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10ish years apart!
In 2009 I was an underage Zirca club go-er & you could mostly find me either on the dance floor or smoking room.
I was also pretty depressed, bulimic, insecure.
2019 happy to say I haven't smoked in 5-6 years? I'm content with where I am in life and what I've achieved thus far. I also just eat, not in excess but just allow myself to eat what I want & eat mindfully so I don't feel guilty after.
Haven't gone clubbing in ages but @jasmine_yoga is planning my Hen's night & im excited to dance then!
Still can't believe I'm getting married this year. Ahhhh!
More 2009 photos in my stories! #10yearchallenge


Erica Tenggara

Thoughts during practice:
Oh tight calves 😣.
But it's okay legs are getting stronger #thankscrossfit
Let's do 10 one legged Navasana sit ups
Never mind just do 5
Damn pistol squats
Need to exfoliate heels
Should get a pedicure
But you hate paying for that
Students coming in now
Must be time for class soon
Should practice shoulder stand more often #iyengaryoga
Man I love yoga .
What thoughts do you have during practice?!.
Shorts: @freepeople
Song: Jagwar


Erica Tenggara

New Year, New Chapter.

In other words while I was away from the gram
on Christmas Eve David and I got engaged! ❤


Erica Tenggara

Just stepping onto here to tell you guys I won't be posting till January.
Even though I don't post much I still have this internal battle of needing to post, trying to not disappoint those who have followed my journey for so long.
But this girl needs a physical & emotional break from the self inflicted pressure & just relax over the holidays.
I'll still be IG - storying. Just no posts ❤


Erica Tenggara

Yoga Teacher Confession:
I'm 100% addicted to reading through feedback for my classes on every platform possible (like even google search). I also watch the numbers of class attendance multiple times a day.
Of course, numbers aren't always as I hope for them to be & same with Feedback.
That is to be expected though & if another teacher told me this I would tell them to let it go & not let it bother them. For every "bad" Feedback you get, there are loads of great ones that never get published online.
There is nothing wrong reading feedback or watching numbers but I've definitely realised I take it too far & I let it get to me. As much as I'd like to tell myself that I'm conditioning my emotional response to not let it get to me, it doesn't. It just continues to either make me more defensive or more upset & in return at times makes me forget about the students who do come for my classes.
So in effort to stop this self deprecating cycle I'm gonna try & just stop searching for both the good & Feedback. Ofcourse if something is constructive I will take it! But otherwise. I'd just like to help myself be less obsessed:).

Are you someone who does the same?


Erica Tenggara

Sh*t people say when you're a yoga teacher:
1. I'm too stiff to do yoga
2. I haven't been practicing in ages so I'm going to be so bad in class today
3. So can I f**k you with your legs behind your head? - YES. My NUMBER 1 question when I was on tinder. No joke 🙄🤢😡🤦🏻‍♀️ does this happen to male yoga teachers tho? 😅
4. Oh I'm gonna come for your class!. - they never come
5. To your partner: Oh WOW you're dating a yoga teacher? (Cuz they're thinking of #3)
Are you a yoga teacher? Or are you the only yogi amongst your friends? If so comment below what you hear all the time!
Note: this is just for fun. Take all what I & others say not too seriously ❤


Erica Tenggara

This year: Woah.
I have never seen and experienced so much love and hurt within a one year span.
And then there is hurting for yourself and hurting for your partner. For the ones you love and you just want to take that hurt away.
Pain and love puts so much into perspective. It is truly unfortunate how much we have to go through to understand better what it means to love, to care, to communicate, to be sympathetic, empathetic, helpful, mindful and kind.
I have been in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this past week to lay my partner's Mom to rest. This Christmas I was supposed to meet her, my initiation integration to his family:) although I didn't get to meet her, instead I got to meet so many of the lives she touched who included neighbours from across to the end of the road. Art friends to sorority sisters, Church to hospital friends and so many more in a beautiful Catholic service which was also a first to me (I'm Buddhist).
There is so much difference in this world, religion, food choices, environmental choices, language but this week I learned that there is a time and place to be different and live your life as you choose, there is also a time to put yourself aside be part of a community and live a little in service to others.
When you make the effort to see the beauty, the good and true intention behind the surface, you realise judging is petty and it takes true strength to be understanding.
Janelle was a big fan of my Instagram and I feel was also a way for her to keep up with what was going on with David & I :) so this ones for you Janelle!.
You taught me so much without even meeting you. I feel so lucky to be a part of your son's life and family.
May you rest in peace ❤


