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I must say, our Tel Aviv Airbnb’s kitchen is quite nice

Tel Aviv, Israel

Illuminating tin foil hat experience courtesy of my colorist #avedaberlin

Aveda Institute Berlin

„Fire has no mercy“ – objects from a spine-chilling installation by Wolfgang Hainke at #weserburg #bremen


Good night, Berlin, good night, #iconista award


Pigeoned here (difficult to spot because they fly at the speed of light) are two members of the OneUnitedPowerCrew, Berlin’s infamous racing pigeons squad, leaving the clubhouse #racingpigeons


Dentist won’t allow patients to bring their dogs, practice is supposed to be an animal-free environment. Well, maybe they should tell their giraffe to do a better job at hiding then #emotionalsupportanimal


Einfach helfen. Danke für diesen Hinweis, @jannanandzik!
Apropos Frieren. Andere frieren wirklich und die ganze Nacht. Einfach “kalt” an die 81190 und man spendet 5 EUR an die Kältehilfe der Berliner Stadtmission. Der Betrag geht von der nächsten Handyrechnung ab. Bequemer kann man nicht helfen. #👐#🔥


Yeah, I know it’s a pretty big house for a dachshund, but then... My ego is ordinary dachshund size... Plus, I like that saying, ‚My home is my castle‘, I mean, literally, you know? #charlottenburgcastle #brutusberlin

Schloss Charlottenburg

Lots of works, lots of work 👀💪👏. #studiovisit #erikschmidt