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Mivtsah מבצע week! #linkinprofile


Some Kabbalists say that the world was created with the Hebrew alphabet in its roots. I can't say I understand what it means, but at the very least I have this rainbow clay #אבגדהוזחטיכלמנסעפצקרשת planet. #🌈 #colorful #rainbow


Congrats צרפת France on taking the win! 🇫🇷 .
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A while back I did #agenreaweek, and with it many playlist covers. But this week is a special genre-less mix that I’ve been working on for years, filled with beats that’ll have your head bopping in no time.
My #goodtypetuesday playlist is: “I Bop My Head Back & Forth”. (Link in my story today)
Can I also just give a shout out to all the sculptors out there? Working with this stuff is HARD. .
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HT452 / I wish you all a sweet and bright weekend. Shabbat shalom! 🍍 What’s you favorite summer fruit?


HT451 / What a fun collab with @heyykristen! This #goodtypetuesday we used two languages, two types of materials, and shot each part separately (all combined digitally!). This is “shataf” שת״פ (teamwork) makes the dream WORK. And work we did. Thank you @goodtype for the creative prompt, and thank you @heyykristen for being an amazing collaborator. The dream works!
Made of a lime, kiwi, lettuce, and paper.


🎉🍉🙌 My friends at @cottonbureau are celebrating their fifth birthday and giving y’all EarPods, Apple TVs, iPad pros, Apple watches, Homepods, and iMacs! Go grab my 🍉 tee this week and you can get one of those goodies. #linkinprofile


HT450 / Yesh makom lekulanm יש מקום לכולןם. “There’s room for everyone.” In hebrew, the word “everyone” is either said in the masculine or feminine form, so I combined them both with a double ending. Now more than ever, remember: there’s room for everyone. #whp🌈
Lettering made out of honey with food coloring. Inspired by @slamhm_’s work for @noal4u.
Music is from the YouTube Music Library, no attribution required.
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HT449 / Celebrating #pride weekend with a colorful keshet קשת (rainbow). We are all many who make up one beautiful, majestic rainbow of humanity. Happy pride! #whp🌈
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I pledge liberty with justice for all, and for always. Call your senator, join a rally. I will not be complicit in silence.


NEW in the shop: the 🍉 pin in brushed bronze! I’m in love.


Remember one year ago when this was news? #tbt #covfefe .
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