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Yoga teacher in SG at @yogalab._

Today we climbed up Little Adam's Peak & not once did I read in any of my research that the peak trail would be terrifying. I wish I could've filmed it but I needed all four limbs & a constant "don't look to the side" mantra to get my self up and down some seriously steep & skinny hills.
But we made it and here I kinda feel like a boss 😎
Like in yoga, what goes up must come down. We have highs we have lows, we have fears and we have confidence.
You can't always go through a hill or mountain. No choice, you gotta climb over. But the little peaks at the top are what make it worth it. The feeling of liberation & freedom from what ever made us feel either inadequate or afraid.
It's just a matter of putting your mind to it.


Today we took the train from Nanu Oya to Ella.
It's worth it if you can't tell :)


Sri Lanka
It's very rare when I tell someone I'm going to Sri Lanka that they have been too or know of it
But this is my 3rd time visiting & I'm already thinking of future returns
My first time in the Tea Trails and you can't help but just admire the mystical wander of the beautiful landscape
When I was younger I could never appreciate scenery. My argument "I can just google a photo"
But these days, now I understand


Today I had a 1-1 handstand training session with @andrii_bondarenko . And although this isn't a photo of a handstand I'm still on my hands? 😅 regardless it was my first time doing a handstand focussed class & it reminded me how like yoga, foundation is key.
We all want to be able to do great things. Ambition & passion are what keeps us pushing but we often forget that we first need to take baby steps.
Like doing this pose kukkutasana, the ability to have open enough hips for lotus & the strength to hold the body off the floor.
And for handstand the ability to stack the body upside down & build endurance in the arms & core.
Always find ways to be inspired & don't be afraid to train with those who know when you don't know! 📸 @sallywaldorf
Wearing @missbish


So excited to travel again this weekend! The few times of the year I'm willing to wake up so early just to take photos 😅


Overhead movements like this used to be non existent for me. I really used to be the stiffest one in class. But after 4 years a flipped grip although still feels stiff at times, it does feel easier.
These days though I've got a new overhead movement I'm hoping one day to overcome. I've started doing crossfit (and I mean like I've only done 3 sessions) and I have discovered how I hate all overhead barbell movements in particular snatch & clean & jerks 😭.
In yoga, most of the time I am trying to gain flexibility. In crossfit I'm having to control my flexibility. But nonetheless it's fun to be a beginner in class again. To be coached & motivated. To get over that fear of doing something different and out of your comfort zone.
It's also nice to come into a place where there are no expectations for me. There is no underlying "oh no a yoga teacher is in class". When I'm in the box. No one gives a shit that I can do this 👆🏻 and it's honestly so refreshing.
It's also just nice to know I'm training my lungs to not totally die when I run 😅
& yes, we got new yoga wheel classes at @yogalab._ , @barrelab._ just opened too! So many new things, so exciting:) #LiveLifeToTheFullest


It's been 2 weeks since I've posted here. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone!
I remember when I used to post 2-3 times a day.
When I really think about it - why don't I post so much anymore, it's mostly because I got tired of need to warm up, prepare myself, prepare a space & take the time out of my day to make shapes & analyse myself. Whether it was alignment, or photo angles, hair, skin, outfit etc. The pressure to make nice photos on Instagram is a thing & it's been hard to keep up with the incredible talent there is.
Even with things like sequences, everyone makes sequences & tutorials now & you just can't help but feel like you're part of the over saturation. Or is saturation the way to think about it? Am I over thinking it? Am I yet again over analysing - yes.
So today we took some yoga wheel shots for @yogalab._ someone else behind the camera, just go in, point , shoot get it done and it was fun:) #productofpatience


Did someone say Bali? ✨
Finally got my self together & organised a retreat for you guys!
Dates are 30th Aug - 2nd Sept where we'll spend 4 days in Ubud Bali, practicing, eating & basically doing all the Bali retreaty things.
Loads of details are on my website but the general scope is that the retreat will be held at Naya Ubud. It's so pretty 🤤which is only 7mins from Ubud town
Practice will be held daily in the mornings & evenings respectively. All levels are welcome.
Prices in SGD as follows:
Single: $1400
Double: $950 (I have added more double rooms). Triple: $800
I'll keep to the early bird rates till this Sunday just to give everyone a chance as my advertising has been very subtle 😅.
All levels of practice are welcome, we're here to just practice & do the all Bali things. Not perform.
Again loads more details on my new website but otherwise you can also DM & email me at of course ❤️


@yogoskenz talked in her stories today about how a lot of yogis on IG don't talk about their food choices because they don't want to deal with the back lash. It's true cause I'm definitely one of them.
It's hard to see people who make choices that go against your beliefs.
But something though that kind of keeps things into perspective for me is that I am surrounded by people who aren't me. I am not my mum, I'm not my family, I'm not my friends, neighbours or students and that's okay. I love them anyways.
My Mum isn't vegan. I would never tell her she's an animal killer
My Grandma is a buddhist but eats meat but I would never tell her she isn't living a conscious life
A lot of vegans have non vegan families & that's something to think about. How your capacity to love or be conscious of a person should surpass your opinions on how life should be lived on earth.
In many ways this also translates to my teaching.
Many teachers I'm sure can relate but every now and then you may get a student in class who isn't quite "capable" maybe they're in the wrong level or just starting to develop body awareness. But should we ever tell them they're a bad yogi?
Just because they put their left foot forward when we say right foot forward, does it make them a bad yogi?
Our opinions on what is right or wrong is valid. To have an opinion is to be human. But to be empathetic, sympathetic, or just welcoming & loving despite all odds is a choice.
One of the biggest sayings on instagram & in the modern world today is "You do You" / "Live Your Truth"
And yet on the flip side there is a lot of anger towards people who do what they want to do & expose it on social media
Conflict is a natural part of life. There isn't a day that goes by without some sort of conflict. But how we deal with it makes all the difference
I guess I just wanted to say that I think it can benefit anyone to care beyond their own opinion & choices. And the next time you want to lash out, consider if they are words you would say to your loved ones.
This caption has totally nothing to do with the video but ah well 😅 thought it was worth saying/posting anyways ❤️


Back in Singapore & I've got one more day off before I'm back teaching at @yogalab._ ❤️
So grateful for all the students & friends I got to spend time with in HK. I feel so totally loved up!
Before heading to Hong Kong I was in a bit of a funk, nervous for the weekend of workshops but David reminded me that they like me are just people. We all pee first thing in the morning, we all get concerned with digestion as we get older. (He didn't say that specifically but that's how I feel 😅) we all same same but different


I'm not the biggest fan of yellow with green or red with green or basically any colour with green. But a rainbow wouldn't be the same without the green.

But like a rainbow, we sometimes may not like all the colours like how we may not like all the things about ourselves. But without those things we wouldn't be us :) So accept yourself as you are, you and all your colours ❤️

#BeARainbow . 📸 @jessicaleeyoga & with @mandarkc carrying all my loot ❤️


I hated every step up to this peak
I hated how we didn't take the tram
How this hike might make me sore tomorrow & really I just hated how the walk from Sheung Wan to Victoria peak had practically no flat land. It's was 1.5hrs of uphill walking
But damn was it beautiful at the top
A lot of the wonderful & beautiful things you want in life come after you work for them
So excited for my weekend of workshops to begin tomorrow!