🏠Melbourne, Australia
📍United Kingdom

FEED EUR WANDERLUST | One year ago today, I took a one way flight into Paris and embarked on a journey of a lifetime. The 'City of Love' really set the tone of whats to come as it has been a year of falling in love. Falling in love with cities, with landscapes, with art, with adventure, with Earth and its people. It is crazy to think that there was a time when I felt like I was living life in a template and although that life is comfortable, I didn't have any real spark or desire until I rediscovered my dream of travel and I am so grateful that my dream has become a reality. Not only did I work really hard for this, I worked really hard on my soul and my mind, I addressed all those fears and excuses which enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone over and over again. My year out here has been exciting and challenging, though I would not change a thing as I believe obstacles are the key to growth and yes, all those tumblr quotes are indeed true. I am very thankful for my family, my friends and the many beautiful souls I have created unforgettable memories with who have made me wake up every morning feeling gratitude, happy and this whole new comfort zone I've created less daunting. #Melbourne , I still love you but this era is going to continue a little longer.


SNOWDON BIT*HES | Just days until I see Queen B and Hova, I wrapped up my #Wales trip with a hike up to the summit of Snowdon and it was a experience I will never forget. Thankfully with fairly clear skies, the view from the top was truly stunning. Located in Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd - #Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales with an elevation of 1,085 metres which Edmund Hillary used in training before conquering Mount Everest.


I'D NEVER GET BORDEAUX OF THIS | The royal square was designed by father and son architects Ange & Jacques Gabriel which took 20 years in the 18th century to build. Today, Place de la Bourse is a landmark and symbol of #Bordeaux. Le mirior d'eau "the water mirror" was installed in 2006 and is the world's largest reflecting pool. This charming creation designed by fountain specialist Jean-Max Llorca has since become the most-photographed site in Bordeaux and is listed as a contemporary World Heritage Site by #UNESCO


EU ONLY LIVE ONCE | Probably super late.. but hey! #YOLO. Happy new year everyone! 2017 would have to be my best year yet. I left my comfort zone and followed my dreams. I traveled to Europe, visited 14 countries and 96 cities.. I met amazing/inspirational people throughout my journey which made these beautiful places that little bit more special and it's only the beginning. I feel so blessed and I couldn't be happier. I am grateful for family and friends, I appreciate the simple things in life and for every high and low that helped me evolve. I am excited to continue to tick more boxes off my bucket list in #2018 and for everything else in store. So here's to more travel, more laughs, more love, more light and more happiness.


GLOW IN THE PARK | I've been out this way for six months now and have ticked off many things off of my bucket list but I will never forget the moment I ticked off 'See the Northern Lights' - Chasing the lights and finally ending up at Thingvellir National Park, camping out for hours in the cold to witness these majestic lights dance in a sky full of stars was truly breathtaking. New on the list is 'See the Southern lights'!


ON THE SPA SIDE OF THE MOON | Some say Iceland is the closest thing to walking on the moon, so close that in 1965, Apollo geology training took place here but if you don't intend to come to Iceland for astronaut training: You most likely have the Blue Lagoon on your itinerary. This geothermal spa situated in a lava field in Grindavík is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. I was surprised to learn that it is actually man-made - The land is natural, as is the lava but the lagoon itself is fed by the water output of the geothermal plant next door.


DO YOU SEA WHAT ICY? | #Reynisfjara beach on the South Coast of #Iceland is one of the most unique beaches in the world. The black pebble beach is home to spectacular basalt columns, lava formations, towering cliffs and caves. The wild waves of the North Atlantic Ocean here is very strong and has proven to be lethal, a "sneaker wave" can violently push high up on the beach unexpectedly and drag you out to the sea so be sure not to venture too close.


IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU SNOW IT | Clap your hands! Because Australia says #YES to marriage equality. Hearing it from here in Vík í Mýrdal.. What a historic result.


DAME DE COEUR | A monumental show created and directed by Bruno Seillier pays homage to the thousands of allied soldiers who fought and gave their lives for freedom. Notre-Dame Cathedral sends a universal message of peace and fraternity to the people of Paris and the whole world.


THE RIPPLE REFLECT OF FAITH | Across the Tormes river, two cathedrals side by side. Constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries, The New Cathedral is built in the Gothic style to blend in with the Old Cathedral which dates back to the 12th century representing a mix of Gothic and Romanesque styles


ONCE SAIGON A TIME | Throwback to my motherland and my favourite travel destination. Once a city devastated by war, Saigon is now a city of energy and discovery


ALL OCHRE THE PLACE | Red rocks, red stone buildings, red tile roofs, green pinetrees and a blue Provençal sky that inspired acclaimed French artists Jean Cocteau and Pierre Ambrogiani among others. #Roussillon is considered one of the most impressive villages in France.