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Official Account of Empire Rolling ($100💸)
Edible Vegetable Coloring🌱,Lab Tested🔬,🔞
Wholesale Call: 1(833) GO-BENNY


➡️ HOW TO SPOT A FAKE 💵 We at Empire Papers work hard to bring you the best possible product. On the right you will see our Benny's have a nice clean burn. On the left you'll see a counterfeit product. Below we will tell you how to spot a fake 💵

The fight against counterfeiting is a long-term element of Empire Rolling’s worldwide sustainability strategy. Preserving the creativity and the rights of designers, artists and brands is vital to their long-term survival. One of the biggest threats to that survival today is counterfeiting. 💥WARNING: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE SAFETY AND PRODUCT QUALITY WITH THIRD PARTY SELLERS AND COUNTERFEIT SELLERS. 💥

How to Recognize a True Empire Rolling Paper:

1. Our papers have our logo on the blue strip repeated down

2. Where it should say "Franklin" it says "Benny". 3. Our Benny's come in packs with a gold hologram sticker sealing the pack.
Stay safe, and Pass The Benny. #passthebenny #empirepapers


Wake and Benny #passthebenny #empirepapers (📷: @lelebudz )


@miss_shattershay enjoying a superior smoke. #passthebenny #empirepapers


Our Benny’s are all natural, made with edible vegetable oil coloring. Only papers sold in Empire Papers packaging with a gold hologram sticker are authentic 🙌🏼 #passthebenny #empirepapers (📷: @mermaid_ganja ) .
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Make friends with Benny. Shipping is always free within the U.S and we ship within 48 business hours! #passthebenny #empirepapers (📷: @mermaid_mary_jane )


Where We Are Wednesday is coming at you from Puerto Rico and Smokers Delight! Check their page for location details @smokersdelightpr For all other store locations be sure to check our store locator on our website! #passthebenny #empirepapers


When you smoke Benny’s... you feel 💯#passthebenny #empirepapers (📷: @duchess.diaries )


The all new Benny Cones start shipping out this week! Grab them today while supplies last! #passthebenny #empirepapers


@ms_mia_jane Passing The Benny in Denver Colorado. We have many retailers in Denver who are ready for you to cop some Benjamin’s. Visit our store locator on website (link in bio) for locations in your city! #passthebenny #empirepapers


Passing The Benny is easy and you don’t have to spend your weekend Rolling! Benny Cones are now available! Skip the Rolling and go straight to the smoking 💵💵 #passthebenny #empirepapers (📷: @imcannabess )


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