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The ECF is helping to prevent the ivory poaching crisis by funding the best partners and most urgent projects around the world.


Anti-trafficking efforts are yielding success in South Sudan, despite the challenges of ongoing conflict. On 2 January 2018 the South Sudan Wildlife Crime unit, with technical support from ECF partner @wcssouthsudan, working based on intelligence, dismantled an illegal ivory crafting workshop in a residential area in Juba. Ten pieces of ivory bangles weighing 1.5 kg and ivory scraps weighing 5.6 kg were seized. The Crime Unit and police are currently searching for the owner. Two days later, five pieces of ivory weighing 3.8 kg were seized at Nasitu Checkpoint by Wildlife Service, working with WCS. The ivory was being trafficked from Torit to Juba on the Juba-Nimule highway. Arrests were made and a case has been filed at Juba Central Police Division. Funding support for anti-trafficking efforts undertaken in South Sudan is being provided by WCS, ECF, USAID, USFWS, and Wildcat Foundation. Photos: WCS South Sudan


@wildlifecrimeprevention have been supporting 17 Investigations and Intelligence Units (UIIs) across Zambia, backed by ECF, with outstanding results. Between January 2016 and the end of 2017, there were 1,960 wildlife criminals arrested and almost 5 tonnes of ivory, 135 pangolins and over 14 tonnes of bushmeat recovered. In addition, the highly trained K9 unit, operated by Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNWP), has been able to actively monitor Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Zambia and deploy daily roadblocks on transit routes in and out of Lusaka to detect illegal wildlife products and firearms. #Zambia #WildlifeCrimePrevention. Photos: Invictus K9


From all of us at @savetheelephants, the Elephant Crisis Fund and the @wildnetorg, we are immensely grateful to @tiffanyandco for helping us shine a light on the plight of  elephants across Africa. Tiffany's generous boost to the Elephant Crisis Fund will be felt across the continent where our partners are working tirelessly to save elephants. The challenges are global and complex, and to secure a future for elephants we need an alliance that spans continents and sectors. We hope Tiffany’s leadership will inspire others. #knotonmyplanet #tiffanyandco #elephants #elephant #elephantconservation.
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We pledged to raise $1 million by January 2019 with our #TiffanySaveTheWild collection, donating 100% of the profits to @elephantcrisisfund. Now, with your help, we’ve doubled our goal with over $2 million going to support the best investments in anti-poaching, anti-trafficking and ivory demand reduction. A special thank you to @doutzen @sunneryjames @jeannedamas @joansmalls @taylor_hill @kesewaaboah and @jujujuxiaowen for their commitment to the campaign. We will continue supporting the Elephant Crisis Fund as they work to end the global ivory crisis. Link in bio to learn more. #KnotOnMyPlanet #TiffanySustainability


Amazing news! An elephant-sized thanks to #knotonmyplanet friends and supporters for making such an important commitment to help protect one of the greatest icons of the natural world, and to @tiffanyandco for their incredibly generous gift to the Elephant Crisis Fund. We hope others will be inspired to follow your lead! #KnotOnMyPlanet  #TiffanyAndCo #elephants #elephantconservation #Repost @knotonmyplanet ・・・
Today we are celebrating a massive milestone!!!! The #SavetheWild collaboration with Tiffany & Co has now raised $2MM for the @elephantcrisisfund.
We can never thank our incredible partner @tiffanyandco enough for being a voice and supporter to the elephants and conservation, and for making it possible for all of us to hit this extraordinary milestone.
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ECF partner, @wildlifeworkscarbon, reports that poaching levels between December 2017 and January 2018, which usually see a large spike this time of year,  have decreased along the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya. This is attributed to the constant aerial surveillance combined with the quick response of ground teams and rangers which is significantly improving elephant protection. #elephants #Kenya #Wildlifeworks. Photo: Keith Hellyer


The MBOMIPA Wildlife Management Area just outside of Ruaha National Park in Tanzania has one of the highest concentrations of elephants in the area. ECF partner, Southern Tanzania Elephant Project (STEP) reports that poaching incidents were observed in almost every month last year and at least two elephants were illegally killed early this year. In an effort to increase anti-poaching operations, the ECF is supporting 14 village game scouts for anti-poaching patrols, and operations in conjunction with aerial patrols. #elephants #Tanzania #SouthernTanzaniaElephantProject #scouts #antipoaching. Photo: STEP