Erica Tenggara

You have waited forever & here I have a new sequence for you. Considering so many were upset about my Gomukasana "Meme" here is a legit tutorial.
Gomukasana is annoying to do, tough to get into but doable even for stiff shoulders like mine. After 5 years of practice this still doesn't get easier. But I have learned a few tricks along the way.
Will help to get the blood flowing in your shoulders
Neck & shoulders they're very much connected. Better warm that stuff up too.
Basically cat cow but without the hands & knees.
Hold a strap or stick at a distance & bring the prop forward & back over the head till full shoulder rotation. Elbows must stay straight. Feel some tension. I.e Struggle.
Strap the wrists at shoulder width behind back & fold. This will passively stretch the shoulders using gravity. I know passive is a dangerous thing on IG yoga these days so take it as you will. Meaning don't wanna do? Then don't do.
If eagle arms feels difficult, more than likely Gomukasana will too. So this is a good prelim check.
This is another prelim check. So if this isn't happening work on the previous steps till this one works.
Use a strap between the hands, the gravity created in the fold intensifies the shoulder stretch which should help make the regular Gomukasana easier
9. Check next slide
PART 2: Entry Hack inspired by my students who gave me this idea
Or door handle as my student did, grip it from behind
Into wall or door
To work the hand up the upper back towards neck.
When you have found the limit
May the cow face force be with you
Your welcome.
Please tag me if you try!.
For more sequences check
Ps. This is my first sequence with no make up! #proud


Erica Tenggara

The camel was great and all but I know ya'll are here for Daisy ❤


Erica Tenggara

Reupload due to music issues 😅. Finally got myself some yoga chairs!
I first used yoga chairs in @patrickcreelman 's 100hr CET.
He made us use:
4-6 Blankets.
2 bolsters
4 blocks
2 straps
1 chair
I at first thought he was crazy but these days I crave a prop class but they are hard to come by at affordable rates in Singapore.
My main yoga membership expired last week & this is the first time in 5 years that I have no yoga membership at all. It feels very weird but the last two years I have been going to class less & less and thus felt it was time to let go & hopefully this will inspire me to work more on my self practice.
So here is some chair yoga experimentation. It's a great way to practice if you don't want to load your joints - meaning the chair will take up a lot of your load. But at the same time because your movements are a bit more restricted while holding or sitting on a prop it requires you to be more active when doing postures cause otherwise... you're just sitting 😅
Got my chair on carousell. You'd be surprised how damn hard it is to find props in Singapore & how expensive it is to ship them to Singapore. Next investment is some affordable yoga bolsters.
Song: Emanate (Turtle Rework).


Erica Tenggara

This year I've taken on more jobs & responsibility in both my career & personal life than ever before. A few years ago this would've all overwhelmed me but the current me is thriving.
Sometimes I wake up & realise all the things I need to do but then it settles in how lucky I am to have these opportunities.
I was always told that you need a university degree to have to good job that will equal a good life.
Just want you guys to know that although YES. Good grades can get you into a good school, a good school can equate to good job & a good job CAN equate to a good life.
But it is not the only way to live life & if you're willing to hustle for the alternative it too can bring you joy.
#hustle #productofpatience


Erica Tenggara

6 Pictures, 6 Poses or Movements. Are any classified as not yoga? Or good yoga or bad yoga?.
I have 3 main yoga teachers that I respect & follow. They all teach 3 completely different styles of yoga. Do I think any of them are ever wrong, bad, or incapable?.
But do I understand their point of view & does it resonate with me?.
I guess what I'm trying to say is.
Be willing to teach & practice to what calls to you & yet be willing to be open to other ideas as well.
Students can become teachers but teachers will always also be students.
Whether you teach or practice:.
Yin yoga
Yoga therapy
Wheel yoga
Aerial yoga
Wall rope yoga
Chair yoga
Anusara yoga
Acro yoga
Bikram yoga
Every form of yoga has come about with the intention of bringing something to a practitioner & whether it resonates with you or not is different from person to person.
No yoga class is totally the same, no teacher can teach a sequence or even a pose exactly as another teacher could. Every class, every type of class is a new time to explore, move & find connection.
So do you have an opinion on what is & isn't yoga? If yes that's cool.
Everyone has an opinion like on religion, food choices, sustainability, politics, money. Opinions form diversity but it is up to us to be accepting & understanding of that diversity.
Be patient with yourself, others & the practice. Take the time to learn & embrace.