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🚨It’s GIVEAWAY time!🚨
Evening Y’all 🙌🏼,
Just sore this on Ol Mates Page! The team out @promac_tools have an awesome giveaway! & thought I’d share it with you so Ya’s don’t miss out 🤪! If I didn’t already have some awesome gear I’d even have a crack myself! But this is just for Y’all
Have Fun & give it a good ol crack ✌🏼, I’ll catch Ya’s in the next one!
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Life Isn’t Perfect.........But This Weld 😈
Go On! Get a bit closer &!!!! Have A Perve At That! 😍
Arvo Y’all!! 💪🏼,
So cracked out to the workshop for a few this mornin! Had a couple of things to get ready for the morn...... tomorrow morn that is 🙌🏼, so got ahold of this new welder 😍, for a first time in welding 😘 I’m pretty freakin happy with that! My old man is a welder by trade & he sat back & Geared me up! Ran my first line & boss was nope 👎🏼 you need to feed it smack bang in the gap! I’m like 🤨 (Insert Batman Voice) Game on steel 😈 I know all about smack bang right in the guts!!! Only thing I found annoying was my spine 😑 im still recovering from carting 5 solid timber mirror frames up a flight of stairs 😭, but it was more the hunching & trying to work out where to weld when your looking through your head gear & probably most difficult part was welding round if that makes sense 😅 but I think I have a better understanding seeing Old mate out @totaltoolssouthmelbourne crackin out a solid when he see’s a weld 😉 just given the fact I’m taking on more in-house custom work that it absolutely made sense to take up welding 😈 this here I’ll be able to show more tomorrow but it’s for a floating vanity top, it’s all apart of a house lot of Cabinetry, an exceptional amount of timber work 😍 & finishing off a Staircase for a Builder I’ve been working with in Gisborne, Blokes name is Cameron, check him out if you like @jacksondwellings
But right now! I’m gona go put my feet up, got some paperwork to sort out! Then get ready for the morn 💪🏼, I’ve got a fire inspector meeting me in the morn before I kick the day off!
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I’ll Never Try To Fit In.................I Was Born To STAND OUT 😈
Evening Y’all 🙌🏼,
Ok so this is literally a lot more impressive in person 😆 BUT!
Today the young bloke got to see something pretty magical! Watching these mirror frames get polished to completion 🤩, so on a pot, 600ml I’ve done a 70/30 split mix with a 3ml walnut toner 😭 I’m like why! Why stain this beautiful Recycled Spotted Gum That was reclaimed from an old train bridge WHY! 😭😭😭 but tomorrow is going to suck arse! We’ve got to carry these around 100kg mirror frames up a freakin flight of stairs! I’m T’in up the young bloke & making sure he is all syced for the morn & I looked at him and said 🤪 you had better not call in sick tomorrow 😂😂😂 we both laughed followed by I’ll call you & say I’m sick tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣 nah who am I kidding! It’s going to be a mission at its best! Currently I am in agony & I’m about to go grab me a drink 🥃 to help out with the pain! All & all, besides the mitres & the groove, & the backs 😅 & the polishing & half the assembly 🤪 the young bloke pretty much done some of this with my guidance. But I am going to crack that bottle open right now & hope that tomorrow goes well & not well that it’s done just well that I don’t injure myself 💕
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Don’t Worry About Those Who Walk Behind Your Back, They’re Behind You For A Reason 😈
So! it’s been a little longer than 5mins! How Ya’s Crackin!! Here she’s been flat chat!!! Freakin literally 🤪 the winters been harsh & the mornings have been stupid early! & due to my chronic pain, my alarm is set even earlier! I’ve had the young bloke learnin 🙌🏼 he’s a keen bloke which is awesome! He’s been machining these Recycled Spotted gum posts up into some beautiful mirror frames 🤩 I’ve been giving him a hand cause he’s only Green & a little sluggish 🤪 but we are all there in the beginning 😬, also this time around it worked a treat cleaning all the timber up with a wire brush! Only had to sharpen once 💪🏼 that’s definitely a win! But 😅 I went through all but 1 of my saw blades!!! Even 😩 my dozuku & 😭 my ryoba Japanese pulp saws 😭😭😭 absolutely gutted! Got to get some more on order! & I’ve got my missus helping out tomorrow & taking 5 saw blades to Ballarat to get sharpened! Which is a massive help!
