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When your sweet husband @drewholcombmusic is opening for @willienelsonofficial , and you decide to start Thanksgiving early and bring the kids on the road for a week! We’re thrilled about it. Stay tuned on my insta story feed this week for life on the road w/ kids in tow... Tonight while I was holding Huck & dancing side stage, his Lucky Charms spilled EVERYWHERE moments before Drew invited me on stage...found Lucky Charms inside my shirt when I put my pj’s on tonight! 😂 #momlife #roadlife
Also, please pray our children sleep and don’t wake up everyone on this bus tom morning before the crack of dawn 🙏🏼


Houston, Birmingham, Denver, & North Branch !!! Cannot wait to celebrate the old old story with y’all ! Come join me for an evening of story and song as we ring in the Christmas season. Merriment will be made !
Tix at ellieholcomb.com .


Happy 5th Birthday Emmylou! You are kind and curious and brave and sassy. This past summer, you said, “Mom, I’m feelin’ 5 today!” And you launched into a “summer of brave”! We are so proud of you sweet girl. You love music and dance parties and friends and writing songs and painting and science and Jesus and dressing up “fancy”. You want to be a “doctor/mommy/ballet dancer/loud guitar player/face painter/diver/marine biologist” when you grow up. You love your brother and your family the most of all and we are so thankful to call you ours!


Y’all! Need a good Christmas gift idea?! Here it is : Get a vinyl subscription for somebody you love from @magnoliarecordclub. Me & my husband @drewholcombmusic are releasing our 1st ever Christmas vinyl & it’s SO COZY! The only way you can get it is to subscribe by 11/15. See my Insta stories for a link or visit magnoliarecordclub.com !


Took a 24hr trip to NYC w/ @drewholcombmusic to see Springsteen play an acoustic show in a 900 seat theatre. I wept my way through that show last night. What a privilege to watch a master song-writer, performer, & story-teller do what God so clearly made him to do. He closed the show with the Lord’s prayer & Born To Run, & said “I hope I’ve been a good traveling companion for you over the years.” 💛 Grateful for the way music connects our stories, & seems to make all of us feel better known and less alone. As we left, I overheard a lady say, ”Well, I’m leaving tonight with 900 of my new best friends.” We all experienced something together that we’ll never forget , & that’s so beautiful to me. Overwhelmed with gratitude that Drew and I get to do this music-making thing, & to have had the privilege of having our songs and our stories intertwine with so many of yours.


When you were supposed to be Piglet and your husband was supposed to be Pooh, but you accidentally swapped the sizes on Amazon & your husband OWNS being Piglet!!!! 💛 One of the million reasons I love you @drewholcombmusic ! Happy Halloween from the 100
Acre Wood w/ Huck doing his best Tigger jump :) Also, did anyone else’s children manage to eat about 30 pieces of candy WHILE trick-or-treating?! #skills


Thank you, teenage worker at the pumpkin patch, for capturing a miracle....all four of us looking & smiling at the camera ! 💛


Fall is HERE, & our babies are looking more and more like big kids. (Slow. Down.Time.)Also, Huck keeps stealing Drew’s toboggans 😂❤️


Deeply honored to link arms again with @lysaterkeurst & @lifewaywomen for #TheWordAliveEvent in Orlando. Lysa has given me such insight into God's word and it's been a privilege to sing with all of the precious women who have come to these events! Check out our 2018 schedule if you are into powerful & transformative teaching that will change your life. 😊💛 thanks for playing and traveling with me @christawellsmusic & @jschrodt . Y'all rock.


Well, that was a BLAST Atlanta! Thanks for joining us @carlyburruss & @iamsozo_ . Y'all are making the world a more beautiful place! Thanks for your hospitality @citywineryatl , & for playing with me @christawellsmusic , @juliemelucci , & @jschrodt. Thanks for this awesome photo @maryclairephoto !!


When you happen to drive by a LOT of trains and your 2yr old is beside himself excited!! Church and a sunny/blustery day/friends/watching the First episode of This is Us tonight w/ Drew = Sunday blessings 💛


So thankful for friends and family and neighbors who helped us move into our new home! We are also beyond grateful for @trazodesign for completely organizing our entire place in a thoughtful and beautiful way. Not getting a lot of sleep this week, but we've got REAL full hearts.

FYI , @trazodesign is run by Drew's beautiful sister @clarance , & she has the wonderful gift of bringing order and beautiful design to homes. Check out her amazing company. Clare, you are Wonder Woman !


Couldn't be more excited to announce some Valentine's Week shows with my husband @drewholcombmusic this Spring. Tickets will go on sale Friday, but we'll have a special treat for you tomorrow if you join our email list! (Link in bio to subscribe!)


I've traveled & played a LOT of shows with this gal, @elizabethrchan . So fun to see God grow good things in her heart over the years. I'll always be a fan of her.
Also fun to fly home on a private jet yesterday...VERY thankful for sweet sweet friends who invited us to come along and got us back home more quickly 🙌🏼 I only got a few hours before heading out on another flight last night, but man I am staying grateful for the time at home I do get in these busy seasons...even when the time doesn't go quite as I planned it, it's a gift to be home AND a gift to get to do this job of mine. Had an amazing time in Charlotte two nights ago and grateful to be in MI today with Family Life Radio!
Are there any BOTH // ANDS you are grateful for today?


So grateful that @jamieivey invited me to join her on her podcast, The Happy Hour! You can listen in to our conversation now.


