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Crazy sounds in the South #Texas night. What is it? #riograndevalley


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Patricia Flores fled El Salvador with her 7-year-old son. She says her son saw the corpse of a man shot in the eye. Flores says violence was so engrained in their life that her son often played an imaginary game where he ran around with a make-believe bullet proof jacket and pretended he survived the gang member’s gunshots. #immigration #border


Straddling the line on the #UnitedStates - #Mexico border, on the bridge between #Reynosa and #Hidalgo, #Texas. #border #immigration


Christian Ortiz, 26, sits in a migrant shelter in Reynosa, #Mexico. He showed us lashing scars he says gang members inflicted after he refused to join the gang. With tears in his eyes, he told us how he escaped #Honduras to save his family. But now sits on the #border trying to figure out what he will do next. #immigration


A few of the thousands of undocumented immigrants who’ve been prosecuted for illegal entry into the #UnitedStates under the #Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy. #McAllen #Texas #immigration #border


Along a well-worn path coming out of the #RioGrande, a discarded baby’s diaper left on this trail headed north. #border #immigration


Jonathan is 11-years-old. He told me he left Honduras with cousins but was abandoned along the way. He’s trying to reach his mother in Virginia. As an unaccompanied minor, he will likely end up in a juvenile detention facility. #immigration #border


Just witnessed #BorderPatrol agents pick up a group of undocumented immigrants from Honduras, 2 adults and 4 children. One of the mothers told me she wasn’t aware that families were being separated because of the zero-tolerance policy. #immigration #border


This image and story behind how the photographer captured it is absolutely riveting.