Eddie the Lilac Lion’s Legacy@eddie_the_lilac_lion

?-1/19/18🌈Eddie was an earless #specialneedscat who loved tuna. Ralph (black, 13) + Daisy (ginger, 6) + Floyd (tabby, 9). 🤷‍♀️ @jennifersarahblakeslee


But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the Eddie, and tuna is the sun. #pstuna


It’s our first Friday the 13th with a black cat, which has nothing to do with this video, but is a truthity nevertheless. Also, to everyone who’s protesting in London, I love you forever and ever, amen. #ralphgetsahashtag


Dear Ralph,

No, I will not paint you like one of my French girls. I don’t have any French girls. What would make you think I have French girls? Keep it together, Ralph.

The Management

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HEY GUYS! Look! It’s a senior kitty with no ears who needs a home! She’s 13 and lives in Washington State. Read more below, and hit up @purrfect_pals for more info!

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Calling All Cat People!

We need your help finding a home for a very special senior kitty. Pixie is an unusually striking 13 year-old lady in search of a safe, loving retirement home. Her snow white hair and brilliant green eyes are truly beautiful, but what catches most peoples’ attention first, are her missing earlobes. Their initial impression is that her ears are flattened because she’s angry or scared, which couldn’t be further from the truth! Despite being found abandoned and in pain, Pixie is as affectionate and sweet a kitty as could be. She was originally taken to a public shelter as a stray before being transferred to us, so we don't know anything about the first 13 years of her life. What we know with absolute certainty is that this tiny sprite deserves a second chance at a better life. When she was found, Pixie had dental issues, diseased ear lobes and a sore on her nose that wasn’t healing. She got the full VIP treatment - dental work, amputation of her diseased ear lobes, evaluation and treatment of her nose, lots of TLC and good, nutritious meals, served regularly. Now healed and ready for a peaceful forever home, she’s at the Issaquah Petco adoption room. She hasn't gotten brave enough to come out of her cubby yet, so we don't know how she is with other cats. We do know she is very friendly and affectionate with people. Understandably wary at first, she warms up quickly, giving head butts and asking you for more attention, PLEASE! Come meet this little pixie at the Issaquah Petco and see for yourself how lovely she is. We are obligated to warn you that responding to this story in person may lead to falling in love with Pixie, subsequent adoption, and a life of loving servitude to this magical creature.


eduardo nystagmus shevardnadze had the best #whiskerwednesday whiskers of any furball i’ve ever known. his eyebrow whiskers alone could start fires and shimmy locks. and his nose whiskers... well, let’s just say we couldn’t leave the radio on whenever there was a full moon because he kept jamming the frequency, and before you’d know it, the front lawn would be filled with curiously attentive rodents.


Dear Ralph,

I don’t have anything particularly important to tell you, other than to wonder how in certain light your black fur takes on the russet twinge of butterscotch pudding. Please explain.

Ever yours,
The Management

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NEWS FLASH: #Depression is not a choice. It’s a brain disease in which chemicals are out of balance and mess with the way a person processes and experiences their surroundings. Think of it as diabetes of the mind. It’s treatable and manageable, but it’s always, always there. So even if you don’t understand it, and even if you go so far as to not believe in it, shut the hell up if you’re about to dismiss someone else’s truth. Instead, say “I’m sorry” or “Can I give you a hug?” or “Mind if I just sit here with you for awhile?” I have #bipolardisorder and #anxiety and I will never, ever “snap out of it.” #mentalhealth #mentalillness #stopthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaynottobeokay
(I posted this earlier by mistake [meant to post it to my personal account, which I did)], but then decided to post it here too, because I know a lot of you deal with this too.)


in which daisy reminds us that under her sweet demeanor runs a river of deep, deep shade

#ginger #gingercat #madeintheshade


Dear Ralph,

Thank you for shouting to the rooftops that people should keep their kitties and dawgs INDOORS tonight, because more pets go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year. The booming sounds and flashing lights are to animals like getting caught in traffic in an eight-lane freeway; they panic, and they run. Put on some music to drown out the sounds and pull down the shades; use thundershirts if you’ve got ‘em. And while you’re at it, check in with any combat veterans you may know; fireworks can be an unexpected trigger for PTSD. Play it safe, okay? Take it from Ralph and his chipped fang, not to mention Eddie memorialized with George Washington behind him (courtesy of @fatcatart). Oh and one last thing... It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten political on this page, but if you remember Eddie, he didn’t shy away from anything. And guess what—Eddie’s voice was The Management’s voice! So I’m going to add here that I myself will be skipping any patriotic festivities this year. I am a descendant of immigrants fleeing persecution (Irish as well as Russian Jewish), and I am a believer in love and science and equality and the importance of a free press. I am appalled at how this country is treating its citizens (from Flint, MI to Puerto Rico) as well as its allies. I am ashamed to be an American today—as a Jew, as a woman, as an ally of POC and LGBTQ+ people, and as a human being. I’m heartbroken. But I’m also angry. Because we can be better than this. In the immeasurably brilliant and incredibly important words of @hannah_gadsby, #pullyourfuckingsocksup, America!

The Management

#dearralph #ralphgetsahashtag #seniorcat #seniorcatsofinstagram #blackcat #oldmancat #july4th #independenceday #wtfdidwefightfor #freedomfromtyranny #thatswhat #neveragain (P.s. If you came here just for the cats and don’t like this post, feel free to skip going through the effort of typing that out, and move along/skip/unfollow/block/sigh and go “hunh.” Peace out.)


hey guys! my friend @le.catto made a limited-edition run of special mugs featuring his extraordinary portrait of my boy eddie standing atop the rainbow bridge, waiting to greet all the misfit cats. the mugs are super well made, and a portion of every sale goes towards local cat shelters in the UK. i promise you that as you drink your coffee or sip your tea, seeing eddie’s face every morning will make you smile from (invisible) ear to (invisible) ear.

check out @le.catto’s bio for a link. thank you for supporting artists and the kitties who love them!!


it’s hot as BALLZZZZ here in new york, so i thought a wintertime oldie was in order. stay cool, kiddos.


look who it is! it’s @specialagentbobcat! i was visiting his human today and he came down for a visit. what a handsome hunka hunka. special cats are THE BEST!