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Yoga teacher based in Singapore at @yogalab._
Singapore: 14-15 April
Hong Kong: 26-27 May

Took me many months to finally convince you to do this with me!
But here we are and in the Carribean! Thank you for taking me across world with you ❤️


Hello from the Carribean!
Here for a few days meeting my boyfriends college friends & their wives. I'm the only non American but feels fitting to flow with the American flag
Having lived in 3 countries & if I had a house of my own to raise a flag on it would be difficult to choose. Australia, Indonesia, China or Singapore?
Meeting new people it's hard to answer the question: "Are you Singaporean?" Because even though I've lived in Singapore for 18 years, I am not a citizen & I guess most wouldn't say I am local. But the same goes for Australia, Indonesia & China. I was born in Australia but I am not a "local" my mum's family is from Indonesia but I am not "local" I am Chinese by heritage but I am not "local"
Everywhere I go though I feel like some how I can still fit in.
So where do I come from? Singapore is home but I come from planet Earth. As we all do ❤️


Black Sesame Ice Cream
Who else loves it too?!


Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life. Joyce Meyer
You don't have to be physically great at yoga to do yoga. You show up & find a way to come to the mat & you have already done some yoga, so might as well enjoy the rest of the practice.

You also don't have to be a perfectionist to be a great teacher. And I really mean that in 2 ways.
1. Just teach. Don't worry about being perfect, just teach. It's not a performance, but teach without the need to impress or teach your sequence to perfection. But just get in there & teach what you know & let your fear of failing go
2. You don't have to be hard ball anal to get your students to do what you want them to do. Sometimes you gotta let the student's practice go & let them enjoy the fact that they are out, about & moving.
Not all yogis come to class with the need to perfect their pelvic tilts & thigh bone rotations. Some may be there realizing they need to start moving & they see yoga as a safe space. So make it one. Make space for them to grow. Let the rest of it go.
Pc @sallywaldorf


So on my way to teach to at Actifit Asia.
I farted
In my Grab car
By accident
Or well yes I needed to fart but I didn't think it would a loud one.
But it was
And I immediately told Val cause we're fart friends
You know that friend you can tell all your fart issues with?
Yup that's @valdasaur
So I tried to pretend it didn't happen
But it did
And it was so embarrassing
And then I thought
This will make a great caption for you guys to read
Im not a poet, not a hand balancer, not the biggest yoga influencer on instagram but I am human & I fart
Not sure if this is true but I think it's unhealthy to hold your farts in anyways so better out than in

Hope you enjoyed my fart story
Sorry if it grossed you out & you thought higher of me 😅 ❤️
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Last night I had two dreams. One where I was pregnant & the other I had a beautiful baby.
They say that if you dream of pregnancy, something big is brewing or like a big idea is about to come to life.
Well, nothing is really brewing so maybe it's just my subconscious that's affecting my dreams. Or maybe it's cause I keep seeing so many cute baby bumps and babies on Instagram.
Who knows.
But it didn't freak me out!
I've never actually wanted to become a yoga teacher, it kinda just happened and I so happened to land the greatest job ever. But one thing I do know is that I've always wanted to be a mother. Patience patience 😅
This has absolutely nothing to with my forearm wheel but thanks for reading anyways x


When you stop expecting yourself to be at a certain place in your practice at a certain time, you start to appreciate yourself, your body, your practice. Don't let expectations & fear of failure hold you back.
Let that shit go.


26-27 May.
0830-1100, 1200-1430.
Viva Dance Studio (Sheung Wan).

26 May
Hips & Twists 830-1100.
Our hips & core marry our upper body to the lower body & at some point we often find a disconnect between the two by lack of movement or lack of range in motion. This workshop will bring life back into our hips & digestive system to encourage freedom within the way we move & feel.
Arm Balancing & Transitions 12-1430.
Arm balances are tricky but once understood they can create a sense of internal strength and power allowing us to open our minds and bodies beyond our known possibilities, plus they're fun! We'll focus on both static and transitional postures/flows by covering techniques and tricks to not only overcome our fears but also help us find that "float" in our practice.

27 May
Splits & Backbends 830-1100.
The key to finding ease in challenging poses that require splits & backbends is to learn through patient progression. In this workshop we will do exactly that! Bit by bit we chip away the uncertainty & common distaste for backbend by understanding the parts of our body to engage & strengthen, to relax & stretch to eventually work our efforts to being effortless.

Invert to Restore 12-1430.
There's nothing more terrifying than having your world turned upside down, but overtime going upside down can start to feel like the right side up! It all starts with our base, when the foundation is strong the rest will follow. As we learn to build trust in ourselves this becomes the catalyst to the process of how inversions can restore our mind, body & heart. This class is suitable for anyone, whether you can or cannot invert options will be provided.

All levels are welcome, you don't have to be “good enough” to attend a workshop, you just have to be willing to show up without any expectations for yourself.
Please bring: 1 Mat, 2 Blocks & 2 Straps.

Prices: HKD350 per workshop. HKD1200 for all 4.

To book email me at
So excited to see you all again ❤️


And here we are! 26 years
5 years in Melbourne
3 years in Medan
18 years in Singapore
6 years of dance
7 years of playing touch football
2 weeks in a behavioural ward
2 months teaching English in China
3 months learning patisserie in Sydney
1 years in floor sales
1 year in Shipping
1.5 years at @lightfoottravel
3 years teaching yoga
When I was 17, I hit a point where I couldn't see myself living the next day. I truly believed I had no future, that I was a failure and a burden to my family and to this planet. I felt that life was so hard, so impossible that I attempted suicide.
Every birthday since has been a little emotional. I've already cried once today.
But it's emotional because I have come so far, I am so alive & I feel physically & mentally healthy and I can truly say that I love my life.
Life will always have its up & downs, not every day is easy, but like these drop backs if you have the strength of will & the flexibility in your ways, you can stand back up.
So here is 26 drop backs in the tradition of the Iyengar practice.
26 pick ups back into life.
First video is the 30min warm up reduced to 1 min & the second is drop backs!
I actually did 27 cause I wasn't sure if I counted right 😅
Thank you to everyone who has & everyone in advance for your birthday wishes ❤️
I definitely feel extremely loved


Started off the week right with @yun.wildorchid 's Hatha 2 class ☺️ Now sitting at home trying to organize the things I've yet to do.
I've finally linked up my PayPal to my bank & also finalized the things I'd like to teach in May in HK!! So stay tuned Hong Kong! Workshops are coming your way soon ❤️
Shot by @sallywaldorf for @missbish


I usually feel like I can hold a bendy inversion forever but it's a totally different feeling in an hollow shape!
Forever channeling my inner bendy @fitqueenirene
#productofpatience #forearmfriday


Every now & then I question my ability to teach. I question if I'm a good enough teacher, am I teaching the right things, do the students still like my classes?
These are all valid questions & feelings. But they don't have to be obsessed over:) Self reflection is always good but self depreciation is a dangerous spiraling road.
Over time I have learned to just in a way trust the universe. But not in the sense to rely on it to give me what I want. But really to kinda just say "Okay Universe hit me!" Whatever may come with the up & downs of my career I trust that I'll find a way to continuously rise back up while staying as true to the person, teacher & practitioner I want to be.
Wearing @missbish
Shot by @sallywaldorf


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