Encouraging news from our partner, @africanparksnetwork, who report that since they took over management of Pendjari complex from the Government Wildlife Authority in Benin in August last year, patrols have become more efficient, more mobile, and established a larger presence on the ground. A new operational headquarters within Pendjari National Park has also been significant in training new rangers and coordinating anti-poaching activities. The results speak for themselves - since African Parks took over, 16 poachers have been arrested and no elephants poached. #elephants #Benin #Africanparks #PendjariNationalPark. Photos: Tadesse Habteyesus Mathewos and Marketa Svejcarova


Elephants in the vast Amboseli ecosystem continue to receive improved protection thanks to ECF funding. Through more frequent aerial surveillance and an increase in ranger units, @biglifeafrica teams continue to arrest suspects involved in the illegal ivory trade, apprehend suspects before they can kill, recover ivory from dead elephants and respond more quickly to incidents relating to the safety of elephants. Their most recent successes include the arrest of 29 suspects for possession of ivory, the treatment of five elephants – all with spear wounds and the recent rescue of an orphaned elephant. #Kenya #conservation #elephants #BigLifeFoundation #Amboseli. Photo: Craig Millar


A team from STE swapped the African savannah for the bright city lights in aid of elephants last night when they attended a black tie fundraising gala in Toronto co-hosted by supermodel @doutzen and luxury retailer @holtrenfrew's @alexwestonholts. More than 100 well-heeled guests gathered to celebrate #knotonmyplanet (KOMP) for which Doutzen is global ambassador. KOMP is a charitable movement set up to support elephant conservation and the Elephant Crisis Fund - an initiative by @savetheelephants and @wildnetorg in partnership with the @leonardodicapriofdn. To top it off, @tiffanyandco - a valued and generous donor to the Elephant Crisis Fund - kindly provided gifts from its Tiffany Save the Wild collection to all guests as well as a coveted silent auction item with 100% from the donated gifts going towards the Elephant Crisis Fund. We thank you all! Your support makes such a difference to our efforts to secure a future for elephants in Africa. #savetheelephants #Canada #Toronto #Holtrenfrew #gala #elephants #doutzen #elephantconservation. Photos: @lucyeking99


Odzala-Kokoua National Park, managed by @africanparksnetwork, harbours one of the largest remaining populations of forest elephants. This valuable population is at risk from local poachers, abetted by corrupt rangers, and lately, from professional ivory poachers travelling from as far as Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo via the newly built national highway. Thanks to ECF funding, 29 new field rangers have been trained (pictured) to replace the corrupt rangers. Odzala’s law enforcement team now boasts a total of 105 field rangers. This increase in quantity, quality and capacity is proving invaluable in the fight against the growing threat of ivory poachers with the new rangers having already arrested five citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo in the area since January 2018. #elephants #Odzalakokouanationalpark #antipoaching #rangers #Africanparks #Congo. Photo: African Parks


A big elephant-sized thank you to @federicomarchetti, @ynap, @portermagazine, @doutzen, @tiffanyandco and @lucy_yeomans. We are super grateful for your support and commitment to saving elephants! #Repost @federicomarchetti ・・・
Last month I was very sad to hear that the last Northern White Rhino died, and with him the entire species. Thank goodness there are people fighting to stop these things. Last summer, @doutzen and @portermagazine’s @lucy_yeomans hosted a dinner in honour of @savetheelephants, to raise awareness for this cause and launch an exclusive @tiffanyandco elephant charm on @netaporter, 100% of the profits of which went to the @elephantcrisisfund. It was an unforgettable night in honour of an animal that never forgets and should never be forgotten like the Northern White Rhino.
First photo courtesy of @therealjunglejane (former @YNAP employee!)


Aerial patrols are on the increase in the Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania thanks to funding from the ECF. A senior warden in the Serengeti Management, supported by @frankfurt.zoological.society (FZS) has received training as a private pilot and is now joining all patrol flights. The park, which is home to a significant number of elephants, is coming under increasing threat as elephant populations decline elsewhere in Tanzania. #elephants #antipoaching #aerialsupport #FrankfurtZoologicalSociety #Tanzania Photo: SENAPA/FZS


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