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Northern, KY ➡️ Northern, CA Skateboarding, gopro, A6000, waves and more waves.


Haters will say it’s photoshopped. Hahaha #fakenews #sony #milkyway @adobe @oceanminded_arts @santacruzwaves @milkywaychasers @sony
I’ve always wanted to create a photo like this. I’m glad I finally got around to mess with photoshop.


I’ve been absent from the gram for some time, so here a little throw back from the time I swam with some sharks on the north shore of Oahu. I need the ocean back in my life! #sonya6000 #sony #hawaii #meikon @oceanminded_arts @northshoresharktours


Happy birthday @g.mox ! Keep killing it my dude! #sony #laketahoe #sunrise

If you haven’t yet check out his page! You won’t be disappointed.


Unusual clarity for my spot, but I had an awesome session with @sam.mis831 last night. @gopro #santacruz #santacruzwaves @knektusa
Artist - Chainsmokers
Song - don’t let me down


Calm waters before the day begins. Get up early and see what you are missing.
Also shout to @eriklubansky for sleeping in and letting me use his set up to capture this image! #tahoenationalforest #lakedonner #california #sonya7rii #sony #sonyimages @sony @sonyimages @sonyvisuals @californiacaptures @reflectiongram