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I’m always amazed how people disregard the smartphone camera, blowing it off thinking it’s not a “real” camera. I can tell you it blew me away at this spot on my current assignment with @nature_org. Whats your best cell phone shot? Are you going to enter it in the @nature_org photo contest? If so, better hurry it ends soon, on May 31 as a matter of fact!! I’m in southern Utah taking in the landscape and visiting with other families to see what brought them here. We’re in Capitol Reef at the moment in the Fruita campground stop by and let us know why you’re here!! Look for the Wyoming plates. 😎🙌 ________________________________ #rushingthroughutah #commonground #publiclands #utah #calfcreek #shotoniphone @nature_utah


There may not be a better spot to take in the night sky in all it’s glory than in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, it’s easy to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us in nature everyday. Truly #commonground that we can all stand on, and something that we can all relate to. I’m here with my family celebrating our public lands for @nature_org, meeting others that have come to Utah to take it all in. Have you been to southern Utah? What’s your favorite spot? We’re headed to Capitol Reef next, hope to see you there!! We’ll be staying in the Fruita Campground. Come on by and say “Hi”. 👋. Let us know what brought you to southern Utah!! #commonground #nature #landscapes #instamood #utah #planetearth earth @nature_org @nature_utah


Stoked to be back in southern Utah exploring the landscape for @nature_org. My dad, my daughter and I are on a road trip to explore canyon country, except this time weʼre going to hit a few spots that are off the beaten track and talk to people about what brought them to southern Utah. Our first stop brought us to Kodachrome Basin State Park. Located near Bryce Canyon, Kodachrome is often overlooked because of its small size and the fact that itʼs not a National Park, but weʼve found itʼs small size and easy access perfect for families with kids. Easy trails, no crowds and beautiful scenery make it a photographers dream. Make sure to bring your mt. bike for a mid afternoon ride if youʼre not catching up on some zzzʼs after staying up all night looking at the stars. Are you in the area? Our next stop is Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Maybe weʼll see you there!!
Do you have some great shots of your own from Canyon Country? Make sure to enter them in the @nature_org photo contest open for entries now!! Click on the link in their bio for more!!
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Stopped by my buddy Dan’s house this winter and he had a bunch of gray jay’s hanging out at his feeders.......tag a friend you know loves birds! 🦅
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I can’t do what I do without collaboration. One of the best has been the @yellowstone_cougar_project • • •
“The Yellowstone Cougar Project uses cutting edge technology like GPS satellite collars, noninvasive genetic survey techniques, and remote cameras to collect scientific data about these secretive carnivores. This knowledge contributes to greater understanding of cougars in ecosystems like Yellowstone National Park, which aids in conservation efforts. All this valuable data collection aside, perhaps what resonates the most is to simply marvel at the beauty and grace of a wild cougar strolling through its forest home.”- Lead researcher @dstahler 🐾 shot on assignment for @natgeo _____________________________________________ #cats #wildlifephotography #mtlion #cougars #biology #instagood @thephotosociety #commonground


Stay focused. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Mix it up. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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It can take years for data to start coming back from projects that I work on, and @thelynxproject is starting to get data on large scale movements of lynx across the landscape. GPS data has recorded one male Lynx traveling more than 1200 kilometers across Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Absolutely incredible! Want to learn more about these amazing animals, follow along to see more footage created by me, @dashfeier, @boonesmithwildlifecapture & @thelynxproject working in interior Alaska. @thephotosociety #wildlife #lynx #wild #alaska


The best adventures are shared with the ones you love (in a small cabin in the woods). ✨✨✨@thephotosociety #cabininthewoods #publicland


Diety, messenger, trickster, teacher, symbol. Raven. ____________________________ #birdsofinstagram #ravens #winter #instamood


“Chiaroscuro, from the Italian for “light/dark” is the use of contrasts of light and shadow as a modeling technique for achieving the illusion of plasticity and three dimensional volume in a two dimensional drawing or painting.” from Walter Issacson’s book Leonardo Da Vinci. Learning from the master. ________________________________________________________#naturephotography #olddawgnewtricks #shotoniphone


The trickster. ____________________________________ #wildlifephotography #coyotes #naturephotography #instamood #commonground


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