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That’s a wrap. Last day of training Thursday’s at Waverly Forest. #fitkids #emergekids #run #skip #hop #summervacation


It’s not a secret anymore, or at least it shouldn’t be.
When I mention to a client that the upcoming exercises in their program are “core” exercises, it’s a safe bet I’m not referring to sit ups and leg raises.
9 times out of 10, the exercise will involve the arms and legs doing work, while the REAL challenge is keeping the trunk stable while this happens.
What’s really important is what’s NOT happening, and that’s movement in the trunk. A strong, stable core is the key.
It’s your turn. Emerge.


Thank you is not enough.
Yesterday, Brian and Cheri Norton from Andrew’s Hugs donated $10,000 to Emerge EveryOne, our non profit exercise program designed for people with intellectual disabilities.
With plans to expand the program significantly, this is a huge, HUGE help to our program that is not yet even a year old.
So, thank you 1000 times.
Look for big things in the future from Emerge EveryOne.
It’s EveryOne’s turn. Emerge.


It’s all about the butt.
In this adaption of the split squat, the emphasis is put on the HAMSTRINGS and GLUTES.
P.S. Those with back or disc issues tolerate this exercise MUCH better than a traditional deadlift.
It’s your turn. Emerge.


The ribbon has been cut.
Emerge was honored to share the morning with the Bogey Hills Country Club staff, it’s members, and the St. Charles community for an official ribbon cutting for the beautiful new club.
It was wonderful to chat with and celebrate the day with everyone in attendance.
Look for Emerge, who will be providing fitness services to Bogey members, in the brand new exercise facility.
It’s your turn. Emerge.


Get this kick ass workout in for YOU.
And in the meantime, you’ll be helping EveryOne!

Emerge EveryOne is an exercise program designed specifically for exercisers with intellectual disabilities.

And we want to keep the training FREE for all participants.
So... Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen! May 19th at 5PM, Emerge EveryOne will be doing our inaugural fundraiser!

Emerge EveryOne and CYCLEBAR are teaming up for a one of a kind fundraiser! The class will last 45 minutes, and food and drinks will be provided afterwards for all the participants!

There are limited amount of spots, so don't miss out on your chance to register for this event. Remember, fitness is for EVERYONE!

Questions? Comment on this post or send an email to info@emergeeveryone.com



Like any industry, the fitness business is a COMPETITIVE one.
There are rivals and bad blood all over the place.
It’s a business, it SHOULD BE tough, but... I’d like to give a shout out to these company’s and coaches that, in my humble opinion, are doing it right.
If you’re in these areas, check these places out.
John Farkas and Blue Ocean Fitness in Chesterfield.
Phil and the crew at Rhino Hybrid in Wentzville.
Nick and Nicole Dudas at Dudas Fitness in Weldon Spring.
Brendan O’Neill and the ninjas at Kor Komplex in St. Charles.
Stu Beath at Output Performance in St. Louis.
Jared Fryman and the staff at The Fitness Edge in Creve Coeur
Jaime Rothermich and the staff at Functional Elements in Creve Coeur.
David Griffith at the Saint Peter’s Rec Plex. At the end of the day, we are all in this business to help people. These folks do that every day.
It’s your turn. Emerge.
And if you don’t, check out one of these guys. 😃


Emerge Fitness in Bogey Hills Country Club!

The workout facility is ready to go, a perfect area for golf performance training or ANY fitness goal.
Emerge will have coaches ON SITE for training, mobility classes and seminars on health and fitness.
Join us at the ribbon cutting for the new country club on May 14th from 9-12. Emerge staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
It’s your turn. Emerge.


What’s the leg press good for?
The 7-10 warmup can get your quads ready to squat.
And... The 7-10 program is a pretty legit builder of the VMO and VLO, also known as the “teardrop” muscles of the quad near the knee.
Give these a shot and let us know what you think.
It’s your turn. Emerge


If you’re not using your hips well, you’re losing.
A basic hip hinging exercise, the RDL, can help.


Be relentless at life.
Relentless at work.
In your relationships.
As a parent.
Being relentless requires strength, endurance, and ENERGY.
Take step one toward being a relentless human being.
Here’s STEP ONE,

1) book a free consultation


2) meet with a coach
3) map out a plan together
4) walk out the front door the hero of your own story

It’s your turn. Emerge.
Book now:

Call: 636-399-6748

Email: info@emergetraining.com



This woman is a damn machine.
Congrats to my sister and Emerge client Jackie Pirtle Hall.
FIRST female runner in the GO St. Louis Marathon this morning.
QUALIFIED for Olympic marathon trials!



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