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I help people feel empowered, strong and energized for their everyday life. I love being a coach, mom, triathlete and outdoor enthusiast! β™₯️


I truly believe that continued education is the key to success especially in every industry that has anything to do with the human body. Research has come a long way and all of us professionals have to keep up! I am happy to add this certification of knowledge to my repertoire. Thanks @themollygalbraith @thegirlsgonestrong for keeping the doors to education accessible.

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If you want to know more about the triathlon camp I attended this past weekend I typed a few words about it! Unfortunately too many words for Instagram. There is a link in my bio that will take you to my blog so you can check it out there :). The weekend was full of joy πŸ˜‚ and tears 😭 and I didn't hold back in my story. Let me know what you think and if my story is relatable to you. πŸ₯‚

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I am a little without words at the moment.

This is by far the most precious and sacred thank you card I will ever receive in the mail.

I was fortunate enough to work hard and produce extra breast milk that Anthony didn't need. Sure I could of saved it and the little guy could be drinking it now instead of formula but he is a strong and healthy little man unlike the tiny babies fighting for their lives in the NICU.

After our #dictator who is now a thriving three year old was born at 33 weeks and 6 days and a mere 4 lbs 2 oz he recieved the gift of donar milk. Unfortunately because of a blood transfusion because of complications with that birth I was unable to donate breastmilk at the time but made it my mission to give back this time around.

I am beyond grateful to my husband who helped out extra during the numerous hours of pumping, to my #dictator for his patience(if you ask him pumping is BORING) and for my tenacity to do what was needed to produce all that extra milk.

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I had an amazing weekend with @teamtrilifeangie and her Team Trilife. We did 10 great workouts over 4 days and my @4iiiicom heart rate monitor was there with me every stroke, pedal and step of the way. Now I get to look at all the data my @garmin forerunner, 4iiii heart rate monitor and 4iiii power meter collected to help increase my fitness even more! I really can't think of a prettier back drop for all those workouts either! 🏊 🚲 πŸƒ

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It isn't everyday that you get to meet social media friends in real life! Many years ago my client and good friend @conniedesousa told me to follow @runner_leana for some triathlon training inspiration. Leanna has never disappointed! I have followed her journey and have been inspired so many times to just keep training and eventually my dream of being an #ironman will happen! Thanks for riding the extra kilometers with me today so I had a buddy!

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Another great swim 🏊 lesson from @lynxtriathlon. We are beyond happy we found you Mary! Thank you @triitmultisport for directing us to such a great local #triathlon coach.
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10 years ago today I made a decision that changed the course of my life indefinitely.

I had a concussion and as I sat there after morning work (because I wasn't smart enough at that point in life to not work when injured) I decided life was too short to not travel. Although I had promised my roommate Shauna I was staying for the winter, I booked my flights back to Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί. As I was booking my flight from Sydney to Perth so I could go back and work on the Price farm, Shauna came home. I hurried through the booking because I hadn't told her yet that I was leaving.

It wasn't until the next day I realized I made a mistake and booked my flight to leave Sydney before I actually arrived in Sydney! I called to have the flight changed and ended up having to overnight in Sydney.

As any good backpacker does... I didn't find accommodation until I landed in Sydney. When I got to the hostel that I decided on based on the size of their advertisement at the airport πŸ›¬ I was horrified! It was dingy and scary and I was sure I was not going to make it out alive. Let's not forget I was traveling alone!

I had been traveling for 30+ hours and had got lost in a rainstorm in Taipei so I had a shower and then headed to the bank to organize that stuff and went to an internet Cafe to let everyone know I had arrived safe. Smart phones weren't really a thing yet!
When I got back to the hostel there was 2 guys from Calgary in my dorm room and I thought well they are Canadian so hopefully now I won't die in this sketchy place!

It happened to be Derek and his friend Nick.

I left Sydney for Perth the next morning. 6 weeks later those Calgarians were in Perth and came down to the Price farm to visit, I left Perth for Melbourne a few days later. 5 months later I was walking downtown Melbourne and ran into those same 2 Calgarians!

It wasn't long after this run in that Derek and I did some traveling and adventureing together. After a few months of becoming great friends, he in his typical Derek round about way asked me on a date.

Do you see why that decision changed my life forever?
Have you ever made a decision that change your life unknowingly?


Another lake another opportunity to practice open water swimming 🏊. Having my @coltingwetsuits swim buddy with me and wearing my @dynamicraceevents swim cap helps give myself and hubby piece of mind while I am out there alone. Less chance of getting run over if I can be seen from a mile away!
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We may be enjoying a camping weekend but we still have goals! Left the littles with family and got our last ride in before Gran Fondo next weekend. eep!


Rain and traffic πŸš₯.... Must be a long weekend. At least the view is nice when it peeks out.

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Midday πŸ•› break to go for a swim since the rain β˜”οΈ is holding off. Apparently the portion of the lake I was in is newer than the map πŸ—ΊοΈ! Thanks to my brother in law for watching #hisroyalcutness while I swam now back to work for me while the little man naps.

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Thanks Garmin but I think I will continue to take my rest days! Over 8000 steps isn't a pattern of not moving enough.

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