So very grateful to link arms again with @lysaterkeurst & @lifewaywomen for these Word Alive conferences! Lysa is one of my favorite teachers. She leads with vulnerability and strength all while holding up & holding fast to the word of God. I've been refreshed and transformed just getting to be a part of this incredible conference. Love playing with @christawellsmusic & @elizabethrchan as well. And the city of Houston has my heart.


Just released the new music video for my song, “He Will”! (Follow the link in my bio to watch the full video)

Have you ever been sick while traveling? It is my least favorite. I was on a radio tour up north when I started writing this song. We were visiting 3-4 stations a day in different cities to connect with radio stations and the incredible people who run them, and about halfway through our trip, I started feeling TERRIBLE. My throat was killing me & I tried to shake the feeling of fever creeping across my whole body by downing Advil every few hours. After 3 days, I went to the doctor. It was a bad case strep throat. I cried. I was so bummed.

I fell into the back seat of our car after our last meeting of the day, honestly feeling sorry for myself and very pitiful in general, and that’s when it came to me. I had been meditating on & trying to memorize Isaiah 61: “He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and freedom to the prisoners…to comfort all who mourn…to give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes”

and all of the sudden, instead of focusing on how bad I felt, I started focusing in on God’s promises. I sounded like a man with gravel in his throat, but I started working on the chorus of this song.

He is the fulfillment of these beautiful promises. He IS the good news, the Living Word of God. He is our chain-breaker, our healer, our rescuer, or burden-bearer, and our bridge from death to life. This whole record has been a process of God reminding me that He’s faithful even when we’re sick. Even when things don’t turn out like we thought they would, He will bring healing and hope. He WILL be who He says He is.


Needed some beauty today. Thanks @cheekwood!


Heavy heart today. Our almost 5 year old asked why we were sad this morning, & when we explained what happened in Nevada, she asked, "What were all of their names so we can pray for them?" My friend @bobgoff posted this earlier, & that's all I know to do today...to lift up the families and victims in prayer. Lord, bring comfort. Lord, have mercy.


When your church throws a Festival of St. Francis & they bless people's pets, & you don't have a pet, & they joyfully agree to bless your daughter's "pet" bear who is dressed up like a lamb!! 😂🙌🏼🎉 So grateful for our wonderful church and community, and so grateful to be home for most of the weekend to enjoy it.


Sometimes you fly home from a sweet time in Houston and get to be surprised by seeing your parents and your brother @willbannister who's in from out of town and by a grown up size tutu your daughter finds and makes you wear whilst teaching you how to run like a ballerina AND carry an animal on your shoulders. #skills

Also loved catching up with my cousin @betsycurlin today! She and her husband run @marmilufarms & it was a joy being with her. #thankful


Drew and I are both back on the road, & I'm treasuring the time we had together this past week. Busy season means that sometimes we may only get 48hrs all together a week, so we try to soak up what we do get , and we stay grateful for the good work God's given us to do and for the precious family and community we have that make us miss home when we're away.


So thankful & humbled to be a part of #thewordalive conference w/ @lysaterkeurst & @lifewaywomen ! Powerful two days! Love this band @christawellsmusic & @juliemelucci , & that my sweet manager @samantha797 came too. Deeply moved by Lysa's message and can't wait to do this conference again! Come join us!


Haven't been on social media much the past few days b/c dear friends who live far far away came to visit. We're usually limited to FaceTime and Instagram to see each other, so I was soaking up actual FACE time with @sarakgilmore & her sweet Ellie Joy.

I've had the privilege of walking with Sara for a long time , & the stories God has written in her life are beautiful. They are not without suffering, but as we've wept and grieved and hoped together, we've seen God show up & we've know that none of us are alone on the journey. So many of the stories In her life have helped me know more of Jesus. They have shaped my heart & the music I write.

So grateful to laugh and remember and pray and make s'mores and eat and play for a few days.


When you work on the weekends, you go on day dates on Mondays :) 💛


Sweet morning with my kids. Thankful for intentional time with them before I hit the road again. Today? Donuts, Downton Abbey costume exhibit, & trains @cheekwood !!


How I feel about all the love and kind words y'all have sent my way this day. 💛 Cheers to another year of breathing, living, taking adventures, making mistakes, and knowing God's love & grace in the midst of it all. Deeply grateful to be alive, & praying for all those who ache for those they've lost today in the storms, in 9/11, & as time keeps turning.


Just left FL today after a sweet trip full of rest and beauty. We have been watching hurricane Irma closely with heavy hearts & praying for all of the people who will be affected by this storm. We left a day earlier than we planned, to be sure to stay safe, and we can't help but think and pray for all who have and will be displaced by this storm. Lord have mercy.


Posting this picture of Drew's brother @sam_holcomb giving blood to share the journey we've walked with my father-in-law over the past few weeks. He got really sick after a surgery and lost a LOT of blood. He's on the mend and home now and we are very thankful. Here are some of Drew's words on how we're moving forward after his dad's experience:

Dad is home now, recovering and grateful to have weathered this storm. "How can we help?" has been asked to us by so many of you. Dad is asking everyone who is able to go to their local blood bank and give blood. He received 5 units of blood, and it saved his life. Especially with Harvey and Irma, blood banks are in need of our blood. In the Memphis area, go to Life Blood. Thank you all for your generosity.


Deeply honored to be a part of this incredible night of worship with these friends/heroes of mine. What a beautiful thing to sing the truth of God's deep love for us under the CO sky with an amphitheater of His kids singing along. Thanks for the invitation @christomlin . Thanks for playing with me @juliemelucci . Thanks to the rest of these dudes for doing what you do so very well. I'll never forget this night @redrocksamphitheater .