Tomorrow is spray day! I’m gonna do some teaching & I may not let the young bloke open up the gun 😆 but might let him have a little crack 😈!
Hope Ya’s have been Awesome!
& I’ll catch Ya’s again ✌🏼
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Be Proud of Who You Are & Not Ashamed of How Someone Else Sees You 💕
How we all Crackin this evening 🍻, so today was really interesting!!!! 😱 So today I actually spoke with 3 different people all about the same thing! The trade industry in Australia! When I was an apprentice I remember reading every book, leaning on the tradesman & my mentor to learn as much as I possibly can! Along the way, I learnt how to build beautiful pieces of furniture, Polish, & not just with a spray gun, but French polishing, taught to confront a problem with your heart & not your head! & what that means is even though it hurts! Keep moving & get through the problem 💕, taught how to make windows, doors & even stairs, my time competing in Australia’s world skills & coming 4th as a first year apprentice in my first go with points differing by .8 to first! & then competing again & wiping the floor with Australia’s best with a near on perfect score at 96% then taking an even further step & competing in the world skills international Como held in Japan Shizuoka & landed 10th in the world 🌍 with a score of 92% I mean even I’m proud of that one! Being awarded an medal of excellence & an outstanding achievement award ❤️, coming in with a feeling that the industry is falling, these days, you go purchase a kitchen, & it’s either imported from overseas or everything is made out of the shop! Nothing is done old school anymore, next to nothing is done in house, with multi skilled tradesman, I mean iv been teaching the young bloke the old way of woodwork &..... I mean he’s having a crack & enjoying it, to the point that I teach & share with him some knowledge & say forget who you’ve worked for before, here this is what I need, not want need, bubble, smack in the guts, make the adjustments done say she’ll be right cause I will check & I will tell you WTF! Do it again! It’s a shame that the new tradesman coming in are being taught to push buttons or only live a life of doing one thing, it might be screwing boxes together, or glueing up or fitting hardware or even just running a CNC & edgebander all freakin day 🤢 (continued in the comments)


Do You Remember When 🤔
Seriously Though........ What’s Your Favourite 💕
Good Evening Y’all 🙌🏼,
Golly has she been a while since I sore these beauties! ❤️ I’m so hanging out to crack out a new joint!, you’ve all already selected what I’ll be crackin out...... only difference this time is I’m going to record the whole joint as a teaching experience for those that wish to learn...... or just check out some awesome skills from an Elite! But! Work has been just flat stick of late! Which is Great! But also 🤪, pretty keen on pulling it back a bit, getting some much more needed quality time with my family 💕 & part of the first step is taking a few days off, luckily the missus already locked in some dates 💪🏼, today though! I had the young bloke on site still sorting out some fillers, filling in lining boards & cleaning up a bit all why’ll I was sleeping in.... ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂 yeaaah right! I was up at the crack of dawn making my way out to a steel fabricator down yonder.... in Ballarat, picked up a frame to fit off next to one of my vanities to support the stone, got out to site, jumped on board with the young bloke & made haste to get done! Which I’m stoked!! Done from there for a good week..... give or take 🤷🏻‍♂️, then it was gear in the Ute & headed out to another client just up the road, dropping off some edge cleaner 😎 & turns out I’ll be heading back out there tomorrow to help out for one last thing..... some caulking...... this happens way to often, but...... let’s just say, ol Mate was let down one to many times by...... well I’m not mentioning who, 😂😂😂 but as ol mate would say “if your looking for a tiler” 🤪🤪, so I’m sorting out the young bloke early in the morn then heading out there to sort it out, the joint is going on the market & the girls got to be dressed & ready to go at 2pm 😱.
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Stop Doubting Yourself! Work Hard And Make It Happen 😈
Evening Y’all!! 🙌🏼
Damn Has she been a Cracka! Today I tore into the top section of the centre section of the kitchen, I knew she was going to take me some time, estimated I’d have her cracked out in 6hours, but smashed it out in 5.5! & took another halfa to pack up! So I’ll take that as a win 💪🏼💪🏼 & today cause I was workin like Spider-Man 🤪 up & down a ladder all day...... you know what I mean when I say it was Leg Day! Now although she looks simple, she was quite intricate, the bulkheads finish up dead flush with the doors & panels, once the plaster boys head down in the morn, made sure the beast was built like a brick shithouse 👌🏼 😂 & for those that don’t quite get the Aussie 😂😂 just means she’s built strong so she won’t move!
