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One more post from #Vermont #WorthyBurger See South Royalton mat have fewer choices than nyc but given that their burger is the best one I have had in years, not sure if more means better... sometimes more is just more. Look at this tiny town nailing life with so few options. All about scaling down, to the sound of silence, amidst sparsely populated verdant landscapes. Flying back to Montana now. The turbulence while approaching the mountains is just my favorite ride ever. Throw your hands up in the air and wave em like you don’t care... ugh wish I could just be done with New York. Can someone just ship my stuff out so I don’t have to step foot in there again... need a break. So over the city din. Want me some country living! #LookingAtPlaces #MakingAChange God Onyx is going to be so depressed back in nyc this week...


He calibrates his cannon while I calibrate my @Canon Was in Vermont for the last 48 hours to give a talk at the @vermontlawschool Loved everyone I met there, had maple cotton candy and slow churned icecream as well as the best burger ever- medium rare brilliance at #TheWorthyBurger which proved worthy indeed. Recommend! Highly recommend. It is it’s own food group of sumptuousness! Grass fed local tender beef!


Onyx and I at the top of the trail, looking at the height we gained and distance we accomplished over the course of two hours. #LovingMontana


Aerial view as we approach Tegel. Was in Berlin having a controversial conversation about Ivory with Art Historians and curators, who wanted to discern the line between antiquities, art, and when it becomes necessary to commit to the crushing or burning of ivory objects. I learned a lot from historians about cultural assimilation and boy did I have a lot to express in favor of extant wild elephants. Love that my unique background in the arts and design can find application in such ways. I can’t say I have experienced such an interesting mixing of minds before, very grateful to have been in the room. It truly was productive and wish more interdisciplinary dialogues like this were initiated in our world- to integrate conservation approaches into mainstream narratives. #Travel #Work #ivoryTrade #bloodivory


I am so proud to be a part of the #prideparade2018 with @mlb #MajorLeagueBaseball friends First of all this is the first parade I have actually taken part in ever, and it is my favorite because it celebrates an individual’s right to follow their heart! When it comes to love what does it matter who someone loves? Love is love is love and should be celebrated as it makes the world a much better place! #IAmASap plus our float was right behind #Disney which meant I got to sing all the lion king classics out of tune in broad daylight on beers! It was the best fun. Love colors, love my peeps and so glad I got to walk this year and throw balls at strangers :p


On #worldoceanday @dopper_official @natgeoencounter @natgeo and I came together under a single motif the #PETBottle to convey a united Message against the disposable lifestyle. We have come to use things, nature, wild living beings and people as dispensable, because we can swipe forward or onward, or click onto other places, products, people... and now we are arrogant enough to think we can move onto new planets. Perhaps the time has come for us to be taught how to commit, connect, care, communicate and coexist. Evolution begins within each and every one of us, change can happen in every moment and that equips each of us with the ability to do better at any given instant! Change begins with you, and what you do matters. One out of two breaths we owe to the ocean, how you give back with each breath that is given to you matters! Make your breaths count! #OceanOdyssey #MakeASeaChange Thank you @timessquarenyc for enabling such a public spectacle that could reach countless tourists and New Yorkers!


Individually we can tell stories but together we change the narrative. Important not to dilute our outreach efforts with multiple focal points. We need to coalesce our communication, target specific demographics, & commit larger budgets toward marketing wild to the masses. We need to incorporate wild into every individual’s daily vocabulary, it needs to be an implicit part of popular culture. #CHOW #CapitolHillOceansWeek
#Keynote #Visionaries


Murky waters with apex predators that like to surface feed, why would anyone surf or swim these waters? Did you know White Sharks can not become man eaters even after they taste of human blood or flesh? Unlike big cats, sharks that predate on humans mostly do so to assert territorial dominance, they know you aren’t part of their diet, because as much as you’d like to think yourself a mermaid or merman- we do not move anything like their natural prey does. Additionally they have a short memory span and can’t recall they bit into you ten minutes ago, and are thus likely to repeat bite because they forgot they already asserted their presence to you. It’s like we humans are asking for a reality check! So killing a shark that never meant to kill a human is highly ignorant of us. It makes us both slow moving and stupid. Went out with #WhiteSharkVentures the only vessel worth experiencing sharks with! Learn all about the real Great White Shark with White Shark Ventures! Why? Their commitment to sustainability, shark conservation, community empowerment & reduction of plastic waste in the marine ecosystem. They are a #BlueFlag endorsed vessel, which means they are certified after inspection to ensure their claims aren’t “greenwashing” they are limited to bait lures of 25kg of fish heads that aren’t fed to the shark. If the shark does happen to consume the heads used as lure their bait ropes are biodegradable as is their registered decoys going forward. Their decoy - breaching GWS tours launch in fall this year. They recycle and compost their waste. They do not serve packaged foods on the vessel. Their cage is a custom design to reduce both footprint and impact on the sharks, whilst enabling the closest encounters ever! You absolutely must go out with their informed staff- they are committed to scientific research and conservation, and record all possible quant data after each encounter! Had the best time with them. Highly recommend it!! #greatwhiteshark #SouthAfrica #CapeTown we met 5 different sharks in one afternoon expedition! It was mind blowing!!


Wild penguin colony during #NestingSeason They are so incredibly captivating & funny! The highlight was seeing a male & female with nest material in their mouth scouting real estate together- like mini humans pondering home ownership so they can start a family! #LovePenguins 😍🐧#WildPenguins #BouldersNationalPark #PenguinReserve #BreedingProgram @sanccob #AfricanPenguins Here a chick there a chick, everywhere a chick chick! It’s unbelievable to see the protective parents care for their young!


Went up in the air with #WildernessFoundationSA partner #Choppers #NACHelicoptersSA to see the western cape on a clear blue day from up in the air! I am one lucky girl to be out and about with #MarietteHopley former military counterintelligence from SA now working on #wildlifeConservation efforts in the cape and beyond. She’s so incredibly passionate about sustainable, ethical ecotourism business models and is an incredible advocate for informed consumption of wildlife areas. She’s the chair of @Sanccob Cape Town, and runs one of two blue flag #WhiteSharkVentures in the World. Her integrity towards preserving marine and terrestrial wildlife is deeply compelling! #Wildlifeconservation


When you are awake before the 🦏 Rhinos are, you get to see their morning routine. They wake up, stretch, stumble about sans coffee and take a prolonged lazy pee followed by a giant dump. Then the baby tried to suckle for milk but the mom wanted to get more shut eye, the big bull woke up for two seconds to see how productive his family was being, then he turned away from them, and fell asleep on his distended fifth leg of a penis. Pretty much the average morning in an average human family’s life minus the falling asleep on a distended additional appendage. If this fun fact does not get you to feel prolifically connected to the plight of rhinos, and the rhino poaching crisis, you have no empathy or humanity, they are basically us when we have let ourselves go in a relationship but like with a horn above our noses. So same same but slightly different. Give a shit and get involved. They need your support. #Rhinos #rhinoconservation #SayNotoHorns @animalsdoingthings #passionpassport @passionpassport @earthpix