wild #thankfull


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When we started talking about this project, we were pretty much told we were going to fail. “No way those wolves would tolerate your presence” pretty much seemed to be the consensus. As we found and watched them from a distance the first year, I couldn’t help but notice locations that would be incredible camera trap locations. First and foremost when setting a camera trap is to try and capture some kind of behavior. Something unique. Our cameras stayed in the field for 6 weeks. I asked Mat Sorum, biologist for @alaskanps after he collected the cameras “If the footage we got before we left was a 5, where do we stand now?” “10” He replied. 🐺 ••• This work wouldn’t be possible without the vision and support of people out there like you. If you’re interested in making a tax deductible donation to support field work like this shoot me a DM and I’ll let you know how you can help.
@nationalparkservice #publicland #commonground #wolves #bears #wolvesandbears #nature #wild


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🔊 on. | When I asked @alaskanps Jeff Rasic about why he thought Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve was such a special place, he said “Well, all ecosystems are important, but a unique thing about Yukon-Charley is that protected within this conservation unit is an entire (and large) watershed--the Charley River basin--along with a segment of the massive Yukon River, plus a wide range of upland and lowland settings in which there live a full complement of large and small mammals, birds, and fish, predators and prey. All the pieces are there, and largely functioning together as they have for millennia. There are a few chinks--declining king salmon populations come to mind--but this is really intact system and something not to be taken for granted.” 🐺 #commonground #publiclands #alaska #wild #wolves #puppies @nationalparkservice


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I feel like I have the best possible job in the world, working with wildlife and wild places, trying to bring them to the collective attention while highlighting our commonality through appreciation of simple beauty in nature. On any given day my biggest threat is maybe having a bear charge me or say getting injured in the backcountry somehow. What you see here as a result is my version of that beauty, that truth.
I can’t fathom having to be scared for my life, or face the risk of assassination for bringing that truth forward while exercising my First Amendment rights. I am at a total loss thinking about Jamal Khashoggi, the journalist assassinated recently by Saudi Arabia in an operation that has essentially been condoned by the White House. I can’t stand by and watch this get swept under the rug because of falling oil prices, arms or nuclear deals. If we as a society championing freedom and democracy for all are willing to accept the assassination of journalists working for a free press, I am afraid to find out where we go from here. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, are in the first amendment because they are the foundations of a free and open society. Democracy.

I saw a post the other day with a journalist bagging on the “cliched” statement that “journalism gives voice to the voiceless”….In this particular case, it seems clear to me that is exactly what we as a community of journalists should be doing. I refuse to stand by and watch this all go away without trying to use this feed for the common good. @whitehouse your actions regarding the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi are unacceptable and shameful. You’re not destroying our country, you’re destroying Democracy.
Wherever you’re reading this, if you believe in Democracy I urge you to click on the link in my bio to find a list of your congressmen and women (or pick one, you can even find your congressional leaders on social media). Write to them today to let them know what you think. @senatorenzi @liz.cheney @senjohnbarrasso


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Heading into the work week with @alaskanps going through the footage we recently got back from our cameras in Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. I am continually blown away by this place, and so thankful for the opportunity to work here. Learn more about this ecosystem at the link in my bio. 🙌🐺 #commonground #publiclands #alaska #wolves #pups


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That feeling you get when a herd of caribou cross in front of your camera. Working with @alaskanps in Yukon-Carley Rivers National Preserve. 🙌 #commonground #wildlife #caribou #wild #alaska #nature with help from my man @maxwellnewton 🤛 #deus


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Hoping to find a few of these to be thankful for this November. • #sheep #bighornsheep #wildlife #thatswy


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The tail. Probably the coolest physical feature about a mountain lion. Used to help it balance as it explodes for short bursts across the uneven and steep terrain it’s known to inhabit chasing elk and deer. Love it. 🏔 🐈 ❄️ •
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#tbt to warmer times in Natural Bridges National Monument (created by Teddy Roosevelt in 1908 btw. ) ✨ ✨ ✨✨•
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Strolling through the work week like.....
With @thelynxproject and @dashfeier trying to show folks what a lynx is all about. Watch the foot placement!! Make sure to follow @thelynxproject for more on lynx in Alaska. #gratitude #lynx #catsofinstagram #cats #wildlifevideo


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Mountain Climber, Mountain 🐐. My buddy @dstahler calls this one a Mountain Wizard. Hard to believe they’re considered an invasive species in northwest Wyoming. 🏔 • #wildlife #mountaingoats #commonground #publiclands