Tomorrow should be Awesome! Got a solid day Scribing! Gona make sure I teach the young lad how I get them done 💪🏼 & might even let him have a crack! Pretty sure there is a spare filler 😬😬
But hope Ya’s had a Crackin weekend! & give the week a solid Y’all ✌🏼
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Would Ya Have A Crack At That 🤩
Evening Y’all 🙌🏼,
Wha! Today was flat chat! Cracked out of the sack at 3am 🤪 well it was closer to 4am by the time I was able to get up! Winters getting strong & chronic pain is not playing nice! But still pushing through! Hopped in the Ute & cruised our to the mill to pick up the 6 mirror frames I’ve got on the go 💕 I was chillin, having a wonder in the yard when I sore these beauties 😍😍😍 2.5 feet sq poles that were taken out of an old wharf built back in the early 1900s 😱 I get all jelly in the knees when I get a good long perve at some timber that’s got some history! The pieces I grabbed for the mirror frames where from a train bridge that was built in the 1960’s & just sitting there waiting for me to come & claim the little beauties 😆😆 so hanging out to clean them up & bring them all back to life! Just love it! Then I was yep today’s going to be awesome! I headed down to the steel fabrication joint, pulled out my 600mm Red level, & went in to have a gander, as soon as I sore the girl sitting on the bench, I sore they done it right..... you know when you see it 😏, then! After poring caffeine into my Eye Balls 👀 I headed down to GypRock to grab some plaster supplies, I had a nib wall to pull out & true up out on site, pulled the foot out 9mm & the head back out 3, plumbed in the Exe 👌🏼, mixed up some compound & made her look all pretty, took me about an hour! Tomorrow I’m back out there to apply another coat & then! I can finish the install!! YAY!!!!!! 🙌🏼 the whole time I was teaching the Masters Apprentice & explaining the need to just take that extra 5 minuets to make sure she’s awesome as heck! Cause 5 extra minutes saves the next trade..... let alone the one after that 💕 work hard..... work right..... work once ❤️
#recycledtimber #wharf #history #recycled #timber #spottedgum #timbermill #timberyard #custommadewithlove #doitright #qualitytime #qualityoverquantity #qualityservice #tradie #australianmade #daylesford #torquay #trentham #williamstown #stkilda #stalbans #stkildabeach #kew #keiloreast #essendon #thomastown #gisborne #gippsland


Home Is Not A Place...... It’s A Feeling 💕
Be it some Cabinetry, a Fine Piece Of Furniture..... it doesn’t matter to me, i create pieces not just good enough, but brought to life & Installed or delivered In what I see as perfect 👌🏼 why’ll nearly every other buisness is running in that direction, I’m kickin back making sure things are right & not just right! But my right, so last night, I cracked right on & installed some overhead cabinets, they took me a good 1.5 hours to fit off, plumb & level, I checked & checked! Perfect! Even had the young bloke checking it out too! Explaining that’s how it needs to be! That bubble.... smack bang in the guts! So Now this morn! To my surprise! & I was surprised 😱 I rocked up to site, do what my OCD does every day, placed the level on the bench & was like ooooww she’s lookin fine! Then grab out my 600mm place it on the face of the overheads I just installed & I was like what the! They were ballsie as heck! I check to see if my packers fell out, nope there still in, right...... 1.3hours later & ive got them all sorted 👌🏼 really don’t know what had happened 😬 I’ll be sure to double check come Monday!!!! Put my OCD to rest 🤣 then I was marking out the substrate & templates & giving this beast a workout! Track saw for cutouts! Just so quick 🙌🏼
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Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them 😈
Evening Y’all 🙌🏼
Yeeah, I know..... your probably thinking 🤔 what’s the go with these Levels....... well these levels, these right here....... just like another company that shall remain nameless.......@festool_australia & what do they have in common, well let’s see, there are other tools out there & gear that are built for a certain type of use & that’s ok 👌🏼 & then there’s Sola it’s specialised just like people like me, I work on the basis that my tools don’t make me accurate or precise..... I make them do accurate work it’s just the fact that there built for a specific task & not just a task but built above spec to give me the comfort of pulling up at a wall & being able to bring everything into alignment even closer than..... yes 😉 the leading brands, & that is what makes this bit of kit more than good enough for an Elite!
