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To those who’ve asked what the hell we’ve been doing in the last 2 months, since leaving Sydney... Here’s a sneak peak into the many Vlogs to come, stay tuned... Thanks for the adventures @cristian_rodriguezz 🌎❤️✌🏼


. . Just another day in paradise 🙏🏼🌴☀️


When I was only 19, this lady saw something in me & asked me to run her Gym... My exact words were “but I’m only a teenager, I don’t know how....” she threw me in the deep end anyway & we made it work! So many sleepless nights went into making it a success, but I ended up leaving because “I wanted to travel the world & experience different cities before doing business...” 🌎
As the saying goes “”if you love them hard & set them free, they’ll come back to you..”” applies to us right now as great things are about to happen! 😃 Thank you Liz, for putting up with my crazy adventures over the last 5 years & supporting everything I’ve wanted to do... ❤️❤️ #NowLetsDoFuckingBusiness


. . Not a cloud in the sky 🌴
Monday, Let’s do this! ✌🏼✨


. . 🙏🏼🌴✨


. . Sunsets show us that beautiful things sometimes only last for a moment. But sunrises teach us that with just a little faith & patience, it will happen all over again... 🙏🏼🌴☀️


. . . P E A C E ✌🏼 🌴 ☀️


Aaaaand if this is what a Winter’s day on the Sunshine Coast looks like... then I have no caption... 🙏🏼🌴☀️ #AbsoluteBliss


. . Jumping into the week like.. ✌🏼✨


.. Sunday arvo in Brissy 🌇🥂


. . Champagne Sunsets 🌇🥂


“The secret to being in the right place at the right time, is knowing you always are... Like right here, right now...” 🙏🏼🌴☀️


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