ella, coconut & fifi bean@ellabeanthedog

👑 ella bean
puppy mill rescue. 4 lbs. no teeth.
🥥 coconut bean
rescued chi. 3 lbs.
💫 FiFi von Bean
@socialteesny alumn. 5 lbs.
brooklyn, ny


then & now - our beanie faces show #whyrescuematters - we r 3 survivors. dogs from pet stores or sold online come from puppy mills & backyard breeders, they confine animals to tiny cages for their entire lives, breed nonstop, & r neglected & unloved. do not give your $ to these monsters 🤬. do not believe petstores or online dealers when they say their animals come from reputable breeders. no reputable breeder sells online or to pet stores. ever. instead, please consider saving a life. rescuing these beans changed our human’s lives & is the thing they r MOST proud of. please check our stories for what’s happening RN in nyc & how u can help. #adoptdontshop #supportrescuing share ur adoption story using these hashtags to continue spreading this vv important message! cc @tunameltsmyheart .
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