Right here is where I cracked on out in Gisborne, floating vanity, the backing piece I am installing needed to lean forward a bit to make it all seat in nicely 👌🏼, then after all that 😏 there’s a little trick I like to do when I’m installing a floating vanity, especially when we’re talking stone tops 🤫 I tilt the front of the cabinets up, only till the bible is smack on the line of the vile, & why...... we’ll when the weight of the stone cracks on top that extra weight brings the top back down to earth on a level playing field, 💕 nothing worse than a poor finish! But ☝🏼 given the fact that I’ve got chronic pain & my spine is singing! I reckon I’m doing pretty good aye 😆😆
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All I Have Ever Wanted To Be Is Who I Am Becoming
So cracked things off today by heading out to a job site that’s actually just up the road from me 🙌🏼, headed in & grabbed some light gear so I could take the range hood off the wall! All to make way for a stainless steel bench top, & this is her second debut, her first led her to go back to the factory all due to the drainer leaning away from the sink...😑 Awesome right? Then I see the truck pull up, I go for a wander, looking at the is too it looks like they fixed the problem..then I take a step out to the right & the reflection from the sun shows me an indentation...I’m all hands up! Hang on! Race out to the Ute & grab a straight edge, now knowing this cost the client $4500 & you know what even if it didn’t it makes no difference to me, I jumped up on the tailgate, kneeled down to the bench & placed my edge on the drainer & ha! If you where only a fly on the wall!!! Took some recordings & shot it through, followed by a call, the response “um yeah I just had a talk to the Forman & um he said he actually didn’t check it that way...” right! So this top is on its way back out to the factory...& you know? I think there is enough cowboys out there in the world, & now don’t get me wrong & Im not saying there an’t any but there isn’t enough out there that make this more than just about the money 💕, anyone out there can do that, but not everyone can do this ❤️ I know I’m teaching the young bloke this & i am definitely teaching my 3 boys this too! & just hope to heck it sticks!
Then after burning an hour of daylight! I headed out to the next job site where I had my apprentice working hard installing robes.. or at least setting them up 😉, bloke done alright 👌🏼 I set off to measure up some solid spotted gum mirrors to make in the coming days..! I KNOW RIGHT! Solid FREAKIN TIMBER 🤩😍🤩😍
After today my spine has been giving me grief! So I’m about to rest up for a bit & go grab a coldie to help out, just before I crack back into it ✌🏼
#itsmeagain 😉 #kitchencabinets #kitchenfitter #kitcheninstallation #qualityoverquantity #doitoncedoitright #selfitime #spiritlevel #solalevels #daylesford #trentham #stkilda


Progress...... 🤷🏻‍♂️ It Sure As Hell Doesn’t Feel Like It 🤪
Evening Y’all 💕,
I know she’s been a bit since I cracked on here 😭! She’s been a bit how ya goin 😬, I’ve had the boys fitting shiplap boards on the walls of 4 rooms in this joint, they’ve done a rippin job so far! I’ve been out here since Thursday & had both thurs & fri basically finding my feet! Didn’t crack out too much as there where some...... site disturbances 😑, but I had a good 4 people come past & ask me if I sore the joinery in the other sites, compared to yours.... I’m thinkin, nah not yet but I’m pretty keen on having a gander considering I’ve had one solid day on this kitchen & she is firmly situated as smack bang on in the guts of the vile 😉 also known as..... & I quote “no eggs are gona roll off this bench” & yes 😅 I just quoted myself 🤪, but I thought.... after 3 days of getting asked I thought Fcuk it I need to go for a wonder, grab me tape, & wonder off & that’s where I stop, thought to myself right...... I better go grab my level 🤣, considering, I’ve spent about 3-4 hours leveling off the kitchen I just fitted, making sure it’s absolutely acceptable for my own home let alone a client, & it takes me that long due to the fact that I do between 4-6 sweeps of the level starting from ground Zero & yes anyone Experienced would understand that when you make an adjustment nearly every other section is out of place, so each time, the shins get smaller until 👌🏼 she’s good as gold, right as rain some might say or until she is firmly situated smack bang on in the guts of the vile & I mean smack on ✌🏼
#kitchencabinets #kitchenfitter #kitchenremodel #kitcheninstallation #cabinetry #cabinetmaker #cabinetmakers #cabinetrydesign #qualityoverquantity #doitoncedoitright #madewithlove #soletrader #buisnessowner #yesitmatters #qualitycontrol #qualityservice #daylesford #trentham #tradeskills #essendon #williamstown